Review of WordCamp Europe 2019

WordCamp Europe 2019 was held in Berlin welcoming a record number of WordPress enthusiasts. In total, 3160 tickets were sold and 2,730 participants were greeted, once again, proving the power of the WordPress community.

We, the Visual Composer team, were one of the attendees who are now back to work, full of ideas, new contacts, and all ready for fresh upcoming. So what happened in WordCamp Europe 2019?

Continue reading and find out more about Matt's speech. The nearest plans for WordPress, success, and takeaways.

Oh, and yes, we already know where WordCamp Europe 2020 will be held - you will love this! ????

All of this, from the Visual Composer viewpoint. Enjoy!

The Essence of WordCamp Europe 2019

The WordPress community is not ordinary, it is unique in nature. Free as a beer, we say. Whatever it is, we think the main thing is to meet like-minded people. Meet theme authors, plugin developers, hosting providers, our users, and more. It's the essence of WordCamps, to meet, to communicate about yourself, to discuss ideas, to receive suggestions and to become better.

Without a certain order, let's look at the main touchpoints.

WordCamp Host City: Berlin

Cosmopolitan Berlin is a great city to organize this kind of gathering, some say it is a place where most remote workers are in Europe. And we agree to it for a hundred! Berlin welcomed us with hot sun and vigorous vibes, which continued all day long.

It was a day before WordCamp Europe Day 1, and we decided to spend it together. Team spirit is not always in the office, sometimes it is important to take it to the streets to enjoy the time in an unconventional atmosphere.

Being in Berlin, you are charged. Its integrated public transport in the city gives charm, musicians playing in the parks make you smile, and boat tours allow you to get to know Berlin architecture from a different perspective. And how about a tasty German doner (and a kebab) accompany with a frothy beer? It's a must! ???? ????

While the day was full of events, the evening was hosted by our own gathering: Visual Composer and Friends Party! There, we were waiting for special WordPress friends, with whom we pre-started the WordCamp Europe 2019 in a fun atmosphere.

What a great evening we had together with the guys from the WordPress community. The representatives from TMS (Milosh, Alex, Bogdan), Steven Word from WPEngine, Alex from Inpsyde - thanks for joining us, meet you again at the next WordCamp!

After such a good start, we are ready and inspired to go to the main venue and take all that the WordCamp Europe 2019 first day has to offer.

WordCamp Europe 2019: Two Inspiring Days

The first WordCamp day started with registration and a survey of the big venue. The organizers had chosen a huge venue that allowed visitors to move freely, find a table to sit down and talk about new cooperation having lots of space around.

The sponsored area consisted of different company desks, to name a few, WPML, Kinsta, BlogVault, all these and dozens of more WordPress-related companies filled the room with chattering people.

Parallel to this, the room of big sponsors was dominated by great liveliness. They had many interesting and varied activities there. All of those encouraged visitors to get to know each company closer. For example, Bluehost booth was covered with super stylish socks (hipster paradise). Can swags help communication? Possibly! And not just socks. There was also a lottery, an idea board, technical interactions, and much more.

All of the above is a fun factor that is a very planned and anticipated part of every WordCamp. But above all, meeting the WordPress community itself, improving existing collaboration and building new ones is key.

Visual Composer used these days to meet WordPress friends and business partners. Great emphasis was put on generating new ideas in collaboration with the best WordPress product and service owners. All of this has happened and soon you can expect exciting news within the Visual Composer Website Builder.

Matt Mullenweg Speech

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of the WordPress reflected on the Gutenberg's progress and introduced the upcoming features. In brief about Gutenberg. As an editor, it develops and gets better, as evidenced by Matt's, 150,000 new posts are published daily.

In his presentation, Mullengweg honored several websites created by Gutenberg. He, later on, gave answers to the hurried questions about the upcoming future that awaits the theme authors, page and website builders, multi-language development, and others.

Matt showed several demo features that are still in development at GitHub, such as navigation block in progress, prototype to add real motion, and other features.

WordCamp Europe 2020

Time for dessert. ???? At the end of the event, the organizers announced a meeting place for WordCamp Europe next year. And that's Porto! This beautiful city of Portugal is famous for its beaches, port wine, old streets, and welcoming people.

Portugal is growing WordPress community, with José Freitas at the forefront. Jose Freitas has been involved in the WordPress community for several years now and actively maintains all Portuguese WordPress enthusiasts together. If you want to say hello to this community, join their Facebook group here.

In the end, we would like to thank all WordCamp organization team, especially to Milan Ivanović, for making this event awesome and unforgettable.

We give this WordCamp five stars out of five! ????