Integrate Visual Composer In Your WordPress Theme

Attract more clients with a next-generation website builder for WordPress. Enjoy a fast and simple integration process. Integrate Visual Composer Free (in any theme) or Premium (exclusive to Envato Market).

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Integrate the free version of Visual Composer into your WordPress theme.



For a new theme author to start their business with a 100 license activation limit.



A regular theme integration license with a 1000 license activation limit.



A growing plan for trendy themes with a 2000 license activation limit.



A power plan for popular theme authors with a 5000 license activation limit.


Does your theme exceed the limits? Contact us directly to get your personal quote.

* All premium theme integration license types come with all premium features for your theme users and 1-year support for theme authors

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Buy Visual Composer Premium with 15 days money back guarantee policy

100% Money Back Guarantee

Although we don't think you'll ever want one, we'll gladly provide a refund if it's requested within 30 days of a new purchase.

Why bundle with Visual Composer?

"We could see Visual Composer has high potential compared to WP Bakery Page Builder or Elementor, especially on user performance and server load response time. We're happy to integrate VC into our major WordPress theme - Porto!"
Porto theme and Visual Composer

The most powerful website builder

Visual Composer is the most technologically advanced and cross-functional website builder on the market. It offers you to work with the latest technologies, like ReactJS to create unique solutions with outstanding performance.

Easy-to-use interface

An easy-to-use website builder is one of the top priorities for customers who will use your theme. Let your clients appreciate the ease they can work with it. Choose an intuitive Visual Composer page builder that makes content editing quick and easy in a code-free way.

Feature-rich assets library

Visual Composer comes with a lot of features complimenting the 350+ Free and Premium content elements, predefined templates, and powerful Design Options. All stored in the regularly updated cloud-marketplace - Visual Composer Hub.

Great performance and speed

You want your theme to be responsive that loads in the blink of an eye. So do your customers. Visual Composer is proven to be fast, its performance is just great, and it adds almost zero footprints to your theme load. Visual Composer is not shortcode-based and generates clean code.

Regularly supported

By choosing Visual Composer, you and your clients will be in good hands. Our dedicated team makes sure the plugin is regularly improved and updated to all WordPress compatibility standards. Keep a track of Visual Composer updates.

Outstanding experience

Visual Composer features are often recommended by our users - developers, theme authors, and passionate WordPress enthusiasts. Join and impact Visual Composer roadmap to get the features you need!

ThemeForest Author Testimonials

"As a developer, I choose to work with Visual Composer because it is intelligently and efficiently built. It has really good documentation that makes the process to create modules easy. Visual Composer is a smart, fast and easy to use website builder that will give you and your clients the tools to build a powerful website easily."

Lucas Selsek, Tranmautritam

Get a powerful theme integration package

Get a one-of-a-kind theme integration package and enjoy an outstanding support experience in addition to a powerful website builder. Discover the whole bundle of benefits in one package, backed up by a keen team of developers.

Help center

To help your theme users along the way, we provide a Help Center packed with comprehensive step-by-step guides and video tutorials to easy Visual Composer learning and using processes.

Premium support

Visual Composer support is available only for theme authors. As a Premium user, you get world-class support included with your Premium license. If you have a free version of the plugin, Contact us or join our community to get help. Our support team will take care of your questions and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Join an exclusive private club of developers who work with Visual Composer. Share new ideas and receive valuable tips via our Facebook Community.

We will help you with your theme promotion

Working hand in hand, we will help you keep ahead of your competitors and get in front of 30,000+ WordPress themes out there. Your work will be supported and promoted through our influential media for free, including social media, newsletter, community, campaigns, and blog articles.

Submit your work

Do you have a theme or an add-on that uses Visual Composer API? Do you have a case study you would like to share? Please contact us so we can help the world know about your success.

Become Visual Composer Affiliate

Start earning now by joining a Visual Composer Affiliate program. Earn 40% commission with recurring payments from your customers, readers, or theme users who decide to go Premium.

Webkitty testimonial about Visual Composer

"I am very impressed with the customer service – and the Visual Composer Slack community has been very supportive. I would highly recommend Visual Composer! By far the best builder on the market!"

