How to change font in WordPress

The fonts of your WordPress site are defined by the theme you choose. Every theme in WordPress has a Theme Customizer, either native one, or custom.

In your Theme Customizer, you will have an option to specify Font-Family for headings and body (paragraph) text. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress so it is hard to tell how rich or poor the font options are in your specific theme. Some themes may offer very limited options, while others have feature-rich tools to modify every bit of your fonts.

As an example, we can look into Visual Composer Starter theme which uses a default Theme Customizer for font-family modification.

How to change font in WordPress?

In Visual Composer Starter theme, you can adjust font-family and multiple font face options for separate heading hierarchy (H1, H2, etc.), paragraphs, and also buttons.

Once you change the settings for your typography, don’t forget to save the changes in the Theme Customizer. After that, all fonts on your site will be changed automatically.

How to change specific text font in WordPress?

Visual Composer Website Builder offers Google Fonts element that allows you to add any Google Font to your page. To add Google Fonts element, navigate to Visual Composer Hub from the editor and download the Google Fonts element. The element will be added to your element list available for use.