Release Notes

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40.0 - 14.10.2021


  • New: Templates have groups in the Add Content window
  • New: Content area width control (in pixels) added in Visual Composer Dashboard for the Visual Composer layouts
  • New: Auto Contrast Check added to Visual Composer Insights for accessibility tests in the editor for the content area
  • New: Lazyload option is available sitewide in Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Update: Plugin update notifications improved
  • Update: Image selector improved for usability
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer is compatible with the LearnPress theme
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer is compatible with the Storefront theme
  • Fix: Drag and drop works properly
  • Fix: Shop pages built with Visual Composer have proper styling
  • Fix: Gravity Form paragraph field works properly in Visual Composer
  • Fix: fixCorruptedElements method works properly
  • Fix: Columns work properly after Undo function usage
  • Fix: User interface icons displayed properly in the Visual Composer Hub


  • New: Post grid elements have a custom excerpt length option
  • Update: Visual Composer native color picker added to the Font Manager for better UI
  • Update: WooCommerce elements have a lazy load feature
  • Update: Price currency type Philippine peso available in templates
  • Update: Elements with dropdown have design consistency
  • Update: Template widgets naming improved
  • Update: Video elements in popups are auto-pausing on popup close
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer and WPML compatibility improved
  • Fix: Stretched row works properly with fixed parallax effect enabled
  • Fix: Post grid elements are styled properly in the Generate Press theme
  • Fix: Giphy element works properly on column resizing
  • Fix: Gutenberg template block works properly
  • Fix: Template name displayed properly in the block and classic widgets
  • Fix: Tags archive page displays tags as title
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product 3.2 columns works properly in the Storefront theme
  • Fix: Hover image element works properly
  • Fix: WooCommerce "Add to Cart" notification works properly

39.1 - 29.09.2021


  • Fix: Inline styles for elements work properly

39.0 - 28.09.2021


  • New: Row layout accept pixel sizes for the fixed column width
  • Update: Pure components introduced to speed up editor performance
  • Update: Dynamic content elements optimized to speed up editor performance
  • Update: Template, block, and preset saving buttons have similar UI/UX
  • Update: Esc key closes inline editor mode
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer and Essential Grid compatibility improved
  • Fix: WPML Translation Management works properly in Visual Composer
  • Fix: WordPress default text widget works properly
  • Fix: Design Options work properly in the tablet portrait view on Safari
  • Fix: Save button works properly on Safari
  • Fix: A proper icon is displayed in the Tree View for hidden elements
  • Fix: Deleted elements from the Add Content Window can not be added to the page
  • Fix: Default YouTube element video is displayed properly


  • New: Font Manager to overwrite theme default fonts for Visual Composer layouts and Starter theme. Ability to change H1-H6, paragraph, and blockquote.
  • New: Filter option added to all post grid elements for categorizing
  • Fix: Template export works properly
  • Fix: Substitute element works properly for the Button Group element
  • Fix: WP Forms element works properly
  • Fix: Toggle container title is displayed properly on mobile devices
  • Fix: Toggle container active colors work properly
  • Fix: Stretched rows work properly inside the Toggle container
  • Fix: Popup Builder works properly when deleting rows
  • Fix: Basic menu dropdown is displayed properly
  • Fix: Gutenberg editor close button is displayed properly in Visual Composer

38.1 - 11.08.2021


  • Update: Initial help updated for the new navigation bar structure
  • Fix: Insights are displayed properly
  • Fix: Parallax effect works properly

38.0 - 04.08.2021


  • New: Visual Composer layouts have Design Options that apply to the whole page
  • New: Notification Center to inform you about new features, updates, and more
  • New: Visual Composer navigation bar updated for better UI/UX
  • Update: License input messages adjusted
  • Update: Font loading adjusted for performance
  • Update: SQL queries for posts improved for performance
  • Update: Parallax accepts negative values for reverse effects
  • Update: Visual Composer Insights notification order improved for better UI/UX
  • Fix: Emojis are displayed properly in articles created with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Link selector works properly for OnClick actions
  • Fix: TinyMCE works properly in Visual Composer
  • Fix: Lazy load option applies to Design Options properly
  • Fix: OnClick ‘Zoom’ option works properly
  • Fix: YouTube video element works properly in mobile Firefox
  • Fix: Copying elements from deleted rows work properly
  • Fix: Link Selector popup does not close upon text selection
  • Fix: List elements are displayed properly in the text editor
  • Fix: Utils service method works properly
  • Fix: Column resize works properly
  • Fix: Autoload cache works properly with different path
  • Fix: Template update works properly
  • Fix: Simple Image slider works properly
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer works properly with WP Export/Import


  • Fix: Header controls work properly in Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Fix: Post Slider element does not crop featured image
  • Fix: Design Options of the Pageable Container element works properly
  • Fix: Dynamic Content works properly with ACF
  • Fix: Right-Click functionality works properly with Role Manager settings
  • Compatibility: Global site header option works properly with WooCommerce Search

37.0 - 17.06.2021


  • New: Visual Composer element controls on right-click introduced for better UX
  • New: Block template section introduced in the Add Element window
  • Update: UI for adding templates improved to be consistent with adding element
  • Update: Visual Composer Insights for images updated properly after changes
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer and WPJobsManager compatibility improved
  • Fix: Single Image element editing works properly when no image is selected
  • Fix: Scroll to element option after adding the element works properly
  • Fix: “Edit with Visual Composer“ button works properly for custom post types
  • Fix: Row layout input has consistent styling
  • Fix: Memory usage is normal during migration
  • Fix: Row block template saving works properly
  • Fix: Reset option works properly in the demo template


  • New: Role Manager presets for quick user role management added and contain most used editing scenarios
  • New: Edit option introduced for the Global Templates dropdown in the Global Templates element
  • Update: Performance improvements for the Tree View and Undo/Redo
  • Update: Video Player helpers updated for more information
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer and HootKit works properly in the WordPress widget area
  • Fix: WordPress admin panel menu works properly in Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Fix: Visual Composer Dashboard widget styles have proper styling
  • Fix: Featured image controls are not available for user roles with no permission to edit featured images
  • Fix: Dynamic content works properly in Post Grid elements
  • Fix: Dynamic Advanced Custom Fields work properly
  • Fix: Logo slider images work properly
  • Fix: Title color attribute works properly in the Button Group element
  • Fix: Three color button works properly in the WordPress theme 2021
  • Fix: Video Player works properly
  • Fix: YouTube videos work properly in the Video Popup element
  • Fix: Cover images for the self-hosted videos work properly on iPhone
  • Fix: Gravity Forms element works properly after the Gravity Forms update
  • Fix: Multisite works properly with Visual Composer installed
  • Fix: Basic Menu works properly and does not display glitches when loading

36.0 - 25.05.2021


  • New: Visual Composer Dashboard structure updated by including all Visual Composer related content
  • New: Template categories introduced for better sorting and managing templates
  • New: Lazy load option introduced for the single image element to improve performance
  • New: Delay introduced for TinyMCE to improve UI/UX
  • Update: Insights panel colors updated for consistent UI
  • Update: Image and Video selectors updated for consistent UI
  • Update: Background update introduced for the device preview option to improve UI
  • Update: 'Created with Visual Composer' badge updated
  • Update: Getting started video updated with the latest content included
  • Fix: Typo fixed in the Visual Composer Settings tabs
  • Fix: Custom responsiveness works properly in row layout options
  • Fix: Facebook 'Like' option works properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly with Polylang installed
  • Fix: The text inline editing option works properly on all WordPress setups
  • Fix: The text update in TinyMCE works properly
  • Fix: Clicking on page title works properly to allow changing the title of the page
  • Fix: Page structure is displayed properly in the parent page settings
  • Fix: 3rd party 'Finder' option does not interfere with the work of Visual Composer
  • Fix: Unsplash and Giphy images are displayed properly on the hover state in the Visual Composer Dashboard Hub version
  • RawJS element renders properly
  • Fix: The drag and drop option works properly in the Tree View
  • Fix: WordPress page settings option improved for security
  • Fix: Giphy pagination works properly
  • Fix: The lightbox option works properly in the Image Gallery elements
  • Fix: Attaching image option works properly in the image gallery elements
  • Fix: Using keyword to add element adds chosen element
  • Fix: Param group attribute position is correct
  • Fix: Old version templates work properly
  • Fix: Premium teasers work properly


