Web Design Trends of 2021

We tend to think that web design trends are something that can be used once we talk about new projects. Nevertheless, polls say that 82% of businesses have plans to invest in updating their current websites and online stores in 2021.

Building everything from scratch with web design trends in mind is a lot easier. No arguing there.

Nevertheless, keeping your existing sites up to date can not be underestimated. Especially, if you are seeking to take advantage of the online business booming due to the global pandemic and changes in customer behavior.

We are excited to share 8 web design trends that dominate the market in 2021:


In the market oversaturated with products and services, what makes your business different is YOU.

Your presence and attitude is the greatest asset you can use as a competitive advantage. The data shows that 89% of customers stay loyal to brands that share their values and personalize communication.

Personalized content web design example

This is especially true as we talk about small and medium-sized businesses. Customers are looking for friends, not some impersonal organization with a formal communication pattern.

How to improve personalization? Start by adding photography of yourself and/or your team on the site. Share your story by including quotes and future goals.

Look for inspiration. Good examples of personalization can be found all around the web. Sites, like Karel de Stoute, will give your lots of ideas to start with.


Oversize has been in trend for a while but was somehow skipped when it comes to web design.

Have you ever wondered how large typography or images will look on your website? This may be the right time to check it out.

Large content pieces that exceed an average screen size is something that can help you tell your story in a more engaging way. In fact, it creates an illusion of infinite scrolling and keeps your site visitors' focused.

Oversize section example in web design

To take this even further, check out an example of the Met Museum where they combine oversize content with the parallax effect.

Illustration perspective

Illustrations are still a huge thing in web design and are not going anywhere in 2021.

But, the perspective will change.

In fact, research shows that more and more brands are starting to use perspective illustrations to bring depth into the world of two-dimensional design.

Sites, like Kohost, already take advantage of this trend and so should you.

Illustration web design example

Even if you have a physical product, do not be afraid to mix it with the illustration to achieve perspective.

Boxed content

Initially introduced by Microsoft, boxes help to divide content into logical blocks and create interface-like layouts.

Boxed content web design example

As more and more tools and services are moving online, it is obvious that we can expect interface-like designs to overflood the web in the upcoming year.

Is your business a good fit for such a trend? A good question to ask yourself and your design team.

Grain and noise

One of the favorite things for a modern photographer to do is adding a bit of grain to the photos.

Although grain and noise creates a bit of a retro look, it also adds luxury to your products and business.

Like all web design trends, it is not applicable to all businesses but can be useful for those related to fashion and beauty. In fact, there are good examples of grain working well for corporate websites like consulting or financial services.

Web design trends - photography with noise

The beauty of this specific trend is that it is relatively easy to implement. Even novice designers can quickly add noise to your photos and update your site to have a trendy look.

Messaging and contacts

With businesses moving online due to the global pandemic, it has never been more important to ensure that your customers can get in touch with you.

On-site messaging, chatbots, and contact forms, everything comes into play when you want your customers to reach you.

Today, there are plenty of services that can help you with that. You can easily add Facebook Messenger or Hotjar poll to your site.

Online Communication in web design

Not convinced? Did you know that 79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses?

Curvy shapes

Curvy shapes and gradients are often associated with waves, ocean, and other positive vibes.

As we all want to associate our business with positive feelings it is a good idea to spice up your website with some smooth and colorful shapes.

Curvy shapes in macOS background

Looking for inspiration there? Check out the macOS Big Sur background and start bringing brightness to your customers.

Groups, favorites, and categories

Your potential customers are oversaturated with the information flow hitting them every second. And, of course, you have your own information to pass to them.

Still, making their life easier is a part of your job. This is why categorizing your content by logical groups or customer favorites is a huge thing these days.

Content grouping web design example

Simple tabs or accordions are a good starting point followed by more dynamic and smart content.

In fact, customer-tailored content is still in the early stages of adoption but will surely see a breakthrough in 2021.


Looking back on web design trends of 2021, we can see a clear pattern of websites bringing customers and businesses closer.

Engaging content, story-telling, and positive thinking is an essential part of a good looking website.

Although it is hard (and not required) to run after all web design trends. There are points for every business to consider.

So, are you feeling inspired? It could be the right time to design your new website.