Visual Composer Showcase: August 2019

Looking for live examples of websites made with Visual Composer Website Builder? Want to see how others are using our builder features as their competitive advantage? You've come to the right place … #madeinvc

We are excited to showcase our latest collection of websites made with Visual Composer. Well-known brands, enterprise websites, and beautiful graphic design, our August showcase features inspiration for everyone.

Without further ado - let's begin!

TedX Odense website made with Visual Composer


Have you ever watched TEDx talks? I bet you have 🙂

Here, at Visual Composer, we love TEDx talks and used to organize office events to watch some of the best.

This is why we were more than excited to see that TEDxOdense used Visual Composer Website Builder to power their website.

The clean and TEDish look of the website is so simple. Still, it has all that conference event may require from their website.

Monday Sunday website made with Visual Composer

Monday Sunday

Monday Sunday is a Danish company that creates awesome products. All of them from natural ingredients.

The site of the company is a pure masterpiece. Created in sandy colors and sections, it instantly catches visitors' attention with beautiful photos.

Monday Sunday is a great example of how high-quality content can impact your brand.

As for us, we would just love to see some background videos there in the future (which can be made with Visual Composer).

Chazhiyoucha website made with Visual Composer


To be honest, we're not really fluent in Chinese here at Visual Composer. Nevertheless, Chazhiyoucha website instantly grabbed our attention with the great graphics.

Chazhiyoucha is a restaurant chain management company with 4 major brands of products and 5000+ chain group stores (more than Tim Hortons has).

Redstone Towns website made with Visual Composer

Redstone Towns

A real estate project in Canda, Redstone Towns is family houses in Redstone, Northeast Calgary.

Redstone Towns is a one-page site with sections and smooth scroll navigation.

The structure of the site consists of mixed Visual Composer and custom-made elements which is a popular approach for pro web design agencies.

To take it even further, we would love to see some custom elements made with Visual Composer API and use of our latest feature - Dynamic Content.

Civico22 website made with Visual Composer


Civico22, another real estate project located in Italy that made it to the showcase because of its beautiful layout and graphics.

The site takes advantage of the web design trend where you combine high-quality photos with shapes. It allows you to build your website around your brand book and make visitors to remember it.

British Salt website made with Visual Composer

British Salt

British Salt is the UK’s leading manufacturer of high purity salt products. More than that, it is a part of TATA enterprise an Indian multinational conglomerate holding company.

British Salt website has a complex structure that requires top performance and must comply with the enterprise standards.


We have seen some amazing works powered by Visual Composer Website Builder. We see how well-known brands and creative industry leaders incorporate WordPress and our visual editor into their businesses.

And we do have more showcases in the box for you. Stay tuned and make sure to build great websites.