  • New: Role Manager add-on extended to control user role access to the Visual Composer features and page edit options
  • Fix: The popup option work properly in the Logo Slider
  • Fix: Video player with custom URL works properly
  • Fix: Accordions work properly on pages with fixed headers enabled
  • Fix: Global template saving with a shortcut (Cmd+S/Ctrl+S) works properly
  • Fix: Content Slider element works properly
  • Fix: Attributes work properly in the Logo Slider elements
  • Fix: Premium version feature popups are not displayed for the premium users
  • Fix: Featured Image Post Grid has a proper color for backgrounds
  • Fix: Typewriter element works properly

35.1 - 12.03.2021


  • New: Visual Composer API improvements
  • Update: Clicking on a page title opens On-page Settings with a focus on the title
  • Update: Row layout input controls updated for better UX and performance
  • Update: Layout switcher improved for better UI/UX
  • Update: Dynamic view is set as default for mobile devices
  • Fix: Backlog strings are translatable
  • Fix: Add Element items are ellipsized on the theme TwentyTwentyOne
  • Fix: Template removing process displayed with the loading spinner
  • Fix: Scrollbar does not overlap on Chrome (Windows)
  • Fix: Elements added to the page from the Visual Composer Hub are automatically scrolled to in the layout
  • Fix: New installation works properly for all users
  • Fix: Image Selector does not overlap TinyMCE controls
  • Fix: Editor button colors adjusted for consistency
  • Fix: PageEditable nonce verification works properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer Hub section in Dashboard is responsive
  • Fix: Row margins in Design Options work properly in the theme TwentyTwentyOne
  • Fix: Row layout controls and editor row manipulations are synchronized
  • Fix: Sorting works properly in the element search
  • Fix: Link styles in the editor updated for consistency
  • Fix: The tutorial template is available for Authors and Editors
  • Fix: Publish button is not disabled for Contributors
  • Fix: Mobile views have the same behavior for consistency


  • New: Lazy load option introduced for the video element to improve performance
  • Update: The download option for Unsplash and Giphy improved by removing extra click to download the image
  • Fix: MailChimp element has a correct PHP filename
  • Fix: Background image not removed after applying Dynamic Content
  • Fix: Links on the image is not removed after disabling Dynamic Content
  • Fix: Global template Settings work properly
  • Fix: The autoplay option works properly in Tabs
  • Fix: Tab slider styles updated
  • Fix: Visual Composer Hub addons section has a proper button states
  • Fix: Visual Composer custom post types have edit option for Contributors
  • Fix: Double Title element has proper styling
  • Fix: Link Dropdown Element has only one arrow

35.0 - 01.03.2021


  • New: Save as Draft and Published now available under one Publish option in the navigation bar
  • New: Plugin review option added to the Visual Composer related section in the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • New: Image selector attribute updated for better UI/UX
  • New: Video selector attribute updated for better UI/UX
  • New: WPML Translation Management compatibility added
  • New: Option to add public badge “Created with Visual Composer“ added to the Visual Composer Dashboard Settings
  • New: Element name change functionality added to the Tree View
  • Update: Visual Composer API now has a UI component
  • Update: Inline editor icon for opening element edit form updated for consistency
  • Update: Major icons are highlighted in the initial help screen
  • Update: Instagram element improved to work properly after Instagram changes in their API
  • Update: Tabs in the Visual Composer On-Page Settings updated for better UI/UX
  • Update: Element and template search in the Visual Composer Hub extended to check element and template description
  • Update: YouTube element updated by removing deprecated code
  • Update: Data sharing offers to share your PHP version, WP version, and active theme
  • Update: Templates and presets saving titles are replaced with placeholders
  • Update: Editor button colors updated for consistency
  • Update: Visual Composer Hub download options work clicking on the whole thumbnail instead of the icon only
  • Fix: Data sharing popup consent checkbox works properly
  • Fix: Input Select attribute works properly
  • Fix: Color picker accepts HEX values
  • Fix: Auto-save works properly
  • Fix: Demo template can not be saved
  • Fix: Layout change does not affect recently downloaded elements
  • Fix: Vimeo video controls not displayed when a video is added as a background (not applicable for non-pro videos)
  • Fix: Input height is displayed properly across different devices
  • Fix: Saving page does not remove a custom page template
  • Fix: Popup radio buttons displayed properly in the Blocksy theme
  • Fix: Visual Composer Dashboard menu stretched full height
  • Fix: Demo template images are displayed properly
  • Fix: Disabling the full height option for the row removes unneeded CSS classed
  • Fix: Global CSS works properly
  • Fix: Element removal option works properly


  • Update: Locking all element progress is displayed with the help of loading spinner
  • Update: Dynamic link moved to the Link Selector
  • Update: Element preset icon color adjusted to fit the UI guidelines
  • Update: Option to create a new header added to the On-Page Settings
  • Update: Premium support link icon updated in the WordPress Plugin section
  • Fix: Saving element as a preset does not trigger multiple notifications
  • Fix: Archive page editor has proper blank page when started
  • Fix: Maintenance mode add-on works properly when no templates are available
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product Feed Manager is fully compatible with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Links to My Visual Composer adjusted
  • Fix: Tabs work properly on Safari
  • Fix: Gravity Forms element works properly
  • Fix: Post Slider Block works properly
  • Fix: Popup Builder editor works properly with Blocksy theme
  • Fix: Unsplash and Giphy search works properly with no search term provided
  • Fix: Banner element works properly

34.1 - 16.02.2021


  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly with PHP 7.0
  • Fix: Yoast SEO and Visual Composer works properly

34.0 - 08.02.2021.


  • Update: Free license activation removed to instantly access Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Premium information popups removed for addons
  • Update: Information about premium features added to the Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Update: Information about the premium feature “Element Presets“ added
  • Update: Save as Draft for unpublished content is moved under Publishing Options in Navigation Bar
  • Fix: Premium information is displayed properly for dynamic content
  • Fix: Edit option with Visual Composer is displayed properly in Gutenberg
  • Fix: Categories are displayed properly in the On-Page Settings
  • Fix: Featured image works properly in the On-Page Settings
  • Fix: Featured image background color displayed properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer Hub search field works properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer menu in WordPress admin is displayed properly
  • Fix: Device previews have proper margins
  • Compatibility: Woocommerce Square works properly with Visual Composer
  • Compatibility: Visual Composer works properly with PHP8


  • Fix: Premium information popup not triggered after addon downloads
  • Fix: Accordion elements work properly
  • Fix: “On first-page load“ popup option works properly

33.0 - 20.01.2021


  • New: Option to set "Desktop" as the default state for the "Responsive View" control.
  • New: Settings for default Responsive View device added to the Dashboard Settings
  • New: Interface updated with new branding colors
  • New: Information about Premium layouts added
  • New: Information about Premium Hub content added
  • Fix: WordPress parent categories work properly
  • Fix: WordPress excerpt field works properly
  • Fix: WordPress excerpt description converted into the tooltip
  • Fix: Notification added for template removal notice
  • Fix: WordPress categories and tags can be removed
  • Fix: Separator element thickness works properly
  • Fix: Editor and device menus do not conflict
  • Fix: Permalink for posts and pages works properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer Dashboard buttons have proper IDs


