Visual Composer Showcase: February 2021

No month can be better to celebrate admiration than February. And romantic love isn't the only type of love to honor this month.

Instead, you can praise your feelings towards the art you create and the passions you have. That’s why let this Visual Composer showcase be all about people and brands who create and inspire (and about their websites, of course). #madeinvc

Ann Gior website

Ann Gior

Ann is an international beauty expert and hair makeup artist based in New York City. As a woman in business, she empowers female leadership and breaks down gender-based stereotypes and norms.

But before any visitor gets to know a little more Ann, her out-of-the-box revolutionary thinking reveals throughout the design of her website.

A classic row layout combined with the color palette of high contrast creates wild and dynamic energy. Whereas the lightbox effect (displaying images in a fullscreen mode) builds a balance by drawing attention to professionally designed graphics.

Love Life Clothing website

Love Life Clothing

The popularity of minimalism in web design has risen enormously since the last decade. Minimalistic pages result in faster loading time and a friendlier user experience, especially if you are taking advantage of built-in auto responsiveness.

To prove that “less is more”, the Love Life Clothing brand only has a bunch of high-quality images and a motto displayed to site visitors. “It's all about loving what you do and doing what you love,” states the company. And there is nothing to disagree with 🙂

Modern Homes Photography website

Modern Homes Photography

Even a simple page can be what you remember at the end of the day.

Modern Homes use a Simple Slider element from the Visual Composer Hub to showcase their works and emphasize the power of visuals that can speak louder than words. Dots and swipe option provide visitors with the ability to control the appearance of the content and to take time to “feel the vibe”.

NordicGrow website


This is not just a website, this is a complete story of many people’s dreams, values, and hard work put together to produce a meaningful end-result.

NordicGrow is a Copenhagen-based company creating little indoor wood gardens for plants. As an environment-friendly company, they encourage everyone to grow their herbs, support local production, and reduce wastes. But NordicGrow also inspires by the design and typography of their website.

The power of Google Fonts library (fully integrated within Visual Composer) fine-tunes every piece of written content while layout sections divide the information into logical pieces.

Morena Roas website

Morena Roas

Morena is a rising singer-songwriter. She is an inspirational example of female power, strong character, and authentic taste (yes, her website shows it all).

Just like Morena did, you can embed any self-hosted, YouTube, or Vimeo video everywhere in your content or even set it as a background. The best part about videos: they not only help to raise the time people spend on your page, but they also boost the SEO ranking of the website.

The design consists of yet another component that can increase engagement for SEO success. Animated text block is a great way to make the site more interactive therefore more interesting to visitors.

Envirovue website


Envirovue is a value-focused waste management solution caring about environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness at the same time.

They believe in core principles that shape organizational culture, daily processes, and therefore impact long-term success. And they are great at clearly and creatively sharing Envirovue brand values through the website’s design and content.

Because transparency in business is the new gold standard, the best practice is to turn every piece of your page into a breaking point so you can drive customers’ decisions by it.

For this purpose, you can not only highlight your company’s values accompanied by icons from various libraries but also include testimonials, social widgets, and Star Ranking element from the Visual Composer Hub.

They Believed They Could So They Did. Your Turn.

These (and many more) websites made in Visual Composer empowers and motivates us to do what we do - to deliver new features and constantly work on plugin improvements. We hope you feel the same way.

Now it’s your turn to act - create your beautiful WordPress website and we’ll see each other again in the next Visual Composer showcase.