Visual Composer Summer Showcase 2019

We are happy to release our next showcase of the websites made with Visual Composer Website Builder. #madeinvc

Our team of experts has reviewed and shortlisted the most prominent sites you can use as an inspiration. From award-winning agencies and up to the individuals running their business, Visual Composer has helped various companies to build beautiful websites.

We are also excited to see the agencies that are constantly delivering new projects with Visual Composer being a default technical stack.

Without further ado, let's go ahead and start exploring! ????

QRea webdesign example


QRea is an advertisement agency from Peru that provides its customers with both - print and digital solutions. Among their customers, you can spot such well-recognizable brands as LG and BoConcept.

What makes us happy is that the agency with high-quality standards relies on Visual Composer to power its own website.

Andreas Powisch webdesign example

Andreas Powisch

Andreas Powisch has a solid 13 years of experience in helping companies to build powerful brands.

Andreas site incorporates several web design trends of 2019, like micro animations and element disorder.

Following these trends, gives Andreas site a fresh and professional look.

Vir Services webdesign example

Vir Service

Vir Service provides personal outsourcing services for hotels in Italy. 

The website of Vir Service is a project of MADDL agency that has already proven their quality over time.

The site is well-structured and uses the content splitting technique to drag visitors attention. In addition, MADDL managed to incorporate several custom elements based on the Visual Composer API to make the project really unique.

Vantopia webdesign example


Vantopia is a camper rental service for your next awesome adventure.

The site of Vantopia is something you won't see every day. It is a well-branded piece of design that uses their brand guidelines and unique look all over the site.

Smart use of typography gives Vantopia a look to remember.

Martini Time webdesign example

Martini Time

No Martini - no party! We are excited to see that brands like Martini rely on Visual Composer in order to support their online presence.

Martini Time is a one-page site to promote Martini mobile application and Martini lifestyle for the Belgium market.

Rick Scotch webdesign example

Rick Scotch

Rick Scotch makes videos, snap photos, and share stories.

Rick is one of the many creatives that decided to rely on Visual Composer Website Builder.

Taverna Moriggi webdesign example

Taverna Moriggi

No showcase of Visual Composer is complete without a tasty website.

Taverna Moriggi is a restaurant located in the very heart of Milan, Italy.

The website of Taverna Moriggi consists of carefully crafted sections build with Visual Composer and custom elements. 

Although there are no custom elements developed via our API, it uses the power of Raw HTML blocks to add custom solutions right into the places they belong.

Build Your Own Website

Yet another showcase with awesome websites powered by Visual Composer.

We are excited to see new and beautiful websites released every day. And, we can not wait to see what you have in mind.

Want to get your site featured? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to build a professional website? We are happy to support your efforts with Visual Composer.