  • Fix: Woo Commerce Product Category element works properly
  • Fix: Dynamic content author description is correct
  • Fix: Popup export and import works properly

32.0 - 22.12.2020


  • New: Double click option added to open element edit form or activate the inline editor
  • New: WordPress page and post settings added to the On-Page Settings for quick access (author, featured image, categories, tags, excerpts, discussions)
  • New: Option to delete downloaded elements and templates added to the Add Content window
  • New: Option to share editor usage data anonymously added to help plugin developers
  • Update: Auto-complete attribute improved for better performance and UX
  • Update: Device mockups are added to the responsive device preview
  • Update: Information about available shortcut added on mouse hover for the editor controls
  • Update: Tree View mode improved for better performance
  • Update: Plugin path check added to the System Status page
  • Update: Messages updated on the element, template, and add-on downloads
  • Fix: Line height works properly in the TinyMCE editor
  • Fix: Drag and Drop works properly for columns
  • Fix: Version notification is displayed properly in the Getting Started screen
  • Fix: Visual Composer Hub search works properly
  • Fix: Twitter element works properly on the published pages
  • Fix: Empty rows work properly in responsive view
  • Fix: Assets are replaced properly after initial reset
  • Fix: Templates with hidden rows work properly
  • Fix: YouTube background works properly in Design Options


  • Update: Notification mechanism improved for the add-ons that require the editor reload to be activated after download
  • Update: Header and Footer settings UX improved in the Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Fix: Sandwich menu works properly in the Basic Menu element
  • Fix: Layout icons are displayed properly in the Archive page editor for Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: Image Gallery with Icons element works properly
  • Fix: Timeline with Icon elements' inline editor works properly
  • Fix: Mailchimp element works properly
  • Fix: Maintenance mode page creation works properly

31.1 - 25.11.2020


  • Fix: The stretching option works properly for rows and inner rows
  • Fix: Custom elements are displayed properly in the Add Content window

31.0 - 19.11.2020


  • New: A tutorial template has been added for beginners to learn Visual Composer
  • New: Add Element and Add Template windows are merged into one window for a cleaner and better user interface
  • New: Element grouping in Add Element window introduced
  • New: Most Used elements section in Add Element window introduced
  • New: Help Icons are added to the Visual Composer interface for a quick reference
  • New: Editor help screen has been added for the first-time users to help to understand the user interface
  • New: Option to share anonymous plugin usage statistics for the plugin improvement has been introduced
  • Update: License activation and getting started flow has been updated for a better user experience
  • Update: Row Layout is the first section in the Row edit window for a better user experience
  • Update: Google Fonts library has been updated to include all the latest font families
  • Update: Column resizing control interface has been improved
  • Update: The license tab is always available for all users in Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Update: Blank page wizard has been removed when creating a new page or post for a quicker start
  • Update: Theme layout is made as default layout when creating a new page or post
  • Update: Navigation bar icons are displayed properly on smaller devices
  • Update: All free elements are available in Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Plugin titles and descriptions adjusted for a better interface understanding
  • Update: Visual Composer Hub button URLs and titles updated for a better user interface
  • Fix: Editing page with 3rd party scripts included works properly
  • Fix: Insights title analysis works properly
  • Fix: Insights alt tag analysis works properly
  • Fix: Divider element works properly in Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: Add Media option works properly
  • Fix: Delete button in the Tree View mode works properly
  • Fix: Images are displayed properly on retina displays
  • Fix: Color picker shows the default value
  • Fix: .entry-content is not overwritten by WordPress themes
  • Fix: Scroll to element option works properly when editing element in the Tree View
  • Fix: Scroll to element and template option works properly when adding a new element or template
  • Fix: Replace element option is available for nested elements
  • Fix: Visual Composer Dashboard works properly on Safari


  • New: Option to quickly access WordPress menu management has been added to the menu source dropdown
  • New: A placeholder for menu elements has been introduced
  • New: Compatibility with Ajax Search Pro added for the Archive page editor
  • New: Compatibility with Woo Discount Rules added
  • Update: Performance improvements for pageable container elements
  • Update: Giphy tab is available in Media Library for all gif elements and TinyMCE
  • Fix: Ninja Forms element works properly
  • Fix: DynamicWPQuery pagination for post grids works properly
  • Fix: Element presets work properly
  • Fix: Template export and import option works properly
  • Fix: Inner elements work properly within the param group
  • Fix: Row margins works properly in header and footer editor
  • Fix: Dropdowns with dynamic values work properly
  • Fix: Sandwich menu works properly in the Basic menu element
  • Fix: Menu elements are displayed properly within templates
  • Fix: Imported templates do not generate warnings
  • Fix: Phone Mockup element works properly in Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: ACF image field works properly when added as a background image

30.1 - 16.09.2020


  • Fix: Animation Delay works properly


  • Fix: Prevent empty <p></p> tag adding in header and footer layouts

30.0 - 15.09.2020


  • Update: Row layout input is simplified for better UX
  • Fix: All element presets are displayed in the Add Element window
  • Fix: Sassy Social Plugin works properly with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Custom responsiveness values can be added properly
  • Fix: Toggle attributes have different IDs to avoid conflicts
  • Fix: Custom JavaScript is rendered properly
  • Fix: Default font option in TinyMCE fonts dropdown works properly
  • Fix: Submenu works without glitches in the Visual Composer Dashboard
  • Fix: Templates with advanced row layout renders properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer Insights updated properly
  • Fix: Media Library works properly in the editor
  • Fix: Image placeholders are displayed properly


  • New: Giphy compatibility is introduced in the Visual Composer Hub to download gif animations right in the editor
  • New: Giphy tab is introduced in Media Library for gif elements
  • New: Giphy element is added to the Visual Composer Hub to insert gif animations
  • New: Gif Animation element is added to the Visual Composer Hub to insert gif animations
  • New: Mono Social Icons element added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • New: Post Grid With Hover Button element is added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • New: Double Title element is added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Accordion elements can be closed by clicking on the titles
  • Fix: Video element is not muted on Safari
  • Fix: Schema has been removed from all post grid elements
  • Fix: Dynamic Content works properly with the page scope
  • Fix: Close popup option in the Link Selector can be used on all pages
  • Fix: Popups work on pages not created in Visual Composer
  • Fix: Z-index works properly in headers
  • Fix: Global footer HTML works properly in the Preview mode
  • Fix: Header and Footer settings work properly with WPML
  • Fix: Popup works properly with inner elements triggering it
  • Fix: Popup Builder works properly after refreshing the page
  • Fix: Pages with enabled popup scroll properly
  • Fix: Gutenberg element works properly with the latest WordPress installed
  • Fix: Simple Contact Form elements' Submit button does not trigger Oops screen
  • Fix: EventOn elements' category filter works properly
  • Fix: All popup templates are displayed in the popup dropdown
  • Fix: the_content filter works properly with Header, Footer, Sidebar editors

29.0 - 24.07.2020


  • New: Visual Composer Insights assistant for helping to build better sites launched
  • Update: User feedback survey updated
  • Update: Naming consistency improved in the user interface
  • Update: Saved templates appear at the top of the Templates list
  • Fix: Template source key works properly
  • Fix: Elements don’t disappear when changing Row Layout
  • Fix: Getting Started menu in WP Admin Dashboard displayed properly for Contributors role
  • Fix: Asset files are not removed after cloning the page
  • Fix: Loading spinner works properly in Visual Composer Hub
  • Fix: Single Image lightbox works properly
  • Fix: Yoast SEO display proper page status
  • Fix: Woo Commerce elements have a proper element height
  • Fix: Visual Composer Dashboard logo displayed properly
  • Fix: Static listener for enqueue actions works properly
  • Fix: Notifications are displayed in a proper location
  • Fix: Button element styles are consistent across the page
  • Fix: Icons are stacking properly in the Tree View


