Wapuu Trivia by Visual Composer

The day has finally come! We have launched our very own Trivia game dedicated to Wapuu - the well-known WordPress mascot. Over the years, Wapuu has been what brings thousands of WordPress enthusiasts together in both the digital space and WordCamp events all around the world. The Wapuu symbol is special with its diversity, while visually representing countries, cities and special events.

Wapuu Trivia Game

Hackathon Project: Wapuu Trivia Game

Every year, on the Hackathon's day, we bring together the entire Visual Composer team to create something interesting and exciting. After multiple WordCamp visits, we have been inspired by many things, including the ever-thoughtful Wapuu symbol.

Especially this year, WordCamp in Berlin got inspired us all, both for new in-house projects and for giving something unique to the entire WordPress community. When it comes to in-house projects, since the summer, we've been working hard to bring some special features to our users, like Dynamic Content and more.

In addition to this super feature, Visual Composer has finally joined WordPress.org plugin repository - Hooray!!! ???? That means so many good things, including the fact that you can now download Visual Composer straight from the WordPress dashboard, making the process of downloading and installing Visual Composer that much easier.

Free Gift for the WordPress Community

Already mentioned our desire to give something fun and exciting for all WordPress enthusiasts. So here it is: the exciting Wappu Trivia is our gift to you. Every member of the Visual Composer team has been involved in the game-making process, both the marketing team, designers, CEO, and of course our awesome programmers.

It was awesome to get together and collaborate with all the departments to create something as interesting as Wapuu Trivia. And all it was done in one day!

Irma Edite Girupniece
Marketing Manager

How to Play Wapuu Game?

Wapuu is a trivia game that is simple and fun in its essence but can be a bit tricky in guessing the origin of Wapuus.

To start playing the Wapuu trivia, first, tune-up and see the coolest Wapuus of all the WordCamps. When you are ready, click Start and choose the correct answer from the four given options.

Wapuu Trivia game

You will have 10 seconds for each question to choose your answer. After the time is up, the next question will load. So, stay tuned, be quick and pay attention to the details of each Wapuu.

You will receive one point for each correct answer, and zero points for the wrong one. If you are right on the question, the option you choose will be green and you will get a point. If your answer is not correct, it will turn into red and no extra points for you.

When you have finished the Wapuu trivia, your total score will indicate how well you know Wapuus by their origin.

How Well Do You Know the Wapuus?

Answer to Wapuu trivia questions and find out how well do you know the origin of each Wapuu. The next WordCamp US is coming up, where there will be a new Wappu resident, who will definitely be included in our game soon after the event. If you plan to visit WordCamp US, you should definitely get to know the Wapuu symbols before! ????

Wapuu Trivia Game Results

Are you a newbie or polished Wapuu expert?

Challenge yourself and share your Wapuu status with your friends via your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Enjoy!