Archive Page Editor

With Visual Composer, you can do more than just manage your content. Archive Page Editor is a tool to make a fully customizable archive page template instead of a theme pre-defined archive page.

What's an archive? It is a special page generated to organize and display a list of posts under a specific post type, category, or tag.

Archive Page Editor allows you to create a template using any layout, unique headers, footers, and sidebars. All changes can be done straight from the Frontend editor and no coding skills are needed.

Archive Page Editor is available within the Theme Builder add-on for Premium users.

In Visual Composer, you can create a custom archive templates for the following pages:

  • Search page;
  • Author page;
  • Post archive;
  • Shop Page (a WooCommerce pre-defined custom post type).

Note: For the post archive and shop archive it is possible to create custom templates for categories and tags.

How to create an archive template with Visual Composer:

  1. Open your WordPress admin panel;
  2. Hover over Visual Composer in the left side menu and choose Archives;
  3. Click on Add Archive (you will be redirected to the front-end editor). Choose the title, customize your page, add any Post Grid element;
  4. Go back to WordPress and click on Settings under the Visual Composer Dashboard;
  5. Navigate to Theme Templates and find an archive page you want to apply your template to (post archive, search page, author page, shop archive).

Note: Post Grid elements are used to list your content and make an archive page template. To list the latest post of the specific post type, choose a Dynamic WP Query as a Post Grid data source.

Note: You can apply custom templates for post and shop page archive categories and tags by following the same steps. Create an archive page, and choose it from the dropdown.