How to integrate Visual Composer Premium version in a theme (Envato market)

For theme authors who are selling their themes on the Envato market, it is possible to integrate Visual Composer Premium into your themes. This will allow your theme users to access all the premium benefits (except support - support is limited to theme author) to build full websites and download content from the Visual Composer Hub.

As your theme users will purchase your theme, they will be able to activate Visual Composer Premium by using their Envato license key.

Important: You can use one theme license of Visual Composer to add Visual Composer Premium to all of your Envato themes.

To integrate Visual Composer Premium you need to follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Choose one of the theme integration licenses that fit your theme sales volume (you can always upgrade license type as your theme popularity grows).
  2. Once you have a license, you will see Theme Integration option available under your My Visual Composer account.

    My Visual Composer Theme Integration

  3. Open the section to overview your license (it will be inactive).
  4. To activate your license, you will need to validate your Envato API key. Every theme author on Envato has his unique Envato API key. To retrieve your Envato API key visit this link.
    Important: Make sure to enable these permissions - View and search Envato sites, Verify purchases of the user's items.
  5. After retrieving the Envato API key, in My Visual Composer click on "Validate Your Envato API Key".
  6. In the popup window copy your key and click "Validate".

    Validate your Envato API Key

  7. You are now ready to integrate Visual Composer Premium in your WordPress theme.
  8. Add the following code to your functions.php file inside your theme:
  9. Replace the YOUR_VCWB_TOKEN with the API token from My Visual Composer Theme Integration section.
  10. Open wp-admin panel via your theme, and if you have Visual Composer Website Builder installed, you will see a new section - Theme Activation in the Visual Composer menu.
    Note: In case there is no Visual Composer Installed we recommend you use our tutorial about TGM Plugin Activation and Visual Composer Integration.
  11. Theme Activation section can be used by your theme users to activate Visual Composer Premium with their Envato theme purchase key.
    Note: For theme authors, to activate the Premium version, use the regular Go Premium section with the license key you have in My Visual Composer.
  12. You are all set up. To monitor activation limits of your theme users, visit My Visual Composer and upgrade your license type if needed.

Important: As a theme author, you can use the regular license key to activate the Premium to check the premium features. The license activation key will work for single activation and you can’t spread it around. For theme users, you will need to validate the Envato API key and set it up, so theme users can use their Envato purchase keys to access the Premium features.