Custom CSS & Javascript

Visual Composer Website Builder allows you to add additional CSS or Javascript code directly from the editor and apply it in 2 ways - local or global.

To add local or global CSS or Javascript, navigate to Settings option in your Navigation bar and select CSS or Javascript to be added Locally or Globally. Once you have your code added, make sure to save changes.

In addition, Visual Composer allows you to add Global CSS, HTML, and Javascript from your WordPress Admin Panel Visual Composer Dashboard Settings.

For the custom Javascript, Visual Composer allows you to add header and footer scripts globally and locally.

Note: The full changes will be applied once you Save Settings and Publish/Save Page.

Local CSS & Javascript

The Local option allows adding custom CSS & Javascript to the specific page you are currently editing. It is convenient to use Local when you do want your code to affect only a certain page and avoid loading it on any other pages of your WordPress website.

Global CSS, HTML & Javascript

The Global option allows adding custom CSS, HTML & Javascript to the whole website which means it will load on every page of your WordPress website and may affect styling.

Refer to the specific element

In order to refer to a specific element in your layout, make sure to add Extra Class Name to this element via element Edit Window (or group of elements). Afterward, refer to your custom CSS class via dot (ex. .myclass).