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Looking for WPBakery Page Builder alternative? You have come to the right place! The speed, powerful features, and easy-to-use editor makes Visual Composer one of the most advanced WordPress site builders.

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Both Visual Composer and WPBakery are designed to allow WordPress users to build websites. The basic idea for both plugins is similar, giving you the ability to drag and drop content elements that ultimately make up your site. The difference is the performance, functionality and the features that each of these builders offers.

A complete review of Visual Composer vs WPBakery for WordPress

Visual Composer Website Builder

By choosing Visual Composer Website Builder you are able to build a complete website. Create custom page layouts, design unique headers, footers, and sidebars. Plus, you have access to the elements, templates, add-ons, free stock images and other powerful features that can be downloaded from the free cloud market-place - Visual Composer Hub.

WPBakery Page Builder

The team behind the WPBakery was the original innovator of drag and drop page builders for WordPress and set a great foundation for the rest of us. However, over time WPBakery Page Builder has experienced performance issues, mainly caused by shortcode based technology that today is replaced by new and more sustainable one.

At Visual Composer, we notice that more and more WPBakery users are looking for alternatives that will improve and speed up the process of website development. People are interested in what Visual Composer is different from WPBakery, and that is what we will answer here.

"Lately our team switched from the WPBakery Page Builder to the Visual Composer. Everything is so fast to load and easy to edit in the Visual Composer! There is no way to go back to the WPBakery Page Builder after editing with the Visual Composer."

Lucas Selsek testimonial about Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer Website Builder vs WPBakery Page Builder

The naming says it all - page builder and website builder. This means, that with WPBakery you can design only the content area of your page. While with the Visual Composer you can go beyond and design a complete website, including headers, footers, and sidebars.

The difference between Visual Composer and WPBakery

In the Visual Composer, you can create custom page layouts and overwrite the default theme’s settings while it is not possible with the WPBakery Page Builder. It doesn’t mean it is not possible at all. You can always use 3rd party plugins to expand the capabilities of WPBakery. Just take into account that too many plugins can affect your website's performance.

Let's look further at what's common and what's different for these two WordPress site builders.


The primary determinant of website performance is the technology behind the product itself. It is like an engine for the car. The powerful, modern engine will take you much further than an outdated one.

The same goes for the software. Visual Composer is built using modern technologies (it is ReactJS based application). The new technologies used in Visual Composer ensures that you get a better site performance, better SEO, and faster page load.

In turn, WPBakery Page Builder is a shortcode-based plugin. It is not a final judgment but too many shortcodes can cause a mess in your code.

Additionally, Visual Composer comes with the cloud-based Hub - a library of elements and templates. This means that you can download only needed elements and templates without bloating your website with unnecessary assets. Fewer assets, add-ons, or 3rd party plugins mean faster website.

"Visual Composer is one of the most powerful WordPress plugins in the market today. It’s really easy to use and has endless options to make your website beautiful. Whether you are a newbie or expert, I highly recommend VC for your web design projects."

Orders2me about Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress


Both Visual Composer and WPBakery have a rich library of elements and templates. Regarding the page templates, they are a great help for beginners or if you need to make a page quickly, for example, a marketing landing page.

Content Elements and Templates

At Visual Composer, we make sure there are new page and block templates joining the Visual Composer Hub on a weekly basis. Templates that are suitable for different industries like business, finance, food service, portfolios, and others.

Premium content elements from Visual Composer Hub

Additionally, Visual Composer gives you more than 100 content elements that can be used to create your website from scratch or as an additional piece to existing content. There is a great choice from media, container, social, WordPress and other content elements.

"I love using Visual Composer for my website. I’m fixing the website on my own from the ground up and it has been very helpful in making it easy for me to update my portfolio. The templates have also made creating content fast, easy, and consistent."

Charles Rodulfo from CharlieShotMe about Visual Composer Website Builder for WordPress

Similarly, WPBakery Page Builder comes pre-packed with more than 50 content elements and dozen of ready-made page templates. From simple text block and buttons to advanced accordions and post grids.


