How to create and add menu in WordPress

Learn how to create a menu in WordPress and how to manage your menu locations easily via WordPress admin dashboard or Theme Customizer.

Create a menu

Before we add a menu in WordPress, you need to create one. To create a menu and add sections to it:

  1. Navigate to Appearance – Menu in your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Click Create a new menu
    Create new menu in WordPress
  3. Name your menu and click Create Menu
    Set your own menu name in WordPress

Now you have a menu and it is time to fill it with content:

  1. Select type of content on the left side (you can choose pages, posts, custom post types, custom links, and categories)
    Add content to your new menu in WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Click Add to Menu
  3. Save menu

Manage menu location

You have your menu ready and this is time to set a location of the menu on your WordPress site:

  1. In Appearance – Menu switch to Manage Locations tab
  2. You will see all places where you can place menu in your theme
    Manage location of a menu in WordPress website
  3. Select menu for specific locations from a drop-down menu
  4. Save changes

Note: It is also possible to manage menu location directly from the Theme Customizer.