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Visual Composer five star review from

Super simple, yet loads of features

Works exactly how I need it and enabled me to build the site very quickly.

Alex Trenbath

Visual Composer five star review from

Great support

I received very responsive, in-depth, and comprehensive help from the Visual Composer team. I’m in the testing phase, but it’s a very useful website builder. Very good service.

Patrick Arnault

Visual Composer five star review from

Really intuitive and flexible

I really like the flexibility of Visual Composer. The Hub is super handy when you’re looking for specific templates that are well designed, plus it lets you integrate it seamlessly with other plugins or services.

Adi Spiac

Visual Composer five star review from

Most developer-friendly builder

I’ve developed add-ons for almost all page builders in the market. I found that building add-ons for Visual Composer Website Builder are really an enjoyable task. The documentation and examples are really helpful and allow you to build anything you had in mind.

Nitin Yawalkar

Visual Composer five star review from

The most powerful plugin

I really appreciate Visual Composer’s powerful set of tools — making page design quick and simple. The out-of-box components are really helpful, but the real power lies in the options they provide for each. It’s so easy to add, clone, manipulate and test on multiple screen sizes!

Michael Temple

Visual Composer five star review from

This is exactly what I needed

I started using Visual Composer a while ago for my 3 company websites. It is perfectly working and making my work a lot easier. It enables me to create exactly what I want in a few steps. Almost no coding knowledge needed. This product saves time and money. The premium version is very useful! Quick and good support is granted as well!


BBDO brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Martini brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
TedX brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Evershight brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Tethr brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Visual Composer five star review from

Awesome builder and fast, helpful customer support

I’ve used Visual Composer for my text-to-speech project Listencat, and I’ve found it suits well my needs – it’s intuitive, and does not require any coding skills (which would be a pain for me if it did).

Whenever I needed help with something, their customer support was super fast to respond and helpful.


Visual Composer five star review from

Great tool for building websites

I know Visual Composer as the oldest and experienced website editor creators. No pointless bells and whistles — a straight tool to work on your website. Working with them I must admit superb support that helped just in time. Every version becomes only better and focuses you to work on your project, not examining complicated UI.


Visual Composer five star review from

Great Plugin

Excellent plugin for website construction. Easy to use and very intuitive.

Apolo Gabriel

Visual Composer five star review from

Greatest customer support ever

I’ve been using Visual Composer for a number of years now, and I continue to suggest it to all of my clients simply because of the customer support.

Sydney Bling

Visual Composer five star review from

Best WP designer and best support

They are the best I’ve ever used and continue to get better and better. When I need support, they are responsive, knowledgeable, professional, and find the answers. The Visual Composer editor has opened up so much for a design that would otherwise take so much longer. Simply can’t recommend Visual Composer and the team enough!

Neil Rowe

Visual Composer five star review from

Easy to use and great support

As a novice WordPress user, I got Visual Composer recommended by my friend. It is really easy to use and their support team is just amazing!


Visual Composer five star review from

They are simply the best

I had the pleasure and luck to cooperate with the visual composer team! As a winner of a birthday competition in 2020, I won a full webpage from Visual Composer. They fully designed, edited, and set it. Their communication is more than excellent. They are super helpful and very kind!
They work really fast and correctly! They were always one step ahead of me!
My webpage is super amazing, finally, I have time to start uploading new photos and descriptions! The amazing tutorials I got from the Visual Composer Team are also super helpful and easy to use! Now I can easily have a wonderful page! And If I had any questions They help me right after without any inconvenience. I was absolutely more than satisfied with the whole procedure and result!!!
Thank you, Visual Composer! I will definitely count on them later!!


Visual Composer five star review from

Best builder & customer support

I’m a developer for a marketing firm and use several WordPress dev tools. Visual Composer is by far my favorite – it combines the right amount of easy tools to build a complete web page without any coding knowledge, as well as allowing full-depth customization with as much coding as you want. It’s perfect.

On top of that, their support is *fast* both on tickets and via Slack – and when they identify bugs, they are quick to release patches to address them.

Shoutout to Pavel for all his help today!

Joel Jones

Visual Composer five star review from

Friendly, fast, and fabulous

The Visual Composer support team is amazing! They are so fast and really go above and beyond to help resolve your issue and make sure you’re happy with the outcome. If you work with plugins much, you know the Support Team is critical for making sure your site works properly. Some plugins have terrible support and due to that, they become worthless. With VC you won’t have that problem because their team is right there to help you along the way.


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