Free vs Premium: Is It Worth Upgrading?

If you’ve ever considered upgrading from a free version to a premium, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the investment. The answer is yes! Keep reading for how to determine whether or not your business needs Visual Composer Premium and some of its best features.

Let' start with a simple statement - Visual Composer is for everyone. If you've ever used Visual Composer - you already know that.

While other products raise prices and limit features, we have only expanded the feature list available for free. No surprise that the Visual Composer free version is the most powerful WordPress page builder on the market.

Ok, but if the free version is so good - why do I have to consider premium? The answer is simple.

Once you start your business you need to get online fast. The Visual Composer free version can help you to do just that. 

As your business and objectives grow, there are more opportunities and challenges on the horizon. Improve sales funnel, run marketing experiments, incorporate e-commerce, and so on.

This is where the premium version comes into play. Below, I have summarized all differences between the two versions and outlined the benefits of the Premium version.

WordPress Content Editing

The free version of the Visual Composer is a page builder that allows you to edit the content of your page. In WordPress, content is defined by your theme. This means you have a specific block you can edit.

But what if you want to edit something that is beyond the content? For example, a header, or footer. 

Visual Composer Premium allows you to edit the whole page. You can choose a layout of your page, create custom headers, footers, sidebars, and create content.

A common practice in e-commerce sites is to reduce distractions on the checkout page. With a custom header created in Visual Composer, you can place only needed elements, like logo, though increasing your conversion rate.

Premium Elements and Templates

Right from the start, you will get 40 free elements and 10 free templates to build your page. The very basic elements, like text blocks, buttons, and separators allow you to build a decent site.

But at some point, you may need more elements. Of course, you can find an add-on or even create your own elements. Yet, there is an easy way out.

Visual Composer Hub is a library available in Visual Composer that gives you access to more elements and templates. To be exact, there are 500+ elements and templates available and the numbers keep on growing.

The best part is that Visual Composer Premium gives you access to all those elements and templates completely free of charge. No download limits applied.

Premium Design Options

All Visual Composer elements come with design options - feature-rich controls to apply background effects.

While the free version covers all the basics, you may want to look into the Premium version to access more styling options and parallax effects.

Plus, as Visual Composer Premium has more elements you can have more styling options.

Premium Addons

Available exclusively to the Premium version, add-ons can significantly increase the number of features. 

Tailored for professional web designers and marketers, different add-ons can help you:

  • Create custom popups;
  • Create global templates;
  • Export/Import templates;
  • Manage element access;
  • Add dynamic content to your page;
  • Define your own custom typography;
  • Create custom layouts;
  • and more.

And, just like the elements and templates, all addons can be downloaded for free from the Visual Composer Hub with an active Premium subscription. 

Visual Composer and WooCommerce

E-commerce is a huge topic these days with everyone wanting to benefit from the online sales boom.

Visual Composer Premium version offers a seamless integration with WooCommerce and other online business tools you may need to start your online store.

Premium Support

Being a premium version user is not only about the elements, templates, and features. As a premium customer, you get a reliable partner that offers premium-class support and assistance whenever you need it.

In fact, over 70% of premium users admit that support availability is one of the key factors when it comes to business sustainability.

Premium Pricing

When talking about premium products, we tend to think about the hundreds of dollars we will have to spend every month. This is surely not the case with Visual Composer.

You can start as low as $49 annually for a single site subscription and enjoy all the premium benefits. Similar tools in other industries may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

You can also get a lifetime license for $149 so you can pay once and get all features and updates forever.

In fact, the Visual Composer Premium subscription costs around 4 Big Macs from McDonald's 🙂 

Plus, with a 30 days refund guarantee you are completely risk-free.


Visual Composer Premium offers great price vs benefit value to anyone who wants to improve their website. There are no additional fees. Plus, with regular feature, element, and template updates you can always stay up to date with the latest trends.

Still not convinced? Check out what our premium users think and go premium.