Account & Billing

My Visual Composer is the place available for Premium users where you manage your Visual Composer licenses and subscription. Active licenses give you full access to Visual Composer Hub to download elements, templates, and addons.

Visual Composer Hub regularly receives updates with new content. An active license ensures that your site receives access to all the latest features and support.

Create Account

With the first Visual Composer Premium license purchase, we create an account for you automatically.

The e-mail address you provide during the checkout will be linked with your account and all your subscriptions. We recommend using a single account for all of your licenses; this will make license management easier and centralized.

Access Account

To access your account, visit My Visual Composer and log in with your credentials. You can also access it straight from your WordPress Admin Panel under the Visual Composer Dashboard.

Your Visual Composer copy may require you to log in to the account during the activation process of a Premium license.


The Licenses section in My Visual Composer lists all your Visual Composer Premium licenses. License management is also available from the Visual Composer Dashboard.

The licenses themselves are grouped by types:

  • Premium licenses:
  1. Single Website license
  2. 3 Websites license
  3. Developers license (for 1000 sites).

In the Licenses section, you can see all your licenses, where they are activated, and when they expire. And deactivate licenses without the need to access your site.


The Subscription section lists all your active and expired subscriptions (purchases).

Once you purchase a Visual Composer Premium subscription, it is valid for a one-year period with automatic renewal. To keep your subscriptions and licenses up to date you don’t have to do anything. We will inform you about your next charge one month prior.

You can update billing details for any subscription or cancel auto-renewal. Please note that the canceling subscription auto-renewal will restrict you to access Visual Composer Hub once the license expires.


An active Premium license grants you access to premium support. For any further assistance with Visual Composer products or accounts, get in touch with our support representatives by opening a Support section in My Visual Composer.

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