Announcing New Visual Composer Plans and Lifetime Plan

In time of inflation and rising living costs, we wanted to make it easier for our users to get the to spend less on tools that will help them grow professionally.

That's why in November 2022, we removed the Growth Plan with 100 website licenses, and reduced the price for our Agency Plan with 1000 website licenses to just $349 (previously $849).

Today we are very happy to announce that Visual Composer plans are changing to support your growth and workflow.

Many of you said that there was a big gap between the 3 Websites and the Developers' plan.

Others have dreamed about the Lifetime plan.

So here we are. You asked for it, so we made it happen.

Please meet new pricing plans that reflect your current needs and allow even more features in the future: Single, Plus, Accelerate, Growth, and Agency.

What is changing and what isn't?

  • Changes apply only to the new purchases. Every active subscription remains the same. All users with active subscriptions can stop reading here. Nothing is changing for you 🙂
  • New shiny plan names to reflect your growth: Single, Plus, Accelerate, Growth, Agency
  • New Lifetime plan
  • Regular updates, speed of new feature releases, support response time stay at the same great rate. You are in good hands

New plans to support the growth of your business

With the new plans, we are closing a big gap between pricing plans. You can now buy more or fewer licenses, so you get exactly as many as you want. And upgrade anytime.

It is time to enter a new stage of growth!

Our pricing plans have always supported those who just make the first steps in the WordPress world. And we are happy to say that our Single plan remains democratic and with a very affordable price for anyone.


Good old and so loved Single plan remains the same. Just $49/year per single website.

It’s perfect for website owners who need just one license and doesn’t want to bother with pricing plans.


Same price - more websites.

We renamed the 3 Websites plan to Plus, added extra licenses, and kept the same $99/year price. We are making it cheaper to have more websites. The price per website is 40% cheaper in the new Plus plan. Which makes it a no-brainer to upgrade from a Single to Plus plan now.

Plus plan is great if you want more than one site or you are just starting out your business and are not big enough to justify Accelerate pricing plan. Although, we recommend checking out the new Accelerate plan below! 🙂

Bonus: If you have an active 3 Website subscription, let us know and we will upgrade it for free.

Accelerate and Growth

There was a big leap between the 3 Websites plan and Developers. We fixed that. We expanded our pricing plans so there is a pricing plan for everyone.

Accelerate plan comes with 20 websites included and affordable $149/year, and Growth with 100 websites included for $349/year. Make the next step safer and upgrade with a pace that is comfortable for you.


Agency plan comes with 1000 websites included for $849/year for those who unleashed their creativity and deliver world-class websites as a creative beast.

As low as $0.85 per website per year. You are truly unstoppable.


Last but not least, we added a Lifetime Plan! It will be available starting from the Black Friday sale (make sure to subscribe otherwise you might miss this sale). It is perfect if you don't want to manage subscriptions on behalf of your clients. Instead, charge your clients for the license on a per-project basis. Simple and clean.

Of course, you get a lifetime of plugin updates, but the Lifetime plan comes with a twelve-month support period which you can extend if needed.


The pricing table below will help you choose a plan that best fits your business and current needs.

Visual Composer new Plans

Stability and peace of mind

If you have an active Visual Composer subscription, you don't need to worry. You can keep using it while your subscription is active. Or upgrade anytime you wish in My Visual Composer.

All our users with an active subscription will continue receiving and benefiting from:

  • Support reaction time. It feels good to know you're not alone when dealing with an issue
  • Regular updates, new features, content elements, and addons delivered free of charge

Better Visual Composer

Visual Composer becomes better with each new update. We work hard to provide you with the latest features and new possibilities while making it even more intuitive and easy to use at the same time.

Font Manager, Insights, Role Manager, Complete Theme Builder, and much more. Dive deeper and read our past Product Updates to find more or simply refresh the info.

And lastly, thank you for all the kind words and support that we receive from you.

"Since I discovered VisualComposer, I only want to use it !! it is clean, very design and includes a lot of modules (visual elements and programs) there are more and more properties with each update, and on this side, they do not heat up, they are very active."


"Been using visual composer for years. It’s been an awesome plugin for all of our page-building needs. The updates with the headers and footers being able to be edited from within the editor have been great and have decreased our dependence on WordPress themes since we can now just create everything within Visual Composer."

As always, the Visual Composer team is always ready to help or answer your questions. And if you are on Facebook - join our lovely community page.