On-Page Settings

Using Visual Composer Website Builder On-Page Settings you can change various parameters of your pages or posts without leaving the Frontend editor.

On-Page Settings

On-Page Settings are available in the Visual Composer Frontend editor Navigation bar. These are page-specific settings that apply only to the page that has been edited (with a few exceptions). On-Page Settings contain:

Design Options

With a help of Design Options, you can apply margins, borders, paddings globally with the ability to set custom parameters for different device types.

Additionally, the Design Options allows you to set background color and upload a background image.

Note: The global Design Options might not work with all themes. Use any of the Visual Composer layouts or get the Visual Composer Starter Theme to access this feature.

Important: For the Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor, On-Page Settings contain Design Options that will apply to the whole layout.

WordPress Default Metadata

Every time you create a post or page on your WordPress site, WordPress automatically adds bits of information (called metadata) about that content. This data is stored in meta fields and you can also change it later while editing.

By default, you need to go back to your WordPress Admin panel (on the post or page edit screens) to manage this information.

However, in Visual Composer, it is possible to add and adjust WordPress Default metadata via On-Page Settings straight in the Frontend editor.

WordPress page attributes and settings available for quick access:

  • Parent Page;
  • Author;
  • Featured Image;
  • Discussion (enabling the toggle will allow comments to appear).

WordPress post settings available for quick access:

  • Author;
  • Featured Image;
  • Categories;
  • Tags;
  • Excerpt;
  • Discussion (enabling toggles will allow comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks to appear).

You can also change the slug and the title of your pages/posts.