In addition to the elements and templates, both WordPress plugins offer add-ons. While the WPBakery Page Builder add-ons are created by the third-party developers, Visual Composer is adding its own add-ons directly to the Visual Composer Hub. The Global Template, Export/Import, Template Widget, and Gutenberg Template Block are the core extensions inside the Visual Composer editor.

Although WPBakery does not offer its own, they have a huge marketplace of the 3rd party add-ons. There are thousands of developers who have created add-ons for WPBakery Page Builder, and in our opinion, it is their greatest asset.

Visual Composer Insights

One of the core differences between Visual Composer and WPBakery (and also other page builders) is a free qualitative analysis tool available right in the editor.

Visual Composer Insights is a collection of smart scenarios that helps you to design better websites on the go. With the Insights, you can improve your site performance, SEO ranking, and overall user experience.

Visual Composer Hub

Contrary to the WPBakery add-ons, the Visual Composer Hub is one of the Visual Composer’s biggest assets. Keeping all the elements, templates, and add-ons in the cloud storage, we give you an opportunity to design a light, fast and clean website. You download the assets you need and don’t bloat your site with the unnecessary units.

Premium page templates from Visual Composer Hub

As it is at WPBakery, when you activate the plugin, you get all the assets as the “gift”. You need them or not, your editor brings them along. It can be an annoying experience.

Continuing with Visual Composer Hub, it is an easy-to-use directory that gives you downloadable elements, templates, blocks, add-ons, headers, footers, sidebars, and even free stock images that can be used for personal and commercial projects. Visual Composer Premium users have unlimited access to the Hub and a wonderful opportunity to receive new elements and templates on a weekly basis for free.


To be one of the leading WordPress plugins, both WPBakery and Visual Composer have to look at their compatibility with WordPress. While WordPress compatibility is a rule, compatibility with other plugins is optional. However, it is not the case for Visual Composer. Our intention is to become compatible with as many WordPress plugins as we can. We want our community to get the best out of it!

Visual Composer is compatible with all major plugins for WordPress

The Visual Composer compatibility means a third party plugin element included in the Visual Composer Hub. Most of the commonly used plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Advanced Custom Fields, Captain Form, Envira Gallery, EvenOn Calendar, Gravity Forms, Gutenberg, Layer Slider, etc., can be managed straight from the Visual Composer editor.
WPBakery Page Builder has the same philosophy behind. It offers compatibility with such plugins as WooCommerce and Yoast for SEO. You can get all the WooCommerce shortcodes ready as content elements while WPBakery will ensure full compatibility.

Although both plugins follow the same strategy, Visual Composer is a step ahead offering one of the most comprehensive compatibilities in the WordPress world.

For Developers

Both WordPress site builders are developers-friendly. At Visual Composer, we offer developers API, free theme integration opportunities, as well as an option to create unique custom projects like add-ons.

"We have built more than 30 sites using your builder, winning more than a few awards for design and user experience. What led us to use your plugin for most of our customer sites is the clean code it generates, the simplicity and clarity in separating the various elements, the ease for developers to create very complex layouts and ease for the customer to be able to perform simple and fast changes."

Maddl about Visual Composer

The WPBakery Page Builder, as mentioned before, is a king of the third-party add-ons. Its technical environment lets developers create all kinds of custom projects. Theme authors can integrate the builder in their WordPress themes. Web developers have an opportunity to make lots of different add-ons.

However, there are some beauties offered by Visual Composer for both web developers and theme authors.

Visual Composer API

Visual Composer offers comprehensive documentation of developers API. You can extend Visual Composer, create your custom elements and extensions. Additionally, as a web developer, you will appreciate a staging environment offered by Visual Composer. The software will automatically recognize your development environment and allow you to activate an additional license.