Analyn Braza-Stull, Founder of Webkitty

How to integrate Visual Composer in your WordPress theme?

Visual Composer comes in two powerful versions. Integrate Visual Composer Free in any theme and make it available on any marketplace. To unlock unlimited possibilities, choose Visual Composer Premium and sell your theme exclusively via your Envato account.

Free integration

The free version comes with a lot of features complimenting the 40+ free content elements, predefined templates, and features. Using a TGM plugin activation approach it is possible to include Visual Composer Free in any WordPress theme.

Premium integration

The premium version opens up a whole power of Visual Composer. Build custom page layouts, discover limitless Visual Composer Hub and get world-class live support. Integrate premium version in your Envato theme and enjoy all the benefits of Visual Composer.

Premium content development

Include Visual Composer Free or Premium version in your theme and extend it with your own elements. Visual Composer API gives you the freedom to build what you want: elements, WooCommerce templates, addons, and other custom solutions.

You can create custom modules that can be bundled within your theme using our custom module docs and examples.

Custom element tutorial

An in-depth tutorial (+video) will help you learn how to create custom elements using Visual Composer API.

Submit custom elements

A step-by-step tutorial of how to submit your custom element to Visual Composer Hub. How to Submit Element to Visual Composer Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you may want to know before integrating Visual Composer into your WordPress theme.

Visual Composer Website Builder vs. WPBakery Page Builder

Visual Composer Website Builder and WPBakery Page Builder are two completely different plugins. While WPBakery Page Builder is only for the content part, Visual Composer is a tool to create a complete layout without any performance issues to your theme. To get to know all differences, check our Visual Composer vs. WPBakery comparison.

What to do when my license expires?

Your license is valid for one year. We will notify you via email 30 days before your license expiration date.

The license will renew automatically (if not canceled).

How can my clients activate the theme that has Visual Composer Premium?

Your customers can activate your theme by entering a unique Envato purchase code into a box that appears in the Visual Composer Theme Activation section in the WordPress menu.

Where can I sell my theme?

If you have a free version of the plugin, you can sell your theme on any marketplace. For Envato authors, you can use Visual Composer Premium with our exclusive integration that allows bundling the premium version into Envato themes.

Should I start with Starter Theme Integration license?

As a new author on Envato, you will find Starter theme integration license perfect for your new themes. As your sales skyrocket, you will be able to upgrade your license type without feeling extra costs.

Can I integrate Visual Composer into my existing Envato themes?

Sure! Give your themes additional benefit with Visual Composer Premium. Select the plan that fits your existing customers and potential buyers. If your theme user limits are higher than standard packages - contact us to find the best solution.

What happens when I spend all licenses included in my plan?

You can overview your remaining licenses in My Visual Composer under the User Activations section. If you have reached the number of licenses included in your plan, you can upgrade your package to the next one available.

Where do I ask for support?

The premium license allows you to get access to first-rate live support. To submit a support ticket, log in to My Visual Composer and drop a question right away. For our free users, and WordPress lovers in general, join our Facebook community, and get support there!

Do you have any tutorials for my customers?

Visual Composer Help Center offers step-by-step tutorials, video guides, and thorough documentation to help your customers learn and understand Visual Composer functionality, interface, and features.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Our affiliate program is a great chance for you to start earning more. Get a 40% commission every time any of the theme users purchase the Visual Composer Premium version.

Can I integrate Visual Composer Premium in several themes?

Yes, all long as your theme is on the Envato Market, you can integrate Visual Composer Premium in multiple themes by using the same theme integration license.

Does Visual Composer work with any theme?

Visual Composer Website Builder works with all properly coded WordPress themes. These are themes that follow official WordPress Codex rules and standards.

Can I create my own elements?

Visual Composer API allows you to build your own custom elements, templates, add-ons, and more to bundle them within your theme.

Do my customers receive Visual Composer support?

Visual Composer Premium support is limited to theme authors. Yet, your customers will receive all the others benefits of the Premium version, including full website builder and access to the Visual Composer Hub.

BBDO brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Martini brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
TedX brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Evershight brand using Visual Composer Website Builder
Tethr brand using Visual Composer Website Builder