All The Features You Need
To Create A WordPress Website

A website builder with 100+ premium features to create a personal or business website. With Visual Composer Website Builder you can create any WordPress site fast and easy.

User interface

Drag and drop interface

Use simple drag and drop editor to move and manage your layout and elements across the page.

Easy-to-use interface

Made with simplicity in mind. Visual Composer Website Builder offers an intuitive user interface with a low learning curve for beginners and handy features for professionals.

No coding skills required

You don't have to be a web developer or tech-savvy person to create a website. The website builder is made so you can become a web developer today.

Instant content update

Instantly see all the changes you make to your page and elements. Play around with colors, options, and parameters and see results instantly.

Right-click controls

Access element controls with the right-click of your mouse.

Adaptable user interface

Configure interface and move navigation across your layout at any time. Set it left, top, right, bottom or detached.

Undo/redo option

Revert back and forth at any time when working with your content with quick Undo/Redo.

Blank page wizard

Blank page wizard will help you to get started with your web design project. Select blank canvas or start with a professional template.

Installation and activation

Install like any regular plugin and activate your copy to download additional content from the cloud.

Element path

See the complete path to your content element with a simple mouse hover. As simple and intuitive, as a path to your files.

Duplicate elements

Instantly duplicate any element, row or column with a single click.

Copy and Paste

Improve your efficiency while working on the page design. Copy and paste existing content elements on your website.

Name your elements

Change default element names to navigate across your layout quickly.

Hide elements

Disable element on your website without deleting it and unhide it later on.

Keyboard shortcuts

Access all major options of Visual Composer from your keyboard. Use native keyboard shortcuts to revert changes or open template library.

Mobile edit

Edit your content straight from your mobile devices with specifically tailored mobile UI/UX that fits in your pocket.

Recent colors

Visual Composer remembers your color choices so you don't have to keep your brand book next to you all the time.

Switch to parent elements

Quickly find and switch to the parent element with one click in the element edit window.

Features available in the Premium version

Cloud marketplace

An in-app marketplace of elements, templates, and extensions. Unlimited downloads, regular updates, and a fixed fee. Build your website from the cloud.

Features available in the Premium version


Add gif animations from the GIPHY gif library to your WordPress site right from the editor.

Features available in the Premium version

Unsplash stock images

Download and add high-quality stock images from Unsplash right from the Visual Composer Hub. Find beautiful images without leaving your site.


Frontend editor

A true 'What You See Is What You Get' experience with a live Frontend editor. Build or edit your website on the go and see the exact 'pixel-perfect' results.

Inline editor

A quick text adjustment via the inline editor. Edit your content on the go with a double-click on the text elements.

Tree view

A never-seen-before Tree view editor. Work with the website builder just like with Photoshop or Sketch layers.

Custom CSS

Combine the power of the website builder with your CSS skills. Visual Composer Website Builder helps you to add your custom CSS via the editor settings. Instantly add local or global CSS to your page or a whole website. 

Custom JavaScript

Add your own custom JavaScript directly from Visual Composer Website. Select to add JavaScript locally or globally as header or footer scripts.

Features available in the Premium version

Header editor

Create header templates with unique design or download ready-to-use templates from the Visual Composer Hub.
Features available in the Premium version

Footer editor

Build your own website footer with Footer editor or download ready-to-use templates from the Visual Composer Hub.
Features available in the Premium version

Sidebar editor

Create your custom WordPress sidebar with any content or download ready-to-use templates from the Visual Composer Hub.
Features available in the Premium version

Global header and footer

Add custom headers and footers to your pages, posts, custom post types, WooCommerce pages, and default WordPress pages (ex. archive, 404, search results.)

Features available in the Premium version

Maintenance mode

Set your site in maintenance mode right from the Visual Composer Settings. No additional plugins required. Enable maintenance mode and specify the page template to use.

Features available in the Premium version

Archive page editor

Use Visual Composer to design custom archive pages for your blogs, news, portfolios, and more. Define templates for post archive, categories, tags, author, and search results.

Features available in the Premium version

Popup builder

Create site-wide and page specific popups for your sales, lead capture forms or notifications. Choose from various triggers, like exit-intent, page load or button clicks. Boost your conversions with built-in Popup Builder.

Features available in the Premium version

Font Manager 

Manage fonts globally for the whole website. Choose from a list of Google fonts and style parts of the text to fit your brand with different styling options. Font Manager works with all Visual Composer layouts and the Visual Composer Starter theme.

