How can I make custom ‘Add to Cart’ buttons?

Visual Composer Hub offers multiple button designs to use on your website. If you are running a WooCommerce store, you may want to use these buttons as an ‘Add to Cart’, but don’t know how?

This is as simple as adding a button and setting up a custom link:

  1. Download the button of your choice from the Visual Composer Hub;
  2. Add the button to your canvas and open element edit window;
  3. Click on ‘Select URL’;
  4. In the popup screen, select Custom in the URL drop-down menu;
  5. Enter ‘Add to Cart’ URL with appropriate product id (ex. /?add-to-cart=1404).

Create custom 'Add to Cart' button for WooCommerce with Visual Composer

The button will now act as a regular ‘Add to Cart’ triggering product to be added to your shopping cart.