Visual Composer Bootcamp: Our Way to Become Better as a Team

We just had an amazing week in a small town of Druskininkai, Lithuania. Why? Because it is our secret way to become better as a team.

Visual Composer Spring Bootcamp is our annual event when we leave our office to visit a spa city of Druskininkai. The goal is simple, deliver something new while having tons of fun along the way.

To make our stay comfortable, we usually book out a small but cozy hotel that offers a conference room, sauna, gym, and terrace for barbeque parties. The conference room serves as an open office.

Before arrival, we always make sure that we have clear goals defined to measure our success. In addition, every team member comes up with his own personal goal for a week. Our responsibility is to support him/her in whatever way we can. Sometimes a simple reminder can make a huge difference.

Without further ado, let's see what we've managed to do during this Spring Bootcamp + I will share some team building events we had along the way.

Photos from the Visual Composer Spring Bootcamp

We Have WordPress Slug Controls

It was a bit annoying to switch between Visual Composer and WordPress every time you need to adjust a slug. Just like changing the title, it should be fast and easy.

Our team of developers decided that it's about time to make it happen.

During the week, we have successfully implemented slug controls in the Visual Composer Frontend editor. As you create a new page or work with existing content, you will have quick control to adjust permalinks.

To access new slug controls you will have to wait for the release of Visual Composer 17.0 scheduled for this week.

Unsplash Deserves a Video

Unsplash integration has a special place in our hearts. The idea has been in our heads for a while and the team was really excited to finally launch it.

With Unsplash integration already available, help center article ready, and tutorial videos running, we received your awesome feedback. Thank you for that!

Also, we do know that there are more people who would love this feature but are not aware of it. This is why we have created a tasty video promotion to announce Visual Composer and Unsplash partnership.

Visual Composer marketing team took the challenge to create a scenario, work on the design and finally implement it. All in one week!

Finally, a Hosting Section

Visual Composer Website Builder helps people without coding skills to build their own website. Nevertheless, Visual Composer is not the first thing you think about when considering building your own site.

It all starts by choosing your perfect domain name and purchasing a hosting. We felt that this is something we can help you with.

A year ago, we started to partner with hosting companies to offer a full package of WordPress hosting with Visual Composer free version pre-installed.

To help you discover these deals, we have launched the Hosting section on our site that lists all the companies we partner with.

So, if you are about to create your new website, make sure to check it out and discover a hassle-free way to your first WordPress site.

A feedback about Visual Composer bootcamp

Bootcamp: Let's Have Some Fun

We did achieve awesome results as a team and hopefully made your life a bit easier. Still, Visual Composer Spring Bootcamp is nothing without achieving personal goals and having fun.

During the week, our team members made various commitments, like going vegetarian, taking daily fitness exercises, or learning to play table tennis (yes, we had a tennis table in our hotel).

Apart from that, we had several team building events to fill up our evenings and weekend.

On Wednesday, we went out for a short hike in the rural area of Druskininkai to get some fresh forest air. This is not our first hike as a team as we had a two-day hike tour last summer during our sports games. Still, it was a nice throwback.

A quiz evening to learn new things followed by the barbeque was another great experience. Did you know that the first ever printed book was released in the German language?

And the cherry on top was our full-day visit to Druskininkai Aquapark that offers 30+ saunas and a bunch of waterslides.

It was a truly amazing week and I know that my teammates are counting the days till the next Bootcamp.

Now, we are back in our office with a bunch of good memories and fun moments to remember.

As for you, it is probably about time to share our experience with your CEO and go on your own adventure. And who knows, maybe we can even meet next spring in Druskininkai.