Row Layouts For Your Design Freedom

Rows and columns are the foundation of any layout. Combine blocks and sections to form the structure of your site and fill it with content.

Row and column layout

Choose between one or several columns for your rows. Use row layout to form a grid of your page. Adjust column sizes to your needs.

Row and column layout controls

Row and column responsiveness

Enjoy the auto responsiveness enabled by default for all your new rows and columns. Adjust any row layout with custom responsive controls for mobile devices.

Row stretching

Build boxed or full-width sections complemented with stunning background effects. Convert any boxed row into a full-width section with one click.

Full width rows and sections
How to create full height sections in WordPress

Full height sections

Create beautiful full height sections to grab your visitors' attention and give your design a breath.

Column and content position

Control your column and content vertical position within a row. Create eye-catching hero sections with content placement on top, middle or bottom.

Control column and content position in WordPress with Visual Composer
Complex layouts for your website

Advanced row layouts

Combine multiple rows and columns to form advanced layouts. Place rows inside columns with no restrictions to achieve any layout style you want.

Powerful row design options

Achieve stunning results with the most advanced design options for rows, columns, and sections. Tinker your sections up to perfection and apply visual effects like parallax, video backgrounds, and gradients.

RTL compatible layouts

Control the order of column stacking on mobile devices. Change default left-to-right stacking to right-to-left with a single click.

Disable column stacking

Disable stacking for specific rows to adjust your layout for the mobile devices with a single click.

Drag and drop editor

Use a simple drag and drop editor to move and manage your layout and elements across the page.

Column resize

Resize columns with the help of your mouse. Resize mechanism will analyze and recognize your popular layouts and offer smart snap-to-grid options.

Equal height columns

Set all columns within a row to have equal height. The website builder will automatically analyze the height of the tallest column and adapt all the settings.

Sticky rows

Create sticky headers and interactive sections with sticky rows, columns, and sections feature available out of the box.

Shape dividers

Divide your website sections with an easy to use shape divider. Select from various divider types - apply color, gradient, image background or video to your shapes and build award-winning designs yourself.

Box shadows

Make your rows and columns stand out with box-shadow options. Control shadow color, position, blur, and more.

Features available in the Premium version

Lock rows

Lock rows and other elements when designing a website for your customers. Allow editing only certain content elements that won't break your beautiful site.

Fixed column width

Create pixel-perfect layouts. Set column width in pixels for added responsiveness to your layouts. Defining column width in pixels will ensure columns stay intact on different devices and screen sizes.

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