Theme Integration

Although both WordPress site builders offer a theme integration, there is one thing that differs. To integrate WPBakery Page Builder into your WordPress theme will cost you $245. That is a price for a single SaaS application.

In contrast, Visual Composer lets you integrate the builder into your themes for free! Visual Composer free version comes with a fair amount of features complimenting more than 40 free content elements, predefined templates, and a wide range of design options. This is a great way how you can complement your themes with an easy-to-use site builder.

Feature Comparison

Below, you can find a full feature comparison table to see the difference between Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder.

FeaturesWPBakery Page BuilderVisual Composer Website Builder
Free version
Drag and Drop editor
Frontend editor
Tree view mode
Insights analytics
Backend editor
Mobile editing
Inline text editor
Instant save
Header editor
Footer editor
Sidebar editor
Page layouts
Global header and footer
Works with any WordPress theme
Custom Post Type support
Maintenance mode
Archive page editor
Multisite support
Multilanguage ready
RTL compatible
Template management
Blocks templates
Element presets
Templatera/Global Templates (Reusable templates)
Template Export/Import
Design Options
Element clone
Element custom name
Grid Builder
Hide element
Keyboard shortcuts
Recent colors
Blank Page Wizard
Custom CSS
Custom JavaScript
Element replace
Role manager
Element lock
Icon libraries
Google fonts
Instagram-like filters
Parallax effects
Gradient background
Slideshow background
Carousel background
Zoom In/Out background
Video background
Element animations
Background image position
Shape divider
Box Shadow
Instant column resize
Column stacking
Reverse column stacking
Row full width/height
Responsive preview mode
Automatic responsiveness
Custom row responsiveness
Yoast SEO support
Shortcode support
WordPress widget support
Gutenberg element
Block for Gutenberg
Custom widget support
Unsplash Stock Images
Giphy integration
Staging activation
3rd party Add-ons
WooCommerce Support
Cloud library
Menu elements
Online customer support
Theme integration
Developers License


Visual Composer has a free version that will always stay free. It is one of the most feature-rich free licenses in the industry. It lets you create a basic website offering row, column layouts, ready-made templates, and elements.

For more advanced projects, Visual Composer Premium grants you with hundreds of designer-made page templates, elements, add-ons, and stock images. As well as assist you with the real WordPress expert customer support.

You can also get a Developers license. It is a great opportunity for agencies and freelancers to create unlimited websites and meet clients' expectations.

Visual Composer pricing compared to WPBakery

In the meantime, WPBakery Page Builder doesn’t offer a free version. It offers two types of licenses, a regular one for use on a single site and an extended license for use as a single SaaS application.

WPBakery pricing compared to Visual Composer

Both WordPress builders have a 15 days money-back guarantee. You can give it a try and always get a refund if the plugins don’t meet your expectations. However, you might find it daunting. In order to avoid an extra money flow, before going Premium on Visual Composer, you can always see what assets you will get as a Premium user. That can be done from the Visual Composer Hub.

Expert Support

Both Visual Composer and WPBakery provide human-managed support to their Premium users. It is a part of a package you get after the purchase. However, at Visual Composer, we don’t leave our free users behind.

We have taken care of explanatory videos on YouTube, a Facebook community where everyone welcomes and helps new Visual Composer users. The Help Center with a dedicated directory that will help free users from the very beginning of their website building to the most advanced processes. All of these platforms are a free helper for anyone working with Visual Composer Website Builder.

Affiliate Program

Another thing that highlights Visual Composer from WPBakery is our affiliate program. Visual Composer has an affiliate program that pays the highest rates in the industry offering 40% in commissions.

Visual Composer has become one of the fastest-growing WordPress website builder thanks in part to the many happy customers helping to spread the word. Whether you are a web agency, freelancer, or blogger, we are proud to share the profits, giving you an opportunity to earn up to $139 from a single sale.

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At Visual Composer, we stand behind our service and want you to be happy and successful with your website. Try out Visual Composer for Free or go Premium and enjoy a risk-free experience for 15 days!


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