  • Update: Element lock UI/UX updated for better visibility
  • Fix: Featured image works properly in Dynamic Content
  • Fix: Site-wide popup works properly
  • Fix: Food and Drink element has proper spacing
  • Fix: Loading spinner works properly in Dynamic Content
  • Fix: Logo Slider element works properly
  • Fix: Dynamic Archive in search results page works properly
  • Fix: Social Profile element Instagram icon works properly
  • Fix: Popup Builder option for returning to WP Dashboard works properly
  • Fix: Popup Builder settings for 'On first-page load' work properly

28.0 - 16.06.2020


  • New: Visual Composer Dashboard added under the WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Update: Visual Composer navigation bar design changed
  • Update: Link to My Visual Composer Licenses section added for activation
  • Update: Editor notification display duration increased for better UX
  • Fix: ContentURL works properly
  • Fix: Instagram image element does not update on every change
  • Fix: Localizations work properly
  • Fix: Backslash is not removed in Custom JS
  • Fix: Templates with multiple images work properly
  • Fix: Deleting templates work properly
  • Fix: Background images work properly in Design Options attributes


  • New: Popup settings for display frequency added
  • Fix: Simple Contact Form element works properly in the page footer
  • Fix: Gutenberg element does display block sidebar
  • Fix: wp_print_scripts and Header, Footer, Sidebar editor does not conflict
  • Fix: Video Player element works properly on iOS
  • Fix: Custom post type limits work properly in Post Grid elements
  • Fix: Tabs with Slide works properly on replacement
  • Fix: Tabs with Slide works properly with full-width rows

27.1 - 13.05.2020


  • Fix: Preview option works properly

27.0 - 13.05.2020


  • New: Visual Composer News widget introduced in the WP Admin Dashboard
  • Update: New and easier Visual Composer Hub activation
  • Update: Deactivation feedback popup has display limits
  • Update: Images from the templates are added to the Media Library once downloaded from Visual Composer Hub
  • Fix: Drag and drop works properly on iPads
  • Fix: Blank page with layout changes can be saved properly
  • Fix: Source CSS works properly after plugin update
  • Fix: Twitter Button works properly with Dynamic content
  • Fix: LocalJS works properly
  • Fix: Single Image caption works properly
  • Fix: Page Settings are not saved after refresh
  • Fix: Layout is displayed properly in the responsive view
  • Fix: Gutenberg element UI is displayed properly
  • Fix: Source CSS does not contain Global CSS
  • Fix: Dynamic fields work properly
  • Fix: Column resize works properly


  • New: Element lock option to restrict non-Administrator roles to edit elements. Available in Role Manager add-on in Visual Composer Hub.
  • New: Visual Composer Hub add-on section redesigned for better UX
  • New: Advanced Design Options added to the Popup Builder root element (Popup Container)
  • New: Option to close the popup via Link Selector option
  • Update: Add-on download notification updated
  • Update: Popup Builder code optimized for performance
  • Fix: Gutenberg element has Visual Composer templates block
  • Header, Footer, Sidebar works properly with WPML
  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly in Woo Commerce Cart page
  • Fix: WordPress admin bar renders properly with custom header applied to the post/page
  • Fix: Global Template CSS and JS works properly

26.0 - 02.04.2020


  • Update: Copying element with Element ID display warning that Element ID is not copied
  • Update: Visual Composer Settings menu structure is updated for better navigation (in WordPress Admin Dashboard)
  • Update: Global CSS applies to pages not created with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Non-working shortcodes do not impact the work of the Frontend editor
  • Fix: Unsplash lock icon displayed properly on local
  • Fix: Rows has correct positioning on iPhone devices


  • New: Popup Builder that allows creating popup templates
  • New: Popup sitewide settings to trigger popups on all site (on load, cookie, exit-intent)
  • New: Popup page settings to trigger popups on a specific page (on load, exit-intent, element scroll)
  • New: Link Selector enhanced with popup triggering controls
  • New: Custom feedback popup for Premium users
  • New: New dynamic content values added to support Archive Page Editor
  • Update: Layer Slider element renamed to Kreatura Slider
  • Fix: Active menu class works properly
  • Fix: Layout assets loaded properly on Archive pages
  • Fix: Search element works properly after SiteURL change
  • Fix: Enqueue scripts loaded properly in custom headers and footers
  • Fix: Dynamic content images contain alt attribute
  • Fix: Post Grid With Box element works properly on Twenty Twenty theme
  • Fix: Simple Contact Form element does not display warnings
  • Fix: Animation with fullscreen video works properly

25.0 - 03.03.2020


  • New: Simplified element controls for easy getting started
  • Fix: Columns are added properly on a blank page
  • Fix: Row layout displays proper values in the edit form
  • Fix: Activation on OVH hosting works properly
  • Fix: Animation does not create glitches upon adding
  • Fix: <pre> tags work properly in TinyMCE
  • Fix: Drag and Drop works properly
  • Fix: Yoast integration works properly


  • New: Element Presets addon added to the Visual Composer Hub with an option to save an element with custom parameters, rows and sections can be saved as a template
  • New: Option to set custom templates for categories, tags, and author pages
  • New: Option to set custom templates for the search results page
  • Element: Portfolio Post Grid added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Fix: Premium activation has a proper link to the Premium pricing
  • Fix: Premium license key is displayed with a mask for privacy
  • Fix: Dynamic content fields work properly in Global Templates
  • Fix: Theme editor for custom header and footer work properly with WPML installed
  • Fix: Header and footer section spaces between dropdowns adjusted
  • Fix: Elements can be dragged into tabs properly
  • Fix: Tree view works properly inside inner elements
  • Fix: RSS widget works properly

24.0 - 22.01.2020


  • New: Delay option added to CSS Animations in Design Options
  • Fix: Google Fonts search in TinyMCE size is correct
  • Fix: Blank page bottom space size reduced
  • Fix: Post and page permalinks work properly
  • Fix: Editor type change works properly
  • Fix: Inline controls have proper styling
  • Fix: Global CSS is not removed
  • Fix: Content saving works properly


  • New: New Account launched for license and subscription management
  • New: New Premium activation mechanism launched with the easier activation process
  • New: Archive Page Editor to create custom archive page templates
  • Update: Unsplash API updated
  • Element: Faq Group element added
  • Element: Link Dropdown element added
  • Element: Star Testimonials element added
  • Element: Shadow Pricing Table element added
  • Element: Toggle Container element added
  • Element: Content Slider element added
  • Fix: Basic menu element has no extra space when collapsed
  • Fix: Menu element size is calculated correctly
  • Fix: Basic menu displayed properly in Safari
  • Fix: Gutenberg editor compatibility improved
  • Fix: Tabs and accordions displayed properly on a public side
  • Fix: Tabs with custom ids have proper links
  • Fix: Multiple dropdown attribute works properly
  • Fix: Template import works properly even if elements are missing
  • Fix: Imported header can be added to the site
  • Fix: Image slider works properly within accordions
  • Fix: PublicJS files are not loaded twice

23.0 - 27.11.2019


  • New: Google Fonts search and preview in TinyMCE editor
  • Update: Settings panel width reduced in size to see the settings and content
  • Fix: Using a proper wp-admin URL for staging sites
  • Fix: Admin panel notices displayed properly
  • Fix: Fontawesome categories and search works properly
  • Fix: Background image radius works properly
  • Fix: Animation effect works properly in Firefox


