WooCommerce elements

Visual Composer Premium is fully compatible with WooCommerce – the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin on the market. If you have Visual Composer and WooCommerce installed on your site, you can easily design your custom product pages.

Visual Composer Hub gives you access to the compatibility elements, including WooCommerce elements, which you can use in designing your pages. At the moment, there are the following elements available:

  • WooCommerce Add To Cart: WooCommerce element shows the price and ‘Add to cart’ button of a single product by ID. It works if you want to use more elements from Visual Composer, like columns or galleries, and the Add to Cart element will help you with the presentation.
  • WooCommerce Best Selling Products: WooCommerce element shows your best selling products. You have the option to select the number of products and how many columns you want to display.
  • WooCommerce Cart: WooCommerce element displays cart content and interface for coupon codes and other cart bits and pieces.
  • WooCommerce Checkout: WooCommerce element shows the checkout process.
  • WooCommerce Featured Products: WooCommerce element displays products that have been set as “featured”. You can edit the columns and quantity of products to show. To feature a product, navigate to your products page and find the product you want to have been featured, click the star to make that product be a featured product.
  • WooCommerce My Account: WooCommerce element shows the ‘my account’ section where the customer can view past orders and update their information.
  • WooCommerce Order Tracking: WooCommerce element lets a user see the status of an order by entering their order details.
  • WooCommerce Product: WooCommerce element shows a single product by ID or SKU.
  • WooCommerce Product Attribute: WooCommerce element lists products with an attribute shortcode. You can set up the options in columns and product quantity, and select the attribute you want.
  • WooCommerce Product Categories: WooCommerce element displays product categories loop. You can select the number of the categories to list, the number of columns and other parameters.
  • WooCommerce Product Category: WooCommerce element shows multiple products in a category by the slug. You can edit the display options.
  • WooCommerce Product Page: WooCommerce element shows a full single product page by ID or SKU.
  • WooCommerce Products: WooCommerce element shows a full single product page by ID or SKU. You can set the pages you want to list in this element.
  • WooCommerce Products 3.2+: WooCommerce element allows you to display products by post ID, SKU, categories, attributes, with support for pagination, random sorting, and product tags, replacing the need for multiples shortcodes.
  • WooCommerce Recent Products: WooCommerce element lists the most recent products added to your WooCommerce site – useful on the homepage. You have options to edit how the products are displayed.
  • WooCommerce Related Products: WooCommerce element lists related products. You can edit the display options to this element as columns and quantity of products to show.
  • WooCommerce Sale Products: WooCommerce element lists all products on sale. You can edit the display options to this element as columns and quantity of products to show.
  • WooCommerce Top Rated Products: WooCommerce element list top-rated products on sale. Works as the same as WooCommerce Sale Products, but Top Rated Products element will show only the best-rated products on the list.