Visual Composer Is GPL-Licensed Plugin

The time when WordCamp 2020 events are in full planning swing is a good time for a reminder - Visual Composer is compatible with GPL. 100% evaluated and approved within the main WordPress central (huge thanks for guiding us through this).

What does it mean to be a GPL-licensed plugin is that firstly as an end-user you can freely study, run, share, and modify our software. Secondly, as Visual Composer creators, we go hand in hand with WordPress community core values.

Being a GPL-licensed plugin, Visual Composer gives you the freedom to create your own projects. To guide you through, here are useful links to help you get started:

If you are here to gain more information, let’s move further and uncover the GPL.

Why GPL Is More Than a License?

The fact that WordPress never would have existed without the concept of free software is daunting.

WordPress is what it is because of the GPL. The world’s most popular content management system has benefitted from the input of thousands of people, and vice versa - thousands of people have gained from the freedom that WordPress gives.

Following the WordPress philosophy of making every software easy to use, we have made every effort to comply with all the guidelines. Being a GPL-licensed plugin, Visual Composer guarantees high quality for WordPress users and the community as a whole.

Since WordPress is all about community, it is crucial for us to be adapted to the same ethical and philosophical standpoint as people within the WordPress community. WordPress itself was built on the GPL license, which works to ensure the rights and freedoms that the entire community can benefit from. We at Visual Composer are proud to offer these same freedoms to our users.

Michael Makijenko
Founder, Visual Composer

GPL Extra Pros

One of the pluses of being GPL is that you are getting closer to the community. You are welcomed to the family, which also means you can participate in WordCamps. Not just to visit, but to take part in them. Be a sponsor, organizer, volunteer or speaker. Any official WordCamp event has opened for your smaller or bigger performance.

When it comes to organizing WordCamp, it's one of the nicest ways how to get involved and benefit the community. We are assured of that because it happens that one of our team members at Visual Composer represents the Organizer's team for WCEU 2020 in Porto. Here you can find out more about WordCamp Porto 2020. Make sure to get involved and see you there!

More About Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a new age all-in-one website builder for WordPress that allows you to create the entire website, including headers, footers, sidebars, and other components.

You can download Visual Composer for free, and install it like any other WordPress plugin. After the activation, you will get an easy-to-use frontend editor and ready-made content elements, templates, and add-ons. It is also compatible with other popular WordPress plugins and works with any theme.


As we see, the GPL license benefits us all, not just the end-users but also us as plugin owners. At Visual Composer, we make sure to go hand in hand with WordPress principles, and being a GPL-licensed plugin is one of them.

We will appreciate it if you give it a try. Download Visual Composer and use it as you like, for personal projects, business, as a theme author or developer.