Features available in the Premium version

Theme Builder

Create unique layouts for pages, posts, custom post types, and archives from scratch, without adding custom code. Overwrite theme-defined design and assign your brand new layouts globally or on a page level.

Visual Composer Insights

Analyze your site content with an in-built qualitative analysis tool right from the editor. Ensure higher SEO ranking, performance and improve your user experience.

Notification Center

Never miss important updates and exclusive content curated by the Visual Composer team.

Element edit window

The element edit window provides separate tabs for content, design, and advanced settings.


Content elements

Use out-of-the-box content elements to form your layouts from the well crafted tiny pieces. From simple text block or image and up to advanced hero section and animated buttons, Visual Composer Website Builder offers a comprehensive list of ready-to-use content elements.

Default WordPress widgets

Add all default WordPress widgets to your canvas without leaving the editor.

Custom widget support

Add any custom widget installed on your WordPress without leaving the editor. Yes, Visual Composer recognizes all of your custom WordPress widgets.

Social media integration

Access a wide range of social media content elements (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

WordPress shortcodes support

Use Shortcode Element to add any of your existing shortcodes to the list of the content elements. Use 3rd party shortcodes directly from the editor.

Element preview

See how your element will look before adding it to your website.

FontAwesome icons

Visual Composer Website Builder comes bundled with the most popular 'Font Awesome' icon library you can access with the icon element.

Features available in the Premium version

More icon libraries

Visual Composer Premium subscription grants you access to the various popular icon libraries to create a unique feature lists and more.

Google Fonts support

Access a full list of Google Fonts and use them to form appealing headlines and articles.

Replaceable elements

Replace elements, like buttons, icons, or even tabs with alternatives from the same element category. Ensure your brand design consistency across your new website.

Unique element ID

Add a unique ID to any element and use it in custom CSS, javascript or anchor links.

Data attributes

Visual Composer allows you to add custom data attributes to Visual Composer elements, and interact with them via JS.

Extra class name

Extend any element or set of elements with your own Custom CSS. Add extra class name to any element and refer to it from local or global CSS styles.

Custom CSS for elements

Visual Composer allows you to add custom CSS to all individual rows, columns, and elements via the advanced settings in the element edit window.

Features available in the Premium version

Header elements

Add logo or multiple menus anywhere on the site to create completely custom layouts.

Instagram-Like Filters

Apply Instagram-like filters to any image from our filter library, to create images that are modern and visually interesting to make your content more engaging.

Lightbox for images and video

Give your visitors an option to open images and videos with lightbox. Choose one from two most popular lightbox options - default Lightbox or Photoswipe.

Features available in the Premium version

Post grid elements

Create your custom archive-type pages with post grid elements to showcase your blog posts, portfolio, services, etc.

Features available in the Premium version

Compatibility elements

Gain access to the compatibility elements for the most popular WordPress plugins, like, Ninja Forms, Slider Revolution, Envira Gallery, and many more.
Features available in the Premium version

Woo Commerce support

Access functions of WooCommerce directly for your website builder. Display products, categories and add to cart with one click to boost your e-commerce.
Features available in the Premium version

Gutenberg element

Use Gutenberg directly in the Frontend editor. Add Gutenberg blocks anywhere in your page layout.
Features available in the Premium version

Gutenberg block

Add any Visual Composer template to your Gutenberg layout with an easy-to-use block.

Features available in the Premium version

Button & icon groups

Display your buttons and icons inline with an easy-to-use button and icon group elements.

Features available in the Premium version

Dynamic content

Replace static content with dynamic content from WordPress default and custom meta fields.

Features available in the Premium version

Element presets

Save elements with your own changes for later use and save time.

Features available in the Premium version

Element lock

Design websites for your customers and define which elements they can edit. Use element lock option that allows editing element only by Administrator.

Most used elements

Access your most-used elements easily. Visual Composer will automatically detect your most-used elements and display them at the very top.

Manage elements

Keep your content library clean by managing the element list. Delete downloaded elements and re-download them at any time from the Visual Composer Hub.

Lazy load

Speed up your site by enabling built-in lazy load options for media. Visual Composer is the only builder that affects your performance in a positive way.

