Header, Footer, Sidebar Editor

WordPress themes can be limited in options and layouts, your demands and ideas are not. Sometimes you need a simple change in your header or footer which can't be done without coding. From now, things are about to change forever.

Visual Composer Premium offers you Header, Footer, and Sidebar Editor to create your own unique templates. The editor has the same interface as the regular content editor with an exception that its width and height are tailored for headers, footers, and sidebars.

Note: Make sure to install Theme Builder add-on from the Visual Composer Hub to access Header, Footer and Sidebar Editor.

In addition, HFS editor offers Design Options for the whole header, footer, and sidebar in the Navigation bar settings panel.

How to create header, footer, and sidebar?

  1. In WordPress admin panel navigate to Visual Composer menu;
  2. Select Headers, Footers, or Sidebars;
  3. Click on Add new template;
  4. Give a name for your new template;
  5. Use content elements and templates to create your headers, footers, and sidebars;
  6. Save your template.

Visual Composer settings menu in WordPress admin panel

Apply Header, Footer, Sidebar Templates

To add a header, footer, or sidebar navigate to your page and open page settings (from the Navigation bar). In the drop-down, select the header, footer, or sidebar template.

Page layout options in Visual Composer Hub

Note: Make sure to select the layout that contains the header, footer, or sidebar to see the drop-down option.

Set Default Header and Footer

We know that you have this one favourite header you use most of the time. Make it default and forget about adding it every time you create a new page:

  1. Navigate to Headers and Footers in Visual Composer Dashboard Settings located in your WP admin panel;
  2. Hover the template of your choice;
  3. Click 'Set as Default'.

Headers, Footers, Sidebars from Hub Templates

Sometimes it is easier to go with a ready-to-use header, footer, and sidebar. Visual Composer Hub offers you a list of various header, footer, and sidebar templates to use as a basis for your own creations.

Simply download header, footer, and sidebar templates from the Visual Composer Hub and add them in your Header, Footer, or Sidebar editor.

Header, Footer, Sidebar template download from the Visual Composer Hub

All you have to do is change the logo and specify the menu source. Of course, you can go even further by changing the layout or adding more content elements - it all comes down to your needs.

Add template from Visual Composer Hub

  1. Navigate to Header, Footer, or Sidebar editor in Visual Composer menu;
  2. Click on Add a new template and give it a name;
  3. Open Visual Composer Hub and select Header, Footer or Sidebar category;
  4. Download the template of your choice;
  5. Open Template window and add your template;
  6. Optional: Apply your changes;
  7. Save header, footer, or sidebar.

Your new template will appear in the list and drop-down menu in Page Layout options.