10 Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Spooky for Halloween

Halloween 2021 is creeping right around the corner. Have you put your WordPress website in a “costume” yet?

People always appreciate when companies get creative with their websites for holidays. Just look at Google for example, and how well they “dress up” for each occasion. Doing so is a good way to drive traffic to your site and higher conversion rates with clever campaigns.

If you don't have anything planned, we got your back! ​​We have already listed all the Visual Composer features, elements, and templates to make your website Halloween-ready once before. But, with these following easy WordPress Halloween website tips, tricks and ideas - your web presence will be the most festive (and bone-chilling) of them all. 👻

Halloween Programming Tutorial for a Button

"Ghost in the Machine" was created by Thinkful Programming Guides. It is an online tech skill learning platform for launching your career faster.

Fortunately, they have also thought about web creators and their busy schedules. So you don't have to worry about creating your own custom elements for spicing up your website this Halloween. Instead, make use of ready-made ones and save yourself some time!

By adding this simple yet creepy addition to your website, your visitors will surely feel haunted for Halloween! Take a look at the step-by-step tutorial on how to make a button. When clicked on - it emits a scary sound and a ghost pops up. Try it out, but be warned - it gets loud!

Scary Button

This scary sound effect is just a few lines of JavaScript and a sprinkle of CSS magic away...

Horror Stories for Web Developers

There are few things more terrifying than the moment you realize your website is a disaster. You sit at the desk, staring down into an abyss of incomprehensible code: tens of thousands of CSS files and JS libraries sprawling across 10k+ rows in JPGs - not only does this site have no coherence but also there seems to be some kind of force encouraging its developers towards ever greater amateurishness...

But wait! It just got worse… Keep reading

Dancing skeletons animation for Visual Composer Halloween tutorial

“Scary to the Core” is a series of horror stories for developers created by PSD2HTML, to make your bones shiver! This will be a great addition to “lure” visitors to your website. Leave the best part of the story on your site - no human can resist not knowing how a story ends...

If horror stories are your thing, here's another good collection of web developer horror stories by OFF THE LIP.

Spooky Animated Text Maker

Fonts can make the whole mood of your site shift. And, it takes so little effort to change them (and it's even easier with Font Manager for Visual Composer Website Builder)!

Create your own spooky animated text with this cool page by Pookatoo. Choose from a variety of fonts, by entering a word or sentence you want into the input box. Then comes the fun part. Choose which animation effect appeals best and use it to spice up your website or social media posts!

Some ideas for a phrase: “Boo! Have a scary good time!”, “Leave your email to get candy!” or use the good old “Choose what you want for this Halloween: Tricks or treats?”.

Animated text animation by Pookatoo

Halloween is a great opportunity to bring out some spooky campaigns. Halloween can also be a perfect occasion for website owners to reap the benefits of holding memorable competitions with festive designs. So make sure you are ready!

Welcome to Zombo.com

This just might be one of the scariest sites on our spooky sites list…

That is because you enter total audio hypnosis with Zombo.com's scary but charming voice.

Hypnotised animation for Halloween

And, if you're thinking of making your own must-see website list this Halloween, be sure to mention this. Zombo.com - where the limit is unknown.

Give Skeleton a CSS3 Laser Effect

This fun element is created by CSS Deck. It can be used as a fun element within your site, to prolong the time spent on your site. Which Google will appreciate, and might even help to boost your content higher on search results.

Lazer skeleton animation by CSS Deck for Halloween tutorial

Only 163 lines of code give you a charming laser bone. Visitors will be intrigued to play around with the interactive content. This laser can be activated by a click of a mouse or by hovering over an element. Plus, you can use all sorts of other parallax effects to heighten the mood and experience for your visitors.

Get Lost with Zoomquilt

Are you interested in keeping your visitors entertained and engaged this holiday season? Send them into a never-ending loop of fun imageries, perfectly fitting with the spooky theme of Halloween.

Looped animation by Zoomquilt for Halloween

The Zoomquilt is an endlessly zooming image that weaves together different fantasy paintings into one seemingly endless shot which takes on the appearance of both stills and live-action with some really cool special effects! Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate, and find out - does the loop ever end!?

Code Snippets For All Things Scary And Fun

If you are looking to use some amazing works of art by fellow designers and developers on your website, CodePen.io is the place for you!

CodePen.io is a place to show off your work, and where developers go when they want to see what other people have built. It's also an excellent way for designers and front-end coders to find inspiration from all of these creative users! Just so you know, all code works done on this platform goes by the name of “pens”.

Ghost animation from CodePen.io

All of the amazing animations, games and other coding wonders are just out of this world. Best of all, they are all completely free and available for anyone to use, just copy the HTML, CSS, or JS snippet onto your website!

A fun way to spice up your site for Halloween is by messing with the UX - make your site content upside down or completely dark, that only lights up when you hover the cursor over it, and so on. This is the only time of the year (with the exception of April 1st) when you can put your evil genius ideas into action. For example, integrate this cool “monster picker”, where there is only a 1 in 81 chance to get any valid combination.

Use these beautiful lines of code to bring your website back to life, and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Scary Pranks with Hacking Simulator

Hacking is serious business, but this site called geek_typer isn't. Now you also can become a hacker, just like in the movies!

Hacking Simulator by Geek_typer

With more than 30 different themes - from NASA and Matrix to Anonymous and many more - you can do some serious pranking and surprise your friends this Halloween! By the way, this is also a cool idea for a website design, especially for the spooky holiday season of October.

Make a Glitch Image Effect in CSS

Do you love this Halloweeny glitch effect by Corbie? Now you can make your own glitching images with some HTML and CSS, all you need is 4 images with different RGB color sliders for each.

Glitching effect animation by Corbie

Also, here is another resource that shares via GitHub how to create haunted glitch images.

Developer Humor Explained

Lastly, let's lighten up the mood with some humor since you are probably creeped out from all the spooky stuff in this article.

It is no surprise that programmers have developed a unique sense of humor. But since not all of us are developers, but other kinds of web creators, like designers, copywriters, or business owners, iDTech.com has these jokes explained for everyone (sorry devs, you're secrets out!).

A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street
Debugging: Removing the needles from the haystack
There are two ways to write error-free programs; only the third one works

After all that scary stuff, share something funny with your visitors, like these jokes for example. Otherwise, they will be too scared to return to your website!

Final Thoughts

As this article shows, website customization is a quick and easy way to give your WordPress site a spooky look for Halloween. In this blog post, we went over how you can transform your WordPress website into something that could scare the socs off even for the toughest of your visitors!

Use my tips, or get inspired and make your own Halloween decorations, and have fun! Remember, there aren't many occasions where we can go all out and play around with our website designs! Your website visitors will definitely appreciate you putting in the effort and bringing out your best, and spookiest ideas to life on your website!

And last but not least, I wish you a Happy Halloween! 🎃