How to add testimonials carousel?

In some cases, you need to display more than one testimonials on a page in a slider/carousel format. To create testimonials carousel, you should use Pageable container and Testimonials element:

  1. Add a Pageable container element in the area where you want to display the testimonial slider by selecting it from add element option;
  2. Edit the element tab and change the “Active pointer color” and “Background color” in its settings as per your choice;

    Add pageable container and specify attributes

  3. Add a Testimonials element in the tab of the Pageable container;
  4. Edit and change the testimonial text and image;
  5. Navigate to the second tab and add another Testimonials element;
  6. Repeat previous step to add more testimonials (if required, add additional tabs for the Pageable container).

Add testimonials carousel in Visual Composer for WordPress