Showcase Winter 2019

How about to start a year with an inspiration? At Visual Composer, we have listed awesome websites that form our winter showcase.

All these websites are unique and serve different purposes. Still, they do have one thing in common. They all use Visual Composer Website Builder to create and manage content.

We hope you will enjoy this showcase and maybe it can help you to build your own website. Enjoy! ⛄

Inter Intra website example made with Visual Composer

Inter Intra

Inter Intra is one of Adelaide’s leading IT support and Managed services companies.

What We Like

Beautiful SVG animations and background shapes make Inter Intra website a good example of the modern web design.

You can read the website like a book where every single chapter is backed up with appealing graphics.

Beyond Studio website example made with Visual Composer

Beyond Studio

A web design studio Beyond creates websites, landing pages, e-commerce solutions, and more.

What We Like

Illustrations and disorder have been on the web design for a while. 

Beyond Studio combine these assets via row layouts to improve readability and keep the website clean.

Krogen RBC website example made with Visual Composer

Krogen RBC

A royal bachelor club in Göteborg offers an outstanding restoration in the club's stylish premises and beautiful garden.

What We Like

Background images with parallax and shape dividers are combined with the branded color that goes through the website to deliver uniqueness.

A mouse-move parallax effect gives website visitors a feeling of interaction.

BZB it website example made with Visual Composer

bzb IT

bzb IT design the IT solution that will lead to success and keep IT simple for you.

What We Like

bzb IT doesn't just talk about simplicity, they use it on their own website.

To succeed, the website shouldn't be overwhelmed with content and graphics. Instead, it should combine important information with graphics to deliver it in a simple way.

bzb IT uses the best web design trends of tomorrow (2019) in a smart way.