Visual Composer Showcase: September 2019

Are you ready to get inspired? We are back with our monthly Visual Composer showcase to feature the best examples of websites #madeinvc.

Our September showcase features exciting tools and products that you can find useful for your life or business. And of course, they all have one thing in common - they all have amazing websites.

QuickText website example


QuickText is a chatbot and artificial intelligence solution for hotels that help to increase direct sales and improve the guest experience.

On their site, QuickText managed to follow their brand and corporate colors to achieve uniqueness. In addition to that, smart use of gradient transitions gives the website a fresh and trendy look.

Vivace website example

Live Vivace

Live Vivace is a real estate one-page website for condos and townhomes located in Calgary, Canada.

Live Vivace site instantly grabs user attention with a high-quality background video and strong call-to-action. We are happy to see how web developers take advantage of our powerful Design Options to create an engaging user content.

The rest of the site is also accompanied with high-resolution images to transfer the feeling of your new home.

Sodak website example


Sodak helps to improve your company by providing behavioral analysis and insights for the organizations.

On their site, Sodak managed to create a unique look by combining typography with colors and unique illustrations.

By the way, if you are up to improve your organization, check out Sodak's Library or get in touch with them instantly.

Petervonteileitner website

Peter Voitenleitner

Peter is a web and mobile UI/UX designer from Germany that has a minimalistic portfolio - all that designer needs.

We are excited to see that pro designers choose Visual Composer Website Builder. It allows them to launch projects faster and even build all the website on their own.

Oliveto website example

Oliveto Bistro

No Visual Composer showcase is complete without featuring tasty food. And this one will not be an exception.

Oliveto is an Italian bistro situated in Oklahoma and Texas.

On its website, Oliveto has a strong focus on high-quality and tasty pictures that makes you want to visit the place. Plus, a combination of purple and salad-green colors with underlines gives Oliveto website a unique look.

First Press Coffee website example

First Press Coffee

First Press Coffee is a single-origin cold coffee born and dripped in Melbourne, Australia.

A well-designed product deserves a beautiful website and this is what you have with First Press Coffee. As you scroll down the site, you will get the feeling of reading through the story that has beautiful images attached.

Another great thing about First Press Coffee is its focus on the social with Instagram feed integrated on the page.


Like before, we have featured some nice website examples from various industries to get you inspired.

It's about time for you to hop on the bus and build your unique website. And, maybe you will get featured in our monthly showcase as well.