How to duplicate (clone) Header, Footer, Sidebar, and Popup?

The Premium version of Visual Composer offers an 'Export/Import' addon from the Visual Composer Hub that provides the cloning functionality. While this feature is meant to migrate templates and pages from one Visual Composer powered site to another it can also be used to duplicate header, footer, sidebar, and popup templates.

How to Get Export/Import Addon:

To start using export/import you will need to download the addon from the Visual Composer Hub:

  1. Open Visual Composer Hub and navigate to Addons section;
  2. Download the 'Export/Import' addon.

Export/Import Addon

How to Export Header, Footer, Sidebar, and Popup templates:

Once you have the addon downloaded, the Export option will appear under the Theme Builder - Header, Footer, and Sidebar sections or Popup Builder - Popups.

  1. Navigate to Visual Composer Settings in your WordPress Admin Dashboard;
  2. Select Theme Builder/ Popup Builder and hover to the section you want to export (Ex. Popup);
  3. Click 'Export' (or perform Bulk action 'Export');
  4. The templates will be downloaded in a .zip file.

Export option for Popups

How to Import Header, Footer, Sidebar, and Popup templates:

As you have your templates downloaded in a .zip file you can migrate them to another site via the Import option.

To import templates:

  1. In your WordPress Admin Dashboard - Visual Composer, navigate to Import section;
  2. Select the .zip file that contains your templates;
  3. Click 'Upload file and import';
  4. Review the list of templates imported;
  5. Confirm your choice by clicking 'Continue importing';
  6. Wait for the import process to finish;
  7. The imported template will now appear in your selected section (Ex. Header).

Import template

Note: You can also access Popup Builder from the Frontend editor.