Author: Irma Edite Girupniece

A creative video making machine, that still believes she's going to be an astronaut one day.

New features: All Google Fonts And More

Once again we came up with some amazing new features to make the process of creating a website faster as well as make it look modern and in tune with the times. ???? Now it’s possible to start creating a website from a completely clean slate, have more fun with the parallax effect, hide an element right through the design options and all Google Fonts!

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New features: Copy/Paste, Image Position, Hide/Show elements and more!

Now you have more control over all your beloved elements than ever. We’ve added options like Copy/Paste, Hide/Show element, Name Element as well as a little extra for background images and hero sections – Image position attributes. As elements are the visual base of any website, it’s good to have options when you want to customize them, so we’ve just added more to the list.

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