Design Options

One of the most powerful features of Visual Composer Website Builder is element Design Options. It is a set of parameters available to all elements of Visual Composer Website Builder.
Design Options allows you to add additional or modify existing styling of the content elements by applying most common style properties and effects.

Design Options control with control over margin, padding, border, border radius, background and more

There are 2 types of Design Options available in Visual Composer Website Builder:

  • Container Design Options (row, column, section);
  • Regular Design Options (all other elements).

Regular Design Options are available to all content elements and include Onion control for margins, borders, paddings, and border-radius. In addition, regular Design Options has control over background and CSS animation.

Container Design Options contain all the options available for the regular Design Options, plus additional background style properties, like image slideshow, video background, CSS gradient overlay, and parallax effects. Container Design Options are available to row and column elements.

To access Design Options, select the content element, click on the Edit option in the element controls dropdown and in the Edit window navigate to Design Options section. 

Note: In most cases, Design Options apply to the overall part of the element, yet few options may affect inner parts of the elements as well.

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