Free Fonts for Commercial Use to Download in 2023

Did you know there are people who devote their whole lives to knowing typography? Steve Jobs once said in a speech that typography plays a major part in influencing how he perceives the world. And he’s certainly not alone.

Typography — i.e. how the written text looks and feels — affects all of us in both obvious and subtle ways. The way that text appears on web pages, apps, product packaging, advertisements, and more are all essential to the design's success and also a primary means of interaction. All other things being equal, a good font choice can easily make a project stand out.

Fortunately, there are thousands of different free fonts for commercial use that you can discover online, so there’s no need to reinvent Helvetica when you have access to so many great alternatives.

Take a look at some amazing free fonts that will help you create amazing projects, whether you're designing websites, applications, marketing materials, etc.

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Font and Typeface

Historically, the terms “font” and “typeface” are two different things. Many people use the terms interchangeably nowadays, which is technically wrong. They imply typefaces in most cases when individuals are referring to fonts.

A typeface can be described as the collective name of a group of associated fonts (like Times New Roman, generally), whereas the font refers to the specifically chosen style, width, and weight of a typeface (like Times New Roman in Bold at 14px).

There are a large number of free commercial use fonts available. The modern fonts usually depict a single typeface style. This includes slant, weight, variation, etc. but may also contain some scalable vector data. You can render this at almost any size (although you can optimize various styles for your use at distinct dimensions).

It is important to check the End User License Agreement of any font that you download. It describes the rights of usage for free commercial fonts, and some free fonts for commercial use might include some or other conditions of use such as attributing the creator.

Our Choice of Free Fonts for Commercial Use

The quality and number of free fonts accessible today are pleasantly surprising. Designers can choose from an incredible selection of free fonts. If you're searching for a script, serif, or non-serif font, all these types are available only a few clicks away.

Without going too far into typesetting, we've combined the most common categories to help you find the ideal font you've been searching for much faster:

  • Serif Fonts
  • Sans Serif Fonts
  • Slab Serif Fonts
  • Script Fonts
  • Brush Fonts
  • Vintage Fonts
  • Monoline Fonts
  • Display Fonts
  • Handwritten Fonts
  • Calligraphy Fonts

Serif Fonts

Brela Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Brela is a headline-worthy serif font. It's very legible even at small dimensions with a bountiful x-height, yet it performs equally as well with big, bold headlines.


Wanderlust Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Wanderlust is a strikingly modern serif font and comes with a distinctive design that speaks to the traveler at heart. It can be used for far more than travel-related designs, however.

Bree Serif Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Bree Serif

This font is the serif version of the award-winning Bree font family. Bree was originally released in 2008 by José Scaglione and Veronika Burian. This is one of the free fonts for commercial use that became an instant success.

Athene Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Athene, the classic-classic serif font that is incredibly simple to pair. It also comes with numbers, accents, and an adorable lower case style. With designs that are minimalist and even corporate, the clean, geometric look of Athene is ideal.

Zimra Serif Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Zimra Serif

This free font for commercial use is a stunning serif font best suited for clean/modern designs, headlines, logos, templates, banners, and so on.

Sans Serif Fonts

Alcubierre Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Alcubierre is a typeface without serif geometry designed by Matt Ellis. Smooth and minimal, it makes for an excellent font for many different purposes and contexts.

Yessica Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Yessica is an elegant font with a classic layout. This free font for commercial use is ideal for luxury brand and fashion brand designs. You can use the free font version for your private and business projects.

Nunito Sans Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Nunito Sans

Nunito Sans is a well-balanced sans serif typeface based on the original Nunito (also a sans serif font). This free commercial font began with Vernon Adams who developed Nunito for screen typography. Jacques Le Bailly expanded Nunito into Nunito Sans with a complete set of weights.

Audrey Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Audrey Hepburn influenced this elegant font by Cristina Pagnotta. It combines curved and straight geometry to great effect with a touch of Art Nouveau. It comes in three weight types— normal, medium, and bold.

Slab Serif Fonts

Promesh Athletic Font Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Promesh Athletic Font

Promesh is a slab font intended to have the appearance of a distressed mesh. This is similar to those normally used in college basketball shirts in the past. It includes variations of stitch and regular. Paul Reis released this as one of their free fonts for commercial use.

