How to Create a Bio Link in WordPress for Free

Creating a bio link for business needs or personal branding is quite essential nowadays. It can help you to boost your social media presence and support your marketing efforts.

In this article, we will talk about all you need to know about a bio link.

Create One Bio Link for Everything

What is a Bio Link

A bio link is a website page that contains your links from social media such as websites, WhatsApp contacts, Instagram pages, Spotify links, and so on. This tool simplifies your profile, helps your followers find you on other platforms, and navigate between one link to another more easily.

Most social media platforms give you the opportunity to add a link in your profile in order to take your followers to either your website, products, content, other social media, or some other important link.

Why You Should Have a Bio Link

If you wonder if bio link is for you, here are some reasons why you should think about it:

  1. A mini version of your website
    Sometimes the main website has extensive information that is actually harder to navigate. Some users are already familiar with your website, but for the most part, for new visitors, it is a bit harder to find relative information. This is when we, as web creators, can provide the most important information on our bio link.

    Apart from that, because bio links only provide important information, bio links also have better speed compared to your main website. Studies have found that speed is vitally important to improve conversions – Walmart famously found that for every 1 second a page loads faster, conversions increased by 2%.

  2. Content marketers' best friends
    Web creators who do content marketing most likely will constantly push new content for their blog posts. It is a very good opportunity to promote new content in your bio link, so you can drive your followers to your latest content and increase your traffic.

  3. Some social media sites only allow you to input 1 link in bio
    On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, adding a link to the homepage of your website may be more than enough since you can share clickable links to individual pages, products, or content in your posts.

    But it’s a little bit different with Instagram or Tik Tok. You will need accounts with 10,000+ followers to have the option to share links through stories, however, those who are still building their profile only have the option to put the link in their bio. It’s quite challenging to insert many links in the Instagram bio because they only provide a single link option on the profile.

That’s where many people like web creators, influencers, and freelancers, use a bio link tool to store all their important links in one place.

Why You Should Stop Using the Free Bio Link Tools (Linktree, etc.)

There are quite a few popular bio link tools such as Linktree, Mona, Campsite, etc. Regardless of how easy those tools are, I don't recommend using them if you have your own website and are building your own business. Here’s why:

  1. You lose your branding
    The free version of those bio link tools like Linktree provides very limited branding options such as a limited handful of colors and fonts. Even on the paid version, you can’t easily match it to your own brand identity.

  2. Another brands logo is visible
    Still issue in the free version, they will insert their logo on your page whether it’s on the bottom of your page or elsewhere. It will make your bio link looks unprofessional and can take the attention of your audience away from your links.

  3. Bad for SEO
    Remember that not all of your visitors that visit your bio link will visit your website. Each time they visit your bio link, it can increase their domain authority. But it does not guarantee that your website will get the same benefit.

Based on those reasons, you should start considering creating your own bio link on your website. If you are using WordPress, you can create it easily using Visual Composer - Drag-and-Drop Website Builder.

Discover 300+ Content Elements To Create One Bio Link for Everything

How to Create Bio Link in WordPress Step By Step

You can create a bio link in WordPress easily using Visual Composer. Visual Composer is a website builder plugin that allows you to create a website without code. Here are the steps to create a bio link in WordPress using Visual Composer:

  1. Install Visual Composer on your website
  2. Create a new page using Visual Composer
  3. Choose a blank page layout
    Visual Composer Setup page
  4. Add three columns
    3 column layout
  5. Set the middle column to fill 50% of the whole row
    Visual Composer row setting
  6. Add your logo to the middle column using a Single Image element
    add logo on image
  7. Add some text below your logo with a Text Block element - like a short description of your company, product, mission statement, etc.
    description on bio link
  8. Add your most important links below using the Button elements and customize them as you want - such as add your preferred color, stretch, or shape and set the alignment
  9. Don’t forget to add your link inside the button within the element settings
    link in bio
  10. Repeat the steps above until you cover all of your most important links
  11. Once you have completed these steps you should have something like this on your screen:
    preview of bio link using visual composer
  12. Next, you can add a background, whether it's an image or just a color. You can do that in Page Settings (Gear Icon) > Design Options
    Set background in visual composer
  13. You can adjust the design to your preference like adding a margin, padding, border, or radius. You can read this article to learn more about the Visual Composer Interface
  14. Don't forget to check the device preview and adjust the responsiveness settings, so that your link in bio page looks good on mobile devices
    Check responsive setting on visual composer
  15. After you have done all of the steps above, you should have something like this:
    free links in bio


With all the SEO advantages and user experience in mind, bio links can become a good tool at your agencies' fingertips.

Plus, you can always extend your bio link page with social icons or buttons if you look towards a premium version of Visual Composer. We have various options and styles of buttons that can make your bio links more beautiful.