Trademark Guidelines

Last revised on May 28, 2019.

It is important that the Visual Composer brand and trademarks are used properly. Use these Trademark Guidelines to learn how to use our brand features and assets in the digital space.

The Visual Composer's Guidelines (the "Guidelines") serves as an insight to anyone who is somehow linked to the use of a Visual Composer product, either directly or indirectly. For our users, partners, affiliates, and other third parties, this indicates how to properly use our brand features.

To use the Visual Composer name, graphics, logo, and other brand features, you must follow these guidelines. The use of any Visual Composer brand features against the procedures set forth in these Guidelines is prohibited. Visual Composer reserves the right to amend or supplement these Guidelines at its sole discretion.

By using or making reference to any Visual Composer brand asset, you agree to comply with the Guidelines. You are aware that TechMill Ltd. is the sole owner of Visual Composer trademarks. Visual Composer may at any time review the appropriateness of using its brand assets and reserve the right to terminate or modify any use.

How to Use Visual Composer Brand Features?

Use only the most recent Visual Composer trademarks

Every once in a while, the Visual Composer brand is visually or textually updated. It is important that you use our latest trademark applications. You can download our logos and other promoting materials from the Visual Composer Press page.

Do not: (1) use an outdated Visual Composer logo or trademark, (2) change or modify the Visual Composer brand assets, including color and dimension change, (3) digitally damage or physically print our logo or part of it, or add your own design elements to the Visual Composer logo or other brand assets.

Do not use Visual Composer brand assets in your media, titles or other expressions in the digital environment

Visual Composer is a registered trademark under the statement “Computer software for designing, hosting and managing websites” (classification code 009). This means that companies related to this field should not use “Visual Composer” naming to present their company, service or products.

The “Visual Composer” trademark must not be used in your logo, company names, icons, product or label names, domain names, social media handles, or avatars. Register, buy, or use domain names that include a combination of "Visual Composer" or "Visual Composer Website Builder" is prohibited.

Do not use Visual Composer trademark in connection with advertising

All rights to the Visual Composer trademark are owned by us. Don't use the Visual Composer trademark to promote your products, company, or services. Unless otherwise stated, use of the Visual Composer trademark in search engines (bidding on Google, Yahoo, etc.) or otherwise is strictly prohibited. You may not use our taglines, slogans or phrases that we use in our media, ads, and other platforms.

Your references to Visual Composer must be understandable and truthful

When you refer to Visual Composer, your references should be clear and understandable to the reader. For example, if you offer a video tutorial about a Visual Composer feature or product as a whole, you should present it correctly as your project, independent of the Visual Composer brand.

You are not permitted to use the Visual Composer name, logo, or other assets in a manner that might confuse users or create the impression that Visual Composer is another product. As an affiliate, ambassador or another form of Visual Composer presenter, you must ensure that all the information you provide goes hand in hand with our brand.

Whenever you are linking to the Visual Composer home page (, you must use the relevant keywords (Visual Composer, Visual Composer Website Builder, a website builder for WordPress, etc.). It is not allowed to use misleading keywords or other brand names linking to Visual Composer homepage.

Do not use the Visual Composer brand features in a manner that is harmful to the brand, including the use of Visual Composer trademarks, logos or other brand assets on websites that are against the law or that may affect our brand reputation.