Add Content

There are several ways on how to add a content element to your layout:

  • Add Content window;
  • Bottom menu;
  • Empty columns;
  • Column bottom controls.

If you start building your layout, it is recommended to add a row/column element in order to create a structure for your page.

Add Content Window

The most common way to add an element to your layout is by using the Add Content window, available via the Navigation bar by clicking on the plus icon.

Add content to your WordPress website

To add an element:

  1. Click on the plus icon in the Visual composer Navigation Bar to open the Add Content window;
  2. Find the element you want to add under the Element tab;
  3. Hover the element (to see the preview);
  4. Click on the element (or drag it to the canvas);
  5. The element will be added to your layout.

Content element preview with description

Note: It is not mandatory to add a row/column container (unless you want to set a number of columns in advance) as Visual Composer Website Builder will automatically wrap newly added content elements into row/column.

Bottom menu

Quick menu to add rows and content elements to your WordPress website

At the very bottom of your layout, you will see a bottom menu that allows you to quickly add the most popular row/column layouts (from 1 to 5 equal columns), set custom row/column layout, text block, or open Add Content window.

Column controls

Element controls for column to edit your layout in WordPress

To add a content element to columns via column control:

  1. Hover the column control (where you want to add an element);
  2. Select an element you want to add from the Add Content window;
  3. Drag the element to the desired place.

Empty columns

Use 'Add icon' to add element to an empty column in your WordPress page with Visual Composer Website Builder

If your column is empty and does not contain any content elements, you will see the plus (Add Content) icon as a placeholder inside your empty column. To add an element to the empty column, click on the add content icon inside the column and select the element from the Add Content window.

Element bottom controls

Easy to use controls to add element to existing layout in WordPress page

To insert content elements in-between other content elements, use the bottom control that will show up on element hover.

To add an element after a particular element:

  1. Hover the element after which you want to insert your new element;
  2. Click on the Add Content icon (plus) to open the Element tab;
  3. Select the element of your choice.