Top 10 Websites Built With Visual Composer In The Last Decade

It was 10 years ago when the Visual Composer brand was created, and a few years later we launched Visual Composer Website Builder - the next generation of WordPress page builders.

To celebrate our birthday, we are showcasing some of the best websites built with Visual Composer to date! Check out these creative and innovative examples below!


Evergreen is a family-owned business that distributes nutritious, healthy snacks all across the globe. Visitors can overview these labels organized within a simple Logo Slider element from the Visual Composer Hub.

This website shows how you can create a great first impression with high-quality images and catchy effects like bounce and mouse-follow animation.

It is also important to note, that this website has combined the functionality of multiple WordPress plugins with Visual Composer Integrations. Once opened, the website displays a beautiful slider created with the Slider Revolution plugin and fine-tuned with Visual Composer.


BlueSoft is a software development company that specializes in working with clients’ business technology challenges. They highlight customers’ logos with small round-shape thumbnails (with Visual Composer you can control media’s shape, size, alignment, and more).

BlueSoft uses interactive animations and fade-in effects to create a sense of involvement and a dynamic feel. While adding the fade-in effect to your site can require a bit of coding knowledge, the powerful Design Options allow you to choose and add one of 40+ animation effects with a single click.

Dune & Sky

Dune & Sky is an authentic portfolio of a web designer taking care of everything. They've done a great job with branding their site and creating a very unique look that you won't forget.

In the website, they use basic elements like separators and buttons as well as attention-grabbing background and clean minimalistic sections. They have really created a balance between simplistic layout and eye-catching design.

You can also create a transparent header (just as Dune & Sky did) with the Visual Composer Header Builder that comes within the Theme Builder addon.

Audrey Fotografia

Audrey Fotografia is a photography website, that displays the work of Adrienn. Her website is a great example of what you can achieve with Visual Composer.

An effective feature is the Video Background that is used at the very top of the page. It engages the visitor and it serves as a quick showreel of what's to come.

Other Visual Composer features that are used on this website and are worth mentioning are the header and footer builder and the grid elements that display multiple galleries.

Tilde Johansson

We are so proud to support various types of brands from individual to organization and personal brands. For example, Tilde Johansson, a famous Swedish athlete, chooses Visual Composer to build her engaging and unique portfolio website.

This website uses high-quality images and interactive mouse-follow animations, and that gives a personal feel.

Also, this layout is an example of how well two outstanding web design trends like disordered grid and micro animations can blend with a simple slider block.

White's Mercantile

White's Mercantile is a well-designed all-in-one shopping solution for everything you have ever wanted to buy.

We adore the interesting hand-drawn style of the website and the effort that was put into creating such a beautiful project. The result is fascinating: the easy-to-remember website that stands out from the crowd showing how much the design of a simple site can impact its altogether look.

Martini Time

No Martini – no party! We are excited to see that brands like Martini rely on Visual Composer to support their online presence.

A simple feature with a big impact is the image background type that you can find in the Design Options. Martini Time is using the “Background zoom” effect, but you can also choose an “Image slideshow” as a background or even a video.


CharlieShotMe is a website for accomplished fashion and portrait photographer Charles Rodulfo.

The full width and height of the background image result in a beautiful layout that is easy to make using the row settings. More about the background – the colors of the images and background are perfectly coherent.

Norra Hamnen 5

This is a website for a restaurant “Norra Hamnen 5”, a restaurant in Sweden that offers a beautiful view as well as local produce.

This website is making good use of the Google Headings element (it has all Google Fonts available) mixed with some more uncommon elements like Multiple Image Collage and Simple Call To Action. All these elements combined make it easy to locate the focus points of the site. Those are also amplified by using CSS animations.

Despite the site being made using a regular grid, it looks a little distorted and that’s a very popular design component at the moment.

An element that is conveniently used in this layout is the Feature Section. It’s not only a very quickly customizable block, it also takes care of responsiveness for you.


EnjoyHQ is a user research platform based on providing extensive data analysis to centralize all research data and discover insights faster.

The combination of basic Visual Composer Website Builder elements and Custom CSS to style them additionally is a powerful way how to build a clean and unique design.

A good practice is to include customer reviews, and there's an element in Visual Composer that does just that, the Star Ranking element, that they've used at the very top of the site.

Many More Years to Come

These have been our favorite websites that show just how far we've come together as a community. And if you're new to Visual Composer, or just looking for something fresh - take a look at these beautiful websites that will boost your inspiration for creating your own awesome site!

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We are excited to celebrate this milestone with you and thank you for being with us throughout these years!