Product News: Visual Composer Affiliate Program

Now, this is a very exciting announcement for all of us... Visual Composer Website Builder Affiliate Program is now live!

For us, it is another achievement in our journey of creating tools that totally change the way people work with WordPress, whereas, for you, it is an opportunity to earn extra income by promoting a product favored by thousands of WordPress users.

Visual Composer affiliate program allows you to earn a charming 40% commission for each customer you refer to Visual Composer. 

Earn with Visual Composer Affiliate Program

How Does It Work?

Similar to any other affiliate program, when you become our affiliate, you will get your own unique affiliate link to You can then use this link to refer customers to us by simply sharing it via Email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, on your blog or website or any other online platform that’s suitable for your niche.

When a conversion (a purchase) is made by your referred customer, our affiliate system will associate that sale with your affiliate account and increase your incomes by whopping 40% of the product price! 💸 

Earn Up to $395 Per a Sale!

Visual Composer has three types of website builder licenses with a pricing range between $49 and $349. These eye-catching digits let you earn up to $395 for a single referral! This is how it looks when you bring a customer to us who buys one of the following products:

Commision structure for a single site affiliate

Single Website

Single Website License $49.
You earn $19.

Commision Structure for 3 site affiliate

3 Websites License

3 Websites License $99.
You earn $39.

Commision Structure for Developers License

Developers License

Developers License $349.
You earn $139.60.

Since the launch of the affiliate program, we have added additional products: Theme Integration licenses, which allow our affiliate to earn even more. Selling one Theme Integration license, which is exclusive to the Envato Market, you earn up to $395.

Marketing Materials

We offer various-sized graphics that you can use on your website, blog, or social media to promote Visual Composer brand and products thus increasing your rate of referrals.

Resources include promotional banners with built-in tracking codes, once you become our affiliate, you can access them on your affiliate admin dashboard. You are welcome to use our Press to learn more about us and get other marketing materials such as interface screenshots, different format logos, and other promo materials.

If you need another size or different visual materials for better integration into your website, blog, or social media, please contact us.

Become a Visual Composer Affiliate

To become our affiliate, you will have to have a high-quality website, blog, or social media platforms, with a reasonable amount of followers and a worthy tone of voice of yours. If you feel passionate enough, welcome to sign up for our affiliate program!

Once approved (we do a verifying process), we will provide you with a special Affiliate Dashboard where you can monitor your affiliate activity, see statistics and earnings, as well as access banners and build alternate incoming page links to successfully promote Visual Composer.

To learn more and sign up as a Visual Composer affiliate, visit the Visual Composer Affiliate Program page!

We are very excited to partner with you and do big things together! 🤩

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