Features available in the Premium version

Div element

The <div> element contains only a div container, without any additional attributes of the Visual Composer elements, allowing you to expand it using custom CSS and JS, and build layouts.


Features available in the Premium version

Professional templates

Access premium class professional website templates to build your layouts in seconds. Simply add a template to your page and replace the content.

Features available in the Premium version


Migrate your Visual Composer templates from site to site in seconds. Transfer your work from development to production easily.

Features available in the Premium version

Template widget

Insert Visual Composer templates into the widgetized area, like Sidebar.

Features available in the Premium version

Blocks templates

Design your page section by section with the help of blocks templates of various purposes available at Visual Composer Hub.

Template management

Create your own wordpress templates with out-of-the-box template mechanism. Save any layout as a template for later use with one click.

Features available in the Premium version

Global templates

Create and edit global templates from one place. Save time on editing multiple pages of your site with an exclusive Premium addon.
Features available in the Premium version

Site layouts

Choose from various site layouts, like blank page, or simple page to quickly add content and various site blocks.

Boxed vs Full width

Control the width of Visual Composer page layouts. Convert boxed layout into a full width page.
Features available in the Premium version

Dynamic templates

Create global templates with dynamic content and use across your website with smart placeholders.

Features available in the Premium version

Template presets

Save separate rows and columns as block templates.

Template categories

All your templates are organized in categories for fast and easy access.

Design Options

Advanced design options

Powerful design options to control padding, margin, border, radius, and more.

Simple parallax effect

An easy-to-apply parallax background effect for sections, rows and columns. Convert your regular hero section into a beautiful block that grabs attention.

Features available in the Premium version

Advanced Parallax effects

For a Premium subscription owners, Visual Composer gives access to the various parallax effects with fade, mouse move, and tilt.

Gradient background

CSS gradient background with alpha channel support to form a beautiful, Instagram style, overlay effects. Add linear or radial gradient of your choice.

Slideshow background

A new slideshow background option that can be combined with parallax or gradient effects to create an exciting experience.

Carousel background

Transform your background into a beautiful and smooth carousel slideshow. Simply select images, direction, and carousel speed to transform regular section into an eye-catching hero block.

Zoom In/Out background

A one-click zoom in/out effect for your background will allow you to introduce dynamic look and feel for your website to catch your visitor's attention.

Video background

YouTube, Vimeo or self-hosted video background option for rows and columns. Make your website stand out with a beautiful and dynamic animation.

Element animations

Various CSS animations are applicable to any element or container of Visual Composer Website Builder.

Background image position

Control horizontal and vertical positions of your background images with a single click.

Shape divider

Divide your website sections with an easy to use shape divider. Select from various divider types - apply color, gradient, image background or video to your shapes and build award-winning designs yourself.

Hide any element

Hide any element for your canvas for all devices with one click or select advanced options to control element display across different devices.

Box shadow

Make your rows and columns stand out with box shadow options. Control shadow color, position, blur, and more.

CSS animation delay

Control the time when your element animation takes place. Create dynamic and engaging layouts by introducing timeouts between different element animations.

Page design options

Overwrite theme defined background for pages and posts with the Visual Composer page design options.

Grid Layout

Row layout

Build your website with rows and columns. Add rows to your layout and divide them into columns with easy-to-use row layout control.

Column resize

Resize columns with the help of your mouse. Resize mechanism will analyze and recognize your popular layouts and offer smart snap-to-grid options.

Column position

Control column position within rows. Set column content position to top, bottom or middle.

Content position

Control content position within columns. Set content position to top, bottom or middle.

Equal height columns

Set all columns within a row to have equal height. The website builder will automatically analyze height of the tallest column and adapt all the settings.

Full width sections

Set your row and column layouts to be full width. Select between full row and full column width to achieve different content display options.

Full height sections

Set any row to be a full height. The website builder will automatically calculate the size of the user browser screen and adapt to it. Create section style websites with ease.

Column gap control

Control gap size between columns with a simple control directly from your row settings.

Custom row responsiveness

Control row and column responsive settings for each device separate. Change column with or hide columns on certain type of devices.

Reverse stacking

Control the order of column stacking on mobile devices. Change default left-to-right stacking to right-to-left with a single click.

Disable stacking

Disable stacking for specific rows to adjust your layout for the mobile devices with a single click.

Sticky elements

Create sticky headers and interactive sections with sticky row, column, and section feature available out of the box.