  • New: Dynamic Content is available in single image link selector
  • Update: Option to edit the selected template in a Theme Template page
  • Update: New premium activation flow with license input
  • Fix: Dynamic content with HTML works properly in TinyMCE
  • Fix: WooCommerce variable product page works properly
  • Fix: Toolset custom fields displayed properly in Dynamic Content
  • Fix: Dynamic Content works properly in Faq elements
  • Fix: Mouse follow animation works properly in Preview mode
  • Fix: Tilt parallax effect works properly after template import

22.0 - 23.10.2019


  • Update: Settings window displayed in full width for a better user experience
  • Update: Text domain updated to “visualcomposer” for proper translations
  • Update: Custom element order updated and displayed after default elements
  • Fix: Shortcode element works properly
  • Fix: Settings save works properly
  • Fix: Raw JS element works properly
  • Fix: Element update works properly
  • Fix: Save button display proper state upon save


  • New: Tilt parallax effects added to a row, column, and section Design Options
  • New: Mouse follow parallax background added to a row, column, and section Design Options
  • New: 404 page option to create custom 404 pages
  • New: New icon libraries added
  • New: Dynamic content works with Toolset plugin
  • New: Post Slider element available in Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Parallax controls moved to the separate section
  • Update: Dynamic content works properly with Yoast SEO
  • Update: Post grid elements can be replaced
  • Fix: Dynamic content dropdown works properly
  • Fix: Template export works properly
  • Fix: Icons in message box display properly
  • Fix: Post Grid with Box element works properly

21.0 - 02.10.2019


  • Update: Parallax settings moved from Design Options to the separate section
  • Update: Cache is cleared for the most popular plugins and hostings on the editor save
  • Update: Unsplash featured image preview available for the free version users
  • Fix: Gravity Forms, ACF, and WooCommerce works properly with Visual Composer


  • New: Dynamic Content is available in Link Selector
  • Fix: Header and Footer settings display/hide properly

20.0 - 26.09.2019


  • New: Plugin upload to plugin repository
  • New: Templates are added to the editor page with smooth loading
  • Update: Icon library sets updated
  • Update: License updated from GPLv2 to GPLv3
  • Update: Video autoplay options updated in the video elements
  • Fix: System Status message works properly in WordPress Dashboard
  • Fix: All Google Fonts work properly
  • Fix: Column width works properly on iOS
  • Fix: Free template downloading works properly
  • Fix: Yoast SEO analyzes content properly


  • New: Maintenance mode controls to set site under maintenance
  • New: Dynamic Content option is available for advanced elements with parameter groups
  • New: Dynamic Content works with ACF in Global Templates
  • Update: Dynamic Content works with RTL
  • Fix: SoundCloud element Design Options works properly
  • Fix: Visual Composer Widget element and Global Templates work without compatibility issues
  • Fix: Sandwich menu square style displayed properly
  • Fix: Simple Image Slider works properly
  • Fix: Post grid elements work properly in the editor
  • Fix: Post Grid buttons work properly with Dynamic Content

19.0 - 28.08.2019

  • New: Dynamic Content UI/UX improvements and popup window
  • New: Dynamic Content works with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • New: All Dynamic Content fields are available in Global Templates
  • New: Visual Composer automatically adjusts links after site migration
  • Update: Dynamic Content grouping introduced in the field drop-down
  • Update: Editor performance improvements
  • Fix: Single Image sizes works properly
  • Fix: Background image works properly with Dynamic Content featured image
  • Fix: PHP 5.4 version issues fixed
  • Fix: Dynamic Content does not cause Fatal error for WordPress version lower than 5.0
  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly with URLs in Multisite
  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly with Polylang when editing the home page
  • Fix: System reset does not remove downloaded elements
  • Fix: Countdown timer date attribute works properly

18.2 - 15.08.2019

  • Fix: Image display works properly
  • Fix: Post data fetch for dynamic content works properly

18.1 - 14.08.2019

  • Fix: Text block editing does not cause the editor error
  • Fix: Range attribute updates properly
  • Fix: TinyMCE controls are available in Classic Editor
  • Fix: Tabs element works correctly in Global Template
  • Fix: Text Block TinyMCE text mode handleChange works properly
  • Fix: WooCommerce product dimensions are displayed properly in dynamic content

18.0 - 08.08.2019

  • New: Dynamic content feature to replace static content with WordPress fields (ex. post titles, featured images, author name, etc.)
  • New: Dynamic content feature to replace static content with WordPress custom fields
  • New: API for dynamic content introduced to add this option to custom elements
  • New: Dynamic content integration with WooCommerce
  • New: Unsplash library access available in the Media Library
  • New: Data list attributed added and available for custom elements via API
  • Update: Single Image element improved
  • Update: Global element CSS split to reduce the size and improve performance
  • Update: Custom filter added to support block nesting
  • Fix: Free predefined templates updated properly
  • Fix: Full width works properly on iPad with Safari 4
  • Fix: Compatibility with Contact Form 7 improved to avoid duplication issues
  • Fix: YouTube cover image is displayed properly in the video elements
  • Fix: Element controls work properly
  • Fix: Template description name is displayed properly
  • Fix: Self-hosted video background on mobile
  • Fix: Border Radius and Gradient
  • Fix: Update Icon Libraries
  • Fix: globalElementsCssFileUrl option works properly
  • Fix: Full path disclosure in add-on output fixed

17.2 - 09.05.2019

  • Fix: Control hover states work properly
  • Fix: PCSS mixins working properly for Post Grid elements
  • Fix: Unsplash stock image download works properly

17.1 - 24.04.2019

  • Fix: Slug option controls doesn't overwrite the default slug
  • Fix: Instagram filters apply properly

17.0 - 15.04.2019

  • New: Set and change slug (permalink) in Visual Composer
  • New: Spanish translation added
  • New: Swedish translation added
  • Update: Editor controls respond to clicks for a better user experience
  • Update: Editor loads faster for pages with a large amount of content
  • Update: Share buttons added to the Visual Composer About page
  • Fix: Column margins are applied correctly
  • Fix: Option to set custom header and footer for product categories available
  • Fix: Param group works properly with inner elements and nesting
  • Fix: Template import sends fewer requests

16.0 - 28.03.2019

  • New: Unsplash stock image library integration with Visual Composer Hub
  • New: Shadow Box option added to the container elements in Design Options
  • New: Blank Page allows specify the page title
  • Update: License re-activation for the same site simplified
  • Update: Editor controls updated for performance
  • Fix: Theme editor works properly with multisite
  • Fix: Column margin applied properly
  • Fix: Missing server extensions deactivate plugin to avoid errors

15.0 - 14.03.2019

  • New: Visual Composer Template block for Gutenberg
  • Update: Drag and drop functionality improved
  • Update: Editor performance improvements
  • Update: Assets storage removed after inline editing and drag and drop for performance
  • Update: The Persian language pack added to the editor
  • Fix: Row copy/paste doesn’t affect row layout
  • Fix: Gutenberg editor sidebar available in Visual Composer Gutenberg block
  • Fix: Device icons displayed properly in attribute
  • Fix: Tab title applied properly
  • Fix: Header and Footer global controls applied properly for backward compatibility

14.0 - 04.03.2019

  • New: Option to apply custom headers and footers to all site, specific post types, or default WordPress pages
  • New: Ability to activate Visual Composer Premium on staging and live environments with the same license
  • Update: Bulgarian translation added
  • Update: Theme default value added to the font family drop-down in TinyMCE
  • Update: Element attribute excluding mechanism added to the Visual Composer API
  • Update: Miscellaneous category is set as default category for elements
  • Fix: Plugin update popup has a proper information
  • Fix: Element widget works properly with field method action
  • Fix: Radio button attribute works properly
  • Element: Countdown element
  • Element: Search Widget element

