Element Presets

Reusability is what saves plenty of time and helps to keep an established style of your website.
With Visual Composer Element Presets add-on, apply custom values to any content element, save and reuse it all across your site.

Element Preset add-on is available for the Premium users in the Visual Composer Hub Add-ons section.

Element Presets allow you to customize the existing styling of content elements (change values, settings, etc.) and save them as a unique one with new parameters.

The new element will be saved in the element library (Add Element menu in the Navigation Bar), which you can access from any page.

How to create an element preset:

  1. Download an Element Presets add-on from the Visual Composer Hub;
  2. Add and style content element;
  3. Click on the Edit option in the dropdown menu of the element controls to open an element Edit window;
  4. Find a gear icon at the top of the element Edit window;
  5. Name and save your element;
  6. Open an element library and find the element that you have just created. It will have an Element Present icon.

It is possible to remove created element preset by clicking on the cross icon which appears when you hover over the element in the element library.

Note: Any changes that you make after the element is added to your page, won’t affect the element preset itself.