Slabo Free Fonts for Commercial Use


This is a size-specific font set for use in the online advertising space and other Internet uses. At present, the set includes this particular font, Slabo 13px, and Slabo 27px. Each of these free fonts for commercial use in the collection is tailor-made for use at the specified pixel size.

Corduroy Slab Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Corduroy is a type of slab serif appropriate for any type of graphic design and promotion. It works well as a headline font with its strong, assertive appearance.

Script Fonts

Sweet Buttermilk Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Sweet Buttermilk

This creative free script font features a handwritten design. This will certainly add a distinctive, personal look to your digital and print design projects.

Tahu Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Tahu is a contemporary script font that is clean and professional. For advertisements, logos, branding, and social media, you'll love to use it.

Wildera Free Fonts for Commercial Use


With uppercase, lowercase, and ligatures, this cute little script font will add playfulness and originality to all kinds of design projects.

Hamster Script Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Hamster Script

Hamster is a brush-lettered cursive typeface. Perfect for project branding, designing clothes, signage, headlines, posters, and more. You can download and use this royalty-free font for personal or commercial purposes in both print and web projects free of charge.

Brush Fonts

Brux Free Fonts for Commercial Use


This handwritten brush font called Brux is big, bold, and fun with a touch of grunge. Use it in print or digital projects to add life and a sense of vitality to your design.

Blow Brush Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Blow Brush

Blow Brush is a free-to-download handwritten brush style font by Petar Acanski. The graffiti community and hip-hop culture inspired this font and it shows. This one’s great for urban-centric designs.

Odachi Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Odachi is a rough yet elegant free brush font. Using it for your business projects is free. It also contains alternates, punctuation symbols, and numbers.

Playlist Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Playlist is a beautiful hand-drawn brush font with 3 different styles: Script, Caps, and Ornament. It is perfect for display art, card invites, illustration, quotes, T-shirt designs, and more. It can add easily add that something special to all your design jobs.

Duwhoers Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Duwhoers is a classy modern brush font with a slightly retro feel. The lettering is highly unique and would go well with all kinds of innovative design projects.

Vintage Fonts

Himalaya Set Type Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Himalaya Set Type

Himalaya set type is a font duo inspired by vintage with one non-serif font and one script. Both the script and the sans serif have an edge that is rough and hand-drawn.

Holtzberg Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Holtzberg is Hustle Supply Co's free vintage font. Holtzberg has a texture with a letterpress/stamp impact that enables bold aesthetics.  This is an excellent font ideal for restaurants, vintage logos barbershops, coffee shops, bars, and so on.

Bernier Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Bernier is a nice and solid vintage font by Ryan Pyae. It comes with 3 different styles for every letter: Regular, Distressed, and Shade.

Badhead Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Badhead, produced by Ianmikraz Studio, combines three font styles in one — hand-drawn, calligraphy, and brush — which results in an interesting vintage-like font. This great font is ideal for adding freshness and charm to your greeting cards, logotypes, branding design, etc.

Monoline Fonts

Garment District Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Garment District

Garment District is a free font for commercial use that comes with distinctive vintage-inspired monoline characters. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters with alternate versions of uppercase letters.

Bukhari Script Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script is a daring cursive monoline font that is ideal for generating logos, posters, clothing designs, and much more. It contains 375 glyphs with OpenType feature support.

PT Mono Free Fonts for Commercial Use

PT Mono

PT Mono is a highly popular font, being featured on over 120,000 websites. It's clean, sharp, and readily fits into any design.

Display Fonts

Apex MK3 Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Apex Display

Apex Display font is a non-serif geometric font with a bold and dense design. This is one of the free fonts for commercial use that are perfect for website and blog headers and titles. The free font version comes with additional weights of medium and light.

Ansley Display Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Ansley Display

Ansley Display is a great free font for private or business use. Retro typography influenced this font so it is best used for vintage project drawings.

Carioca Free Fonts for Commercial Use


This free commercial font is an experimental type of Carioca. Yai Salinas and Tano Veron made this cool and unique font that is as fresh as fruit.

