Visual Composer Team

We are a creative team with big ambitions who revolutionized the way you work with your WordPress content.

At Visual Composer, we believe there is a better way you can create websites – a faster and easier, less complicated way. Any layout. Fast and easy.

Michael Makijenko, CEOMichael Makijenko, CEO

Michael Makijenko, CEO

“I have won the office darts tournament (twice) and will do it again next year.”

Raitis Sevelis, Head of ProductRaitis Sevelis, Head of Product

Raitis Sevelis, Head of Product

“Let’s keep it simple.”

Slava Vasenin, CTOSlava Vasenin, CTO

Slava Vasenin, CTO

“I love cheesecake.”

Edgars Veidenbaums, Developer and Scrum MasterEdgars Veidenbaums, Developer and Scrum Master

Edgars Veidenbaums, Backend Developer

“Lemon can't be orange!”

Irma Edite Girupniece, MarketingIrma Edite Girupniece, Marketing

Irma Edite Girupniece, Marketing Manager

“I eat, therefore I am.”

Linda Ragaine, MarketingLinda Ragaine, Marketing

Linda Ragaine, Digital Marketing Manager

“One day I will have my own winery!”

Pavel Ivanov, Senior DeveloperPavel Ivanov, Senior Developer

Pavel Ivanov, Full-stack Developer

“Code. Debug. Refactor. Test. Repeat.”

Janis Konutis, Frontend DeveloperJanis Konutis, Frontend Developer

Janis Konutis, Front-end Developer

“My brain has too many tabs open.”

Nikita Hlopov, Frontend DeveloperNikita Hlopov, Frontend Developer

Nikita Hlopov, Front-end Developer

“Happy happy joy joy.”

Rohan K, Support ManagerRohan K, Support Manager

Rohan Khandeparkar, Customer Success Manager

“I love Cricket and Table Tennis.”

Michelle P, Support ManagerMichelle P, Support Manager

Michelle Paese, Customer Success Manager

“Addicted to pizza, coffee, Netflix and Star Wars. Tattooed girl and crazy lady cat.”

Rohan R, DesignerRohan R, designer

Rohan Rahian, Designer

“A bookworm & Game of thrones freak.”

Want to join the Visual Composer team?

Behind every great product is a great team, so here at Visual Composer, we’re always looking for new talents. If you want to join a passionate team that will help you grow and learn, here’s your chance!

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Our team is distributed all over the world, so your office can be where ever you want it to be.


We have created a working environment that encourages learning new things and sharing knowledge with each other.


We are a team that not only has a great time at the office but outside of it as well.