13.0 - 26.02.2019

  • New: New inline editor with more text formatting options
  • New: Calendar attribute added to the plugin
  • New: Google Fonts, font weight, letter spacing, and line height added to the TinyMCE editor
  • Update: ReactJs version updated to 16.8
  • Fix: Compatibility with WPForms
  • Fix: Adding row does not break row order
  • Fix: Assets are not missing for custom elements
  • Fix: Video Player autoplay works properly
  • Fix: Block template type added to template window drop-down
  • Fix: Instagram element works properly
  • Fix: CSS animation does not create horizontal scroll

12.0 - 04.02.2019

  • New: Blocks templates introduced in Visual Composer Hub
  • New: Category choice for custom post types in post grid element
  • Update: Element naming UI updated
  • Update: Element edit window section UI updated
  • Fix: Global templates work properly in the editor
  • Fix: Blank page title capitalization
  • Fix: Template Export/Import add-on working properly
  • Element: Testimonials element
  • Element: Hover image element

11.0 - 16.01.2019

  • New: System Status page and requirement auto-check added to the plugin
  • New: Global Javascript can be added for the header and footer
  • Update: Elements can be added to the page by dragging them from Add Element window to the bottom placeholder
  • Update: Blank Page update with template selection option
  • Update: TinyMCE full controls are opened by default for elements
  • Update: Performance improvements for initial editor load
  • Update: Editor UI font update for better readability
  • Update: Optimized icon library loading
  • Update: Checkbox and Radio buttons added as an attribute option for the API
  • Fix: Video background with parallax works properly in Preview mode
  • Fix: Compatibility improved with WPML
  • Fix: Disable 'Gutenberg' option works for all WordPress user roles
  • Fix: Compatibility with plugin Contact Form 7 Style
  • Fix: Video embed works with copy/paste within TinyMCE editor
  • Fix: Progress bar element values are displayed properly
  • Fix: Envira Gallery compatibility improved for the latest versions

10.0 - 26.11.2018

  • New: Basic editor elements added to the plugin .zip file
  • New: Radial gradient added to the Design Options
  • Update: New Visual Composer logo added
  • Update: Visual Composer Hub UI update
  • Update: User Interface for element and template search results
  • Update: Simplified plugin activation mechanism
  • Update: Compatibility with Wordpress 5.0
  • Update: Compatibility with Gutenberg editor in WordPress 5.0
  • Update: Optimized plugin .zip file
  • Update: Authorization token removed for the Free version to simplify activation
  • Update: Activation of the plugin available via Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Amount of activation related requests minimized for better performance
  • Update: Error handling mechanism improvements to track possible activation failures
  • Fix: Template can be added to the page after update
  • Fix: BeTheme compatibility improvements for editor loading in Safari
  • Fix: Template update renew media files within the template if necessary
  • Fix: Visual Composer Hub teaser is updated after Premium activation
  • Fix: Styles of the editor are applied correctly
  • Fix: Basic menu works properly without sandwich menu element download
  • Fix: TinyMCE display external plugin options in Frontend editor
  • Fix: Global template preview contains assets
  • Fix: Global Gallery works properly in Visual Composer
  • Fix: Custom CSS/JS in Settings not missing border
  • Fix: Console error for Safari fixed
  • Fix: Controls border is rounded
  • Fix: Template can be added to the page right after download
  • Content Elements: Side Post Grid element added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Content Element: News Post Grid element added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Content Element: Grow Shadow Button element added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Content Element: Social Profile Icons added to the Visual Composer Hub

2.12 - 11.10.2018

  • Update: Optimized the plugin by using default WordPress code editor
  • Update: SlideOut Post Grid element button is defined as a section
  • Update: CSS attributes are rebuilt on-demand
  • Update: Drag and drop logic optimized for performance
  • Update: Classic editor button removed if the page builder is activated
  • Update: PHP download controllers optimized
  • Update: PostCSS code optimized
  • Update: Ability to insert an element into already nested element via API
  • Fix: Editor does not overwrite fonts of WordPress theme
  • Fix: Image placeholders removed for post grid elements
  • Fix: Google Fonts loaded with subsets
  • Fix: Custom CSS editor correctly removes backslashes on save
  • Fix: Category pages source-css not enqueued
  • Fix: Drag and drop helper works correctly in Tree View attribute
  • Fix: Hover box elements working on IOS mobile devices
  • Fix: Flip Box issue on mobile
  • Fix: 'Onclick action' link selector works properly
  • Fix: Initial editor Ajax loading fixed
  • Fix: Layout calculations performed properly
  • Fix: Backward compatibility works properly in the sandwich menu
  • Fix: Jetpack does not break WordPress TinyMCE
  • Fix: Nested elements contain proper image data
  • Fix: Sandwich menu closes after clicking on an item
  • Fix: Default margin-bottom placeholder added to the Basic Menu in Design Options
  • Fix: Design Options for WooCommerce elements work properly
  • Fix: Post Update does not break Global CSS and Design Options
  • Fix: Design options works for WooCommerce elements
  • Fix: Gutenberg saving does not add additional brackets
  • Fix: Row stretching displayed properly in Header and Footer editors
  • Fix: Top Rated Products Order property of WooCommerce works properly
  • Fix: All styles are applied to the theme section
  • Fix: My Account property of WooCommerce has correct styles applied
  • Fix: Masonry Image Gallery with Icon displayed properly on mobile
  • Fix: RawJS element works in Global Templates

2.11 - 17.09.2018

  • Update: CSS-cache issues eliminated by adding a checksum to asset URL
  • Update: Improved performance with editor style compilation on the initial editor load
  • Update: Notification about 3rd party elements added to the element preview
  • Update: Empty space element updated to accept a various type of sizes
  • Update: Visual Composer and page builder buttons are aligned in height
  • Update: 'Lock' icon in the Visual Composer Hub opens the Premium section of the site
  • Fix: Goodreads widget works properly
  • Fix: Bold and Italic options of inline editor works properly with the Total theme
  • Fix: Compatibility with hosting environment
  • Fix: 'Show on sticky' option works properly
  • Fix: Inline editor works properly for paramGroup items
  • Fix: Editor doesn't overwrite theme fonts
  • Fix: Google Fonts are rendering properly on Safari
  • Fix: Boxed template warnings removed
  • Fix: Widgets ajaxForm attribute gets updated automatically
  • Fix: Column styles are loaded properly on the public side
  • Fix: TypeError window.vcvSandwichModal resolved
  • Fix: Drag and Drop helper is added to 'Add Element'
  • Fix: Template data loading working properly
  • Fix: Pageable container work properly
  • Fix: Row cssmixins (Design Options) are not called twice to improve performance
  • Fix: vcvtitle and the_title hook
  • Fix: A blank template for templates editor/import fixed
  • Fix: 'Edit with Visual Composer' button is not displayed on WordPress Edit Menu
  • Fix: Compatibility with Contact Form 7 redirection plugin
  • Fix: Params group items work properly

2.10 - 09.08.2018

  • Update: Page layout options updated to choose between boxed and stretched for all layouts
  • Fix: Theme editor width works properly
  • Fix: Checkbox attribute has proper styling
  • Fix: Loading spinner displayed on template save
  • Fix: Sticky option related to parent works properly with correct height calculations
  • Fix: CSS animations work properly on IE11
  • Fix: Header, Footer, Sidebar selector remembers the state
  • Fix: Element 'Hide' toggle is synchronized with the Tree View
  • Fix: Slick slider library initialize properly within Pageable Container element