Bourbon Grotesque Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Bourbon Grotesque

Jeremy Vessey created the Bourbon Grotesque font and shares it free for all. Bourbon Grotesque is a rounded aesthetic, serif-free display font. It comes in inline and periodic styles. It also contains upper case multilingual characters, punctuation, and numbers.

Playfair Display Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Playfair Display

Claus Eggers Sørensen developed Playfair Display in the year 2013. It was heavily influenced by the change of writing/printing technology at the end of the 18th century. Headlines and titles with this font are fantastic.

Rounded Fonts

Finland Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Craft Supply Co. created Finland, a rounded font with an approachable feel. It has a special structural logic: a combination of optical equilibrium and sheer geometry. It comes in 6 styles: Italic, Thin, Regular, Thin Italic, Bold Italic, and Bold.

Qanelas Soft Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Qanelas Soft

This beautiful font has a soft, completely detailed, rounded design. You can use it in paragraphs as well as headings in any project you deem fit.

Maxwell Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Maxwell by Ryan Pyae is very legible, spatially efficient, and elegant. What more could you ask from a rounded font?

Maddac Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Maddie May Kroll and Isaac Tarack's legible, clean-cut typeface has alternating soft-cut and hard-cut edges, giving Maddac a balanced, well-rounded feel.

Handwritten Fonts

Tatima Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Tatima is a contemporary calligraphy-style handwritten font. This elegant, trendy brush font will make it possible to create amazing branding products. These include lovely cards, logos, quotes, wedding invitations, presentations, and more.

Railey Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Railey is a handwritten font that is beautiful and modern. You can use it for greeting cards, web design, quotes, invitations, promotional material, and tons more.

This is part of the free fonts for commercial use that can be ideal for private projects of all kinds.

Queenland Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Queenland is a beautiful script font written by hand. It is suitable for any kind of design that needs that handwritten touch.

Soulmarker Free Fonts for Commercial Use


The free Soulmarker handwriting font is a playful yet solid marker style of handwriting. The font is in uppercase and lowercase, with numbers, unique characters, and a few symbols included.

Calligraphy Fonts

Quigley Wiggly Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Quigley Wiggly

Inspired by an intriguing font seen on a toothpick wrapper, Quigley Wiggly is a calligraphy-style font with a playful yet still classy look.

Indian Calligraphy Handmade Font Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Indian Calligraphy Handmade Font

The free Indian Calligraphy Handmade Font is a special calligraphy typeface that features various weights. It also has both script and non-serif fonts. Highly versatile and elegantly stylish, this is a professional quality font. You can use it in headlines, logos, branding, packaging, and short text runs.

Mammoth Free Fonts for Commercial Use


Mammoth is a larger-than-life typeface inspired by calligraphy. It’s curvy, it’s vivacious, it’s classy. Check it out.

Olivia Free Fonts for Commercial Use


A contemporary typeface in calligraphy, Olivia is exceptionally graceful and sure to add a special something to your designs. Complete with 351 glyphs, you can use this font for various purposes. These include invitations to the wedding, greeting cards, posters, wall hangings, donations, and much more.

Utilize Google Fonts with The Font Manager

The job doesn't end with finding a font, you also have to apply them to your website and an easy way to do that is with page builders like Visual Composer. And it so happens that Visual Composer has Font Manager available for premium users, which is a great way to efficiently change fonts across your whole site at once.

Font Manager is a highly requested feature by web creators, and you will see why. It allows you to style your texts, by choosing from all Google font families, sizes, colors, spacings, and various other text customization options.

If you are a web creator, interested in saving time when it comes down to creating a website for your business or clients fast, try Visual Composer Website Builder.

Conclusion on Free Fonts for Commercial Use

Free fonts — who doesn't enjoy them! As a creative designer, these free fonts for commercial use should be added to your font toolkit immediately.

Whenever you’ve got a new project, simply whip out these fonts and select an appropriate one for the job at hand. Even better, many of these fonts can be paired to create designs that truly wow. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Easily create your new WordPress website project by using our drag and drop editor.

Keep in mind that “free for commercial use” doesn't mean you can use it any absolutely way you want. Most font designers add some extra constraints, such as not enabling anybody to resell their fonts. These are reasonable conditions that font creators include to protect their intellectual property and should always be respected.

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