Show on sticky

Set rows, columns, and section to display only on sticky state to create standalone 'Call to Action' buttons.


Automatic responsiveness

A mobile-friendly website from the very beginning. Visual Composer Website Builder intelligent system will make your website responsive automatically.

Responsive design

Adjust responsive settings for any device type. Hide elements or control spaces for desktop, tablets or phones.

Responsive options

See how your website will look on desktop, tablet or mobile without leaving the Frontend editor.

Row custom responsiveness

Control how your rows and columns behave on different devices. Adjust stacking to the smallest detail or hide certain columns with one click.


Optimized for SEO

With SEO in mind, all elements and layouts are following best SEO practices so you can rank higher.

Compatible with Yoast SEO

Fully compatible with the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, Yoast SEO.


High performance

Designed for high performance, Visual Composer Website Builder is the fastest builder on the market.

Optimized CSS

Smart CSS handle to ensure higher performance with the help of PostCSS.

New technologies

Based on the cutting-edge technologies that ensure high performance and stability.

Tested on the best WordPress hostings

Visual Composer Website Builder has been tested on all of the major WordPress hostings on the market.

Lazy load media

Enable lazy load for media to speed up your site. Visual Composer is the only builder that affects performance in a positive way.


For any WordPress theme

Use Visual Composer Website Builder with any WordPress theme of your choice. Convert your regular theme into a robust WordPress solution.

Works with existing content

Visual Composer Website Builder will recognize your existing content and convert it. You will not lose your previous content from the Classic editor.

Custom post type support

Available for use in pages, posts and custom post types.

Post type access controls

Enable or restrict website builder to access any of your post types.

Optimized for WordPress

We follow all the WordPress Codex guidelines to meet best compatibility standards between website builder and WordPress.

Multisite support

Use website builder in your WordPress multisite by adding it to your root site.

Multilanguage ready

The website builder that talks your language. Support of PO/MO files to meet your WordPress language preferences automatically.

RTL compatible

Use right-to-left language with Visual Composer Website Builder without problems. We have covered all the basics when it comes to RTL compatibility.

Work with revisions

Visual Composer is compatible with the WordPress revisions to secure your work. Revert quickly to the previous version without worries.

WordPress default meta controls

Access the default page and post meta right from the Visual Composer editor. Manage featured images, authors, excerpts, categories, tags, and discussions from the On-Page Settings.

Support and Security

Help center

Easy-to-use help center with frequently asked questions and detailed documentation.


A comprehensive documentation on the website builder and WordPress.

Online support

A dedicated support channel available for premium version of the Visual Composer Website Builder is there to help you at any time.

Online community

Active Facebook group where we and other users share their experience and results.

Video tutorials

Detailed video tutorials to help you get started or create advanced layouts step by step.


Regularly audited for vulnerabilities Visual Composer Website Builder ensures high security.

Regular updates

Regular plugin updates with new features and tools to enhance your experience.

Features available in the Premium version

Premium support

Access premium class support with pro technical experts. Our dedicated support team will help you to resolve your issues forever.

Help guide

An initial help guide for an easy getting started. Learn how to take the first steps with Visual Composer Website Builder.

Helper pointers

Get useful tips on how to use Visual Composer and learn all you need to know about element attributes and options.

Tutorial template

Take the tutorial template to learn all the basic options and understand how to use the editor.

For Developers

Developers API

A powerful instrument for pro developers to create various elements, templates and extensions for Visual Composer Website Builder.

Theme integration

Option to integrate Visual Composer Website Builder into your theme for mass distribution. An easy way to improve your theme experience and sales rate by giving the Free version to your theme users.

Features available in the Premium version

Developers Help

Get everything you need to start creating your unique addons for the Visual Composer - tutorials, examples, bundles.
Features available in the Premium version

Staging support

Work with live and staging environments. Visual Composer recognize your staging and allow Premium activation on it for easier development. 

Features available in the Premium version

Role manager

Controls which editor option available to your clients. Ensure that your clients don't change the overall look and feel of their site. Secure your site from the human errors.

Features available in the Premium version

Role manager presets

Set up user roles access easily by applying one of the pre-configured Role Manager presets.

Features available in the Premium version

Layout Builder

Create unique layouts for pages, posts, custom post types, and archives from scratch, without adding custom code. Overwrite theme-defined design and assign your brand new layouts globally or on a page level.

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