2.9 - 26.07.2018

  • New: Row layout responsive settings to control column width and appearance on various devices
  • New: Option to display sticky elements only when they become sticky
  • New: Compatibility with wpDataTables plugin added
  • Fix: Design Options values apply properly within Global Templates
  • Fix: Custom element name apply properly for element controls
  • Fix: Element hide option synchronized with the Tree view

2.8 - 18.07.2018

  • New: Sticky row, column, and section option allows to fix on upon scroll and scroll the next row on top of it
  • New: Compatibility with Caldera Forms plugin added
  • New: API hooks added as a part of API implementation stage
  • New: Ukrainian language po/mo files added to the plugin
  • Update: Option to disable element and template image preview image and description
  • Update: Global elements .css file is optimized for performance
  • Fix: Woo Commerce page edit with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Headers, Footers, and Sidebars can be used in Woo Commerce pages
  • Fix: Design Options applies to proper tag within the Section element
  • Fix: Visual Composer works properly on Pantheon hosting

2.7 - 27.06.2018

  • New: Import/Export Hub add-on for Visual Composer Premium to migrate templates between sites
  • New: Template Widget Hub add-on for Visual Composer Premium template display in sidebar
  • New: Button and Icon group elements to display buttons and icons inline
  • New: Remove All options is added to the Tree view to delete all content with one click
  • Update: Free and Premium sorting options in the Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Tree View interface optimized for multi-level layouts
  • Update: Element dependancy mechanism enhanced to support element groups and inner elements
  • Update: Option to remove header, footer, and sidebar for the Visual Composer page layouts
  • Fix: Custom CSS styles applied properly for stretched button in advanced content elements
  • Fix: Default video shortcode works in templates
  • Fix: wp_remote_get function works properly in older WordPress versions
  • Fix: Visibility toggle in Design Options display proper state
  • Fix: Element animation in Design Options works for custom devices
  • Fix: Undo removes whole element set of row, column, and element if they were added with one action
  • Fix: Empty space element works properly on custom devices
  • Fix: Post grid elements displayed properly on the home page
  • Fix: Featured Image Post Grid element properly applies text and category colors
  • Fix: Logo Slider element works properly with RTL

2.6.1 - 23.05.2018

  • Fix: Tabs displayed properly in IE11
  • Fix: Global templates element compatibility with the latest version
  • Fix: Image gallery and Image masonry gallery downloaded with the template from the Hub
  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility improvements

2.6 - 21.05.2018

  • New: Gutenberg element allows to insert Gutenberg editor blocks within Visual Composer layout
  • New: Compatibility with Gutenberg editor introduced
  • New: Option to disable Gutenberg editor via Visual Composer Settings
  • Update: Header, Footer, and Sidebar Hub templates are displayed in Global Templates section
  • Update: User Experience (UX) for Visual Composer editor via mobile devices improved
  • Fix: Multiple posts selected in link selector with WPML
  • Fix: Full height Row works properly in Global Templates

2.5 - 10.05.2018

  • New: Rows can be copied and pasted after row, on blank pages, and into other rows
  • New: Columns can be copied and pasted in rows
  • New: Visual Composer Hub templates can be modified via Global Templates and creates a new copy of the template
  • Update: Option to skip automatic post update after plugin update in case of an error
  • Fix: Woocommerce Cart tab is compatible with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Default shortcode values for Woo Commerce works properly
  • Fix: Max width added to the Single Image element wrapper for IE browser compatibility
  • Fix: Initial children settings moved to settings.json

2.4 - 24.04.2018

  • New: Global Templates addon added to allow manage multiple instances of a template from a single place
  • New: New category 'Addons' added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Post Grid elements instantly receive WordPress data after download from the Visual Composer Hub
  • Update: Amount of editable objects debounced to improve the performance of TinyMCE
  • Update: Image Collage element size parameters updated with percentage helper
  • Update: Template name and save mechanism updated for better performance
  • Fix: Single Image element cropping adapted for Large size images
  • Fix: Single Image element canvas resize apply correctly
  • Fix: Synchronous transition on button hover effects for smooth animation
  • Fix: Basic button custom hover colors apply correctly
  • Fix: Header, Footer, and Sidebar template styles not overwritten by content styles
  • Fix: Basic menu in Header templates displayed properly
  • Fix: Device section of Design Options works properly on edit window resize
  • Fix: Shape Divider apply to bottom correctly on FireFox
  • Fix: Featured Image Post Grid image apply properly
2.3 - 05.04.2018
  • Update: Single Image Element rebuilt for performance
  • Update: Edit form inputs optimized in size for better usability
  • Improve: Add, Move, and Clone operations improved for performance
  • Fix: Post Grid Element Categories
  • Fix: Shape divider is not affected by Balance tag from various themes
  • Fix: Featured Image and Title are visible in FireFox
  • Fix: Cross-browser scripting errors removed
  • Fix: Shape divider background color applied properly
  • Fix: WPML compatibility improvements for language URL format
  • Fix: URLs replaced on plugin reset option
  • Fix: Show/Hide element toggle works properly
  • Fix: Radius in Design Options applied to columns
  • Fix: Row layout display for Edge 16
  • Fix: Disable Title toggle switch displayed properly
2.2.1 - 23.03.2018
  • Fix: Source css files doesn't enqueue
  • Fix: Contributor role is allowed to create templates for Header, Footer, and Sidebar
  • Fix: Post Grid titles don't have clickable links
2.2 - 22.03.2018
  • Update: Add New with Visual Composer added to the navigation bar
  • Update: Assets in multisite network are now independent
  • Update: Reset option in Settings extended to auto-configure site path after migration
  • Update: Assets are downloaded to Uploads folder to resolve permission issues
  • Update: Performance improvements by caching editor controls
  • Update: Re-render only related elements on update for better performance
  • Fix: Visual Composer templates affect archive page
  • Fix: Page title modifications affect page title display in menu
  • Fix: Radius for columns in Design Options assigned to wrong wrapper
2.1 - 19.03.2018
  • Update: Editor loading happens on post_content rendering to improve compatibility with themes
  • Fix: Custom link selector search returns all results without number limits
  • Fix: Theme template dropdown display chosen template in page layout settings
  • Fix: Environment variable fixed for PHP version 5.2
  • Fix: <p> tag is not stripped out when saving page in WordPress admin editor
  • Fix: Single Image resize mechanism accept custom values
  • Fix: Proper activation link generated for custom PHP versions
  • Fix: Header, Footer, and Sidebar templates are not displayed in page search results
  • Fix: "Add New with Visual Composer" button is available in WordPress in different language
  • Fix: Invalid argument fix for Subscriber in Header, Footer, and Sidebar editor
  • Fix: Custom widget element update works properly
  • Fix: Metabox output performed before HTML
  • Fix: Disabling page title in the editor does not affect menu title
2.0 - 02.03.2018
  • New: Page layout selector to select from Visual Composer defined layouts or theme layout
  • New: Header, Footer, and Sidebar editor to create fully custom website
  • New: Header, Footer, and Sidebar templates added to the Visual Composer Hub
  • New: Instantly replace any content element from the same category with Replace Element option
  • New: Compatibility with Slider Revolution, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Layer Slider, Essential Grid, EventsOn Calendar, WP Forms, NextGen Gallery, Envira Gallery, MailChimp for WP, and AddtoAny Share Buttons added
  • New: Compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) added to display custom fields on your page
  • Update: Save button removed from Settings for instant changes
  • Update: Elements and Templates can be added with 'Enter' button
  • Update: Row stretch works with CSS when using Visual Composer page layouts
  • Fix: WordPress revisions are compatible with Visual Composer
  • Fix: Outline button borders of normal state not visible on hover
  • Fix: Wrong response data fixed on editor loading
1.14 - 09.02.2018
  • Update: Coding standard updates for better compatibility with WPEngine
  • Update: Minimized package size for save content operations to increase performance
  • Update: Exclude option for attributes added to control attribute list for inner elements
  • Fix: Wrong image data URL in templates downloaded from the Visual Composer Hub
  • Fix: Editor loading issue for body without classes
1.13.1 - 01.02.2018
  • New: Video Player - add self-hosted video from Media Library to your website and control 'Play' icon design
  • New: Typewriter Heading - add interactive heading with typewriter animation to drag your customer attention to specific title or keyword
  • Fix: Changed post access check in Post grid
  • Fix: Javascript error in tree view which was fired in certain scenarios
  • Fix: Background zoom effect in Design Options
  • Fix: WPML integration improvements for Design Options
1.13 - 18.01.2018
  • New: Featured Image Post Grid - show your portfolio to the whole world in a beautiful way
  • New: Centered Post Grid - classic layout to which is perfect for blog archives, news sections, and other structured content
  • New: Multiple Image Collage - an attention grabber media element. Showcase your products with style
  • New: Recent colors in color picker. Noone wants to open a brand book every time to look for #HEX color. Now your colors are saved in the recent color section and are just a click away
  • Update: WooCommerce integration is a must and we improved integration between the two plugins in this release
  • Update: License activation is better handling specific server configurations
  • Update: Notification system received a facelift and now system messages look better than ever
  • Fix: In some cases, CSS animation was fired two times instead of one
1.12 - 12.01.2018
  • New: Added Backend editor represented for accordion style elements
  • Update: Element controls code has been updated for performance
  • Update: Visual Composer Hub window alignment for Safari improved
  • Fix: Drag and Drop elements in tree
  • Fix: Post Grid type element display for not logged in users are visible
  • Fix: Custom device values in Design Options for separate devices accepted
  • Fix: Blank Page proper save if the page is added via 'Create a blank page'
  • Fix: Custom template placeholder image generation
  • Fix: Template saving error message display
1.11 - 04.01.2018
  • New: Sorting for Visual Composer Hub allows to switch between elements and templates
  • New: Photoswipe lightbox option added to image elements as an alternative to default lightbox
  • New: Option to disable row/column stacking on mobile for a specific row
  • New: Add Instagram style filters to your images with one click
  • Update: Update of React JS version up to the latest release
  • Fix: Vimeo video scale improved to support full width in Firefox browser
  • Fix: Compatibility with the latest Yoast SEO premium version
1.10 - 27.12.2017
  • New: Premium users can set category of their site so Visual Composer can focus on your industry
  • New: Create blank page template with boxed content by using Visual Composer page settings
  • New: Parallax effect that reacts on mouse movement added to Design Options of row and column
  • New: Show/Hide element for all devices has been introduced in Design Options
  • Update: Google Heading element offers a complete set of Google Fonts to choose from
  • Update: Template bundle has been divided into separate bundles for each template
  • Update: Error report mechanism allows adding comments to specify issues
  • Fix: Faq toggle element glitch removed on resize
  • Fix: Bundle size has been optimized for proper download
1.9 - 18.12.2017
  • Added: Upgrade to Visual Composer Premium
  • Added: Templates in Visual Composer Hub (elements for templates are downloaded automatically with template)
  • Update: Option to submit error automatically if activation failed
  • Update: Google Heading display on instant edit improved
  • Update: Optimize JS and CSS enqueue for better performance
  • Update: Downloaded elements get auto-updated if new version is available
  • Update: Visual Composer automatically update layout after changes in layout Settings
  • Update: Smart JS loading logic - enqueue only used assets
  • Update: Border radius can be applied to YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Update: Error message enhancement
  • Update: System requirements check added before activation process
  • Fix: YouTube background video display
  • Fix: Local CSS saving after page update
  • Fix: RTL display in Tree View mode
  • Fix: Border radius available for background images
  • Fix: Autocomplete, auto-indent, and highlight syntax option in ACE editor
  • Fix: Form links are disabled on Frontend editor
  • Fix: Icon picker ReactJS error on search
  • Fix: Undo must refresh row layout
  • Fix: Work with revisions on post saving
  • Fix: Bottom margin for Separators
  • Fix: Lightbox class has been changed to less generic
  • Fix: Custom CSS override default styles
  • Fix: Image gallery custom links applied correctly
  • Fix: Element controls fixed in Safari
  • Fix: Backend editor display in Edge
  • Fix: Revolution Slider render in Frontend editor
  • Fix: Ninja Forms render in Frontend editor
1.8 - 01.11.2017
  • New: Edit your Visual Composer content from any mobile device with new UI/UX for Mobile Editing
  • New: Add video from YouTube or Vimeo as a background to your row shape dividers with simple URL copy/paste
  • New: Add custom Javascript to your page and site directly from Visual Composer Settings
  • New: Control your layout templates directly from Visual Composer Settings. Remove header, footer, and sidebar with a single click
  • Update: Tree View window now opens as a separate window for better visibility
1.7 - 24.10.2017
  • New: Shape design update in divider
  • New: Shape divider bottom option for row
  • New: Post update mechanism for element updates
  • Update: Shape divider scale mechanism
  • Update: Shape divider sections in element window
  • Update: CSS loading on Frontend editor
  • Fix: New attributes added to existing elements
1.6 - 16.10.2017
  • New: Blank page option in Backend Page Attributes
  • Update: Size attribute for Basic and Outline button
  • Update: JS enqueue in Frontend editor
  • Update: Delay for element controls
  • Update: Icon color attribute for Message Box element
  • Fix: Paragraph bottom-margin for elements
  • Fix: Activation process improvements
1.5 - 09.10.2017
  • Added: Recycle bin to delete elements with drag and drop
  • Added: Tel attribute for link selector
  • Added: Premium element teaser section
  • Update: Drag and Drop helper line animation
  • Update: Shape divider self-hosted video background
  • Fix: Image position in Design Options for predefined templates added
  • Fix: Faq Toggle element position
1.4 - 29.09.2017
  • Added: Row and column shape divider with colors and images
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts for basic operations
  • Added: Background image Zoom In/Out effects in Design Options
  • Added: Carousel slideshow effect for background image in Design Options
  • Update: Reverse parallax effect added to Design Options
  • Update: Single image markup and caption output
  • Fixed: Design Options values in Backend editor
  • Fixed: Faq toggle icons display position on Chrome
  • Fixed: Design Options placeholder display on Edge
  • Fixed: Backend editor loading on FireFox
  • Fixed: Feature section left padding removed
  • Fixed: Tree view scroll to top removed
1.3 - 08.09.2017
  • Added: Image position attribute in Design Options
  • Added: Image position attribute for Hero Section
  • Added: Range control attribute in Separator
  • Added: Factory reset option in Settings
  • Update: New icon libraries
  • Update: Extension download in editor on update
1.2 - 31.08.2017
  • New: copy/paste elements across columns
  • New: option to name elements with custom titles
  • New: temporary hide elements with ‘eye’ control
  • Update: settings and custom css window user interface
  • Update: Faq Toggle element rename
1.1.1 - 18.08.2017
  • Fix: error on activation
  • Fix: file caching issues
  • Update: German translation. Credits to Hajo Hagelstein
1.1 - 17.08.2017
  • New: attribute for content elements with icons and text
  • New: changelog with native WordPress design
  • Update: improved edit form design (reduced spaces and font size)
  • Update: plugin activation process
  • Update: extension bundle split download
  • Fix: global CSS duplication
1.1 - 04.08.2017
  • The initial release of the brand new Visual Composer Website Builder.