Add Stunning Effects With
Design Options.

Give your site a unique look by creating eye-catching sections and elements with powerful Design Options. Add parallax effects, shapes, and fine-tune your elements with the most feature-rich design controls in WordPress.

Background effects

Choose from various background effects, including a single image, slideshow, and zoom. Control background style and position for perfect alignment.

Background effects of Visual Composer Website Builder
Add parallax background effect to WordPress with Visual Composer

Parallax background

Create award-winning sites with modern parallax effects. Choose from various parallax types and adjust animation parameters to your liking.

Paddings, margins, borders, and radius

Control paddings, margins, borders, and radius of any element. Achieve unique effects by styling every single bit of your website.

Margin, padding, border, and radius controls of Visual Composer
Add video background effect to your WordPress site

Video background

Create eye-catching hero sections with YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted video backgrounds. Make your website stand out from the crowd with the help of motion.

Gradient background

Go beyond monotone colors with a linear or radial gradient background. Combine background images with a transparent gradient background for stunning effects.

Add gradient color background to WordPress site
Visual Composer shape divider for rows and sections

Shape dividers

Choose from 40+ unique top and bottom shape dividers. Control sizes, scale, and color to convert your ordinary sections into a masterpiece.

Box shadow controls

Make your most important content stand out with the help of box-shadow controls. Take control over shadow colors, spread, and transparency.

Box shadow effect in Visual Composer

Design Controls Made Simple

Visual Composer Design Options gives you all you need to build a stunning website. Choose from multiple effects and design controls. Apply them with a single click and forget about coding!

CSS animations

Add CSS animation to any element or section of your website. Create awesome effects to grab users' attention right from the start with animation delay.

Instagram-like filters

Apply beautiful image filters to any media on your website. Improve your images without using photo editing software.

Sticky controls

Create sticky headers, menus, and call-to-action buttons. Take advantage of the tricks used by the top online marketing experts.

Responsive controls

Optimize your website for mobile devices with Design Options. Adjust spacing and background to ensure high performance and design consistency across multiple device types.

Slideshow background

A new slideshow background option that can be combined with parallax or gradient effects to create an exciting experience.

Carousel background

Transform your background into a beautiful and smooth carousel slideshow. Simply select images, direction, and carousel speed to transform regular section into an eye-catching hero block.

Lazy load content

Speed up your site by enabling built-in lazy load options for media. Visual Composer is the only builder that affects your performance in a positive way.

Page design options

Overwrite your page background defined by theme with your own colors or eye-catching images with page design options.

BBDO brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Martini brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
TedX brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Evershight brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Tethr brand using Visual Composer Website Builder

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