WordPress Gives A Hand: Seven Days Of Giving Back

The WP Gives A Hand event for 2021 has ended and we have made a donation to The Ocean Cleanup. Let’s make a difference together!

The Ocean Cleanup Donation

WPGivesAHand is a WordPress-wide movement where businesses join together to help those in need, during the miraculous season of love and giving back.

The community behind it is motivated by the desire to make a positive impact, by helping those we can. This has led us on an inspiring journey as we have witnessed the event grow from a charity function into a movement, that makes donations across all kinds of charitable projects and organizations around the world for the second year in a row!

If you're making a purchase with these companies, including us, from December 20th to December 26th, 2021 we will donate a portion of every sale towards charity. So come and join!

The Begining Of A Journey To Something Greater

It all started when our team at Visual Composer decided not to stand by and give back in difficult times. However, soon realized that we can make an even bigger difference together with our friends in the WordPress community who share similar visions. Together we formed “WordPress Gives A Hand” — a social cause charity event that has grown into a movement larger than expected!

Social responsibility is not only our priority but also our duty as part of such a powerful community. As a participant, you choose the organization to support with your donation, so that every dollar goes where it’s needed most. It doesn’t matter if you choose to donate one or a hundred percent — every single cent counts! Let’s make this world a better place together!

Even if you choose to not participate, you can help us help others, by spreading the word using the #WPGivesAHand tag. Because even the smallest efforts have the potential to bring great changes. If you don't have an online business, but still want to donate — you can do that directly from the organization’s sites.

Time To Give Back

2021 is been a hard year for everyone - from environmental issues with a huge impact on climate change to riots, and protests due to social inequality. And lastly, the aftermath of the global pandemic left 114 million people in 2020 alone without employment, resulting in them losing housing or even access to enough food. Not to mention other hardships occurring all over the world from year to year.

This year has not been an easy one, but you can take peace in knowing that there are still many great things happening. For example:

  • United Nations declared 2021 the “International Year of Peace and Trust”
  • The development of an HIV vaccine showed 97% effectiveness
  • 77 countries in the world announced bans on plastic bags
  • Reddit investors adopted 3,500 endangered gorillas in 6 days
  • Scientists at Brown University connected a human brain to a computer, allowing people with paralysis to move robotic limbs by simply imagining their movements
  • The world’s first 3-D-printed school made by 14Trees opened in Malawi

And the list goes on. The point is, life is full of ups and downs, but you always have a choice to find something positive even in the worst of times.

That's why various charities we support through the "WordPress Gives A Hand" movement are all different. But they share one thing in common: each is committed to building a better future for everyone. That's why together with our friends, we are supporting charity causes which include Budi Human, SOS Children's Villages, The Islamic Foundation, The Hope Community Village, and UNICEF.

Why The Ocean?

This year, our team at Visual Composer has decided to donate to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, that is devoted to ridding the world’s oceans of plastic — as are we.

The oceans are a crucial part of our environment, playing an important role in regulating climate and supporting the vastest amount of life on earth.

Around 60% of our oxygen comes from these waters. Which is more than all of the world's rainforests combined. Plus, they absorb carbon dioxide which helps keep things cool down here on Earth.

Unfortunately, that might all change sooner than you think if we don't act now. According to new researches, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. And, worst of all, 90% of marine species will likely be wiped out, if current fishing practices continue.

That's why this organization aims to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040. They plan to do this by cleaning up the plastic already floating in the ocean, and by “closing the tap” through river plastic interception. All of the plastic gets recycled afterward - from trash to treasure. That's why we need your help now!

By purchasing any Visual Composer Premium plan during the 7 days from December 20th to December 26th, 2021 — 10% will go towards helping The Ocean Cleanup accomplish its mission towards a better, cleaner, and more sustainable future for everyone! 🌊

The Best Is Yet To Come

"WordPress Gives A Hand" is brought to you by the WordPress community. It wouldn't be possible without our friends — we are thankful to each and every one of you:

Donating has made us realize how lucky we are because there is no greater joy than giving! Plus, it has brought us all closer along the way. 🙂

You can help by spreading the word about the charity and raising awareness throughout the WordPress community, to inspire others to do good!

So join in if you can, purchase the products of the businesses participating in WPGivesAHand, or donate straight to the charity organizations! Also, don't forget to follow our journey, because we feel so strongly about this initiative, that we want to host charitable projects all year round. And remember,

“Those who are happiest, are those who do good for others” ❤️️