Header, Footer, Sidebar Templates

Headers, footers, and sidebars are special parts of your website that deserves a special mindset and structure to be implemented. Visual Composer Premium offers you the tools to create your own unique templates for these crucial blocks.

Nevertheless, sometimes you require inspiration or a small push to come up with the mind-blowing header or well-structured sidebar. This is why Visual Composer Hub has dedicated sections for headers, footers, and sidebars. The places where you can find professionally designed blocks to use in Header, Footer, Sidebar editors.

Simply open Visual Composer Hub and navigate to the appropriate section of your choice. Select the templates you want by clicking download. The templates will be instantly added to your template list.

Header, Footer, Sidebar template download from the Visual Composer Hub

To apply newly downloaded templates, navigate to Visual Composer Header, Footer, or Sidebar editors. Create a new layout (ex. header layout) and add a downloaded template. Make changes you want and save it, your new header layout will appear under Page Layouts header drop-down menu.

Note: Yes, you can insert header, footer, and sidebar templates anywhere on your site (not only header or footer). Build your own creative layouts by combining different templates and content elements.