Visual Composer Showcase: February

Love is in the air! ???? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yet another thing to celebrate: the new Visual Composer showcase is right here! #madeinvc

This great collection of the websites made with Visual Composer Website Builder focuses on the powerful combination of the creative typography design and beautiful images.

So, go ahead and get your monthly dose of inspiration by these outstanding websites. Nothing much to add here: we just love them.

Nitashia Johnson

Nitashia is an independent designer and photographer whose works are driven by passion. She expresses a full palette of emotions through her creative illustrations, portrait photos, and videos. This also appears via the design of her website. It is organized in a clean and simple layout with the main spotlight on the images.

High-quality visuals are crucial for drawing attention - the great content is what makes the difference. A minimalistic approach combined with portfolio items displayed in a full screen with lightbox options is how you can get a win-win. No need to make a complex website.

Nordic Gamekeeper

Nordic Gamekeeper provides the services for hunters to take care of the wild boars growing population. This company offers feed machines and different tracking implementations to get full control over wild animals. And nothing works better to assure customers than the high-quality images of nature, well-used typography and applied background effects.

What we especially like in this website? The most amazing part is that the agency behind it uses a lot of content elements from the Visual Composer Hub, like testimonials, phone mockups and more. Hub is where you have an unlimited number of powerful and regularly updated elements to build any project, like this one!

South End Pita

The showcase without a tasty-looking food website is not going to happen, we promise. At least, not in February. Pita Restaurant serves the Mediterranean comfort food for those who crave for fresh and authentic Mediterranean and Morrocan dishes. This is the first reason we like it so much (we do crave).

The second reason is its interesting and visually appealing typography and color palette that completely represents and benefits the brand itself. Plus, Pita Restaurant uses various shapes to create a unique look of the website.


Huscentrum provides both a coworking place and collaboration services. If you are looking for business partners or wondering where to find a bright and large conference room for the next meeting, Huscentrum can solve all this.

Each detail of the website such as applied background effects from Design Options or disordered grid represents a business-oriented essence. Because we know how crucial it is for business runners.

Camilla Malmstroms

A Sweden-based chain of boutiques that offers elegant and quality clothes for men and women. The elegancy here goes beyond the clothing style - and Visual Composer takes care of that.

The overall look of the site is built by high-quality images that enrich its simple and clean layout. We consider the less-is-better effect a great approach to build a powerful site and reduce customers' frustration.

White’s Mercantile

Well-designed all-in-one shopping solution for everything you have ever wanted to buy. The owner of this general store has created a nostalgic retail experience with a beautiful interior and a great variety of goods available. As the place where everyone can find something to fulfill the needs, the store has an outstanding and beautifully-created website.

We adore an interesting hand-drawing style of the website (which is rare these days) and a lot of effort that was put into creating such a project. The end result is fascinating: the easy-to-remember website that stands out from the crowd (the best possible formula for success).

To Conclude

In this showcase, we have highlighted beautifully designed websites made with love and Visual Composer Website Builder. #madeinvc

Do you want to be featured on our very next showcase? Unlock the whole universe of the Visual Composer features and options, create a website and join the showcase.

Let others be inspired by your project!