Introduction to Visual Composer UI/UX design improvements

In the last couple of updates, we introduced several important Visual Composer UI/UX improvements that did not receive enough attention in our blog. Although these improvements may not be as glamorous as some of our other features, they still make a huge difference to how you use the product.

In this article, I want to quickly guide you through the most important of our recent UI/UX updates so you can start working faster and design better sites:

New image and video selector

A more intuitive media selector allows you to quickly manage images and videos. Replace images with dynamic content or assets from the Media Library. Reorganize images within gallery elements with a simple drag and drop. Add static or dynamic URLs to your media assets.

Tabs in On-Page Settings

Access any on-page settings available in Visual Composer Frontend editor by simply switching between the tabs. Scroll through the multiple tabs to quickly access the one you need, just like in Google Sheets.

Experience enhanced link selector that allows you to quickly switch between adding URLs, triggering popups, or applying dynamic content links.

Better publishing options

Not ready to publish yet? Choose between publishing and saving your content as a draft right under the Save option.

New Device Preview

Check how your site looks on different devices right in the Frontend editor. See the exact viewport sizes and set the default editor view in the Visual Composer settings.

Edit with double click

Modify your texts by double-clicking to open the inline editor. Double click on other elements to open the element edit window.

WordPress Post and Page settings

Add featured images, choose categories and tags, enable comments, add excerpts, and access other core WordPress post and page options right from the Visual Composer on-page settings.

New Row layout controls

Build your row and column structure faster with the brand new row layout controls. Take advantage of autocomplete option and instant editing to modify existing row layouts.

Delete elements and templates

Keep your content window clean by removing unnecessary elements and templates. And don't worry, Visual Composer will identify if elements you want to delete are in use and will inform you.

Add Content window

Access your elements and templates from one place. Use Add Content window to switch between elements and templates.

Element grouping and favorites

Find needed elements faster with smart element and template groups introduced in Add Content window. Plus, the most used elements and templates will always be on top.

New column resize controls

Experience cleaner row and column layouts with a reduced number of borders and a slick column resizer for quick manual adjustments.

Did you know all our recent UI/UX improvements?

Have you tried all our new design improvements? Which one is your favorite? What else you want us to improve? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don't have Visual Composer on your plugin list yet? It's about time to change the way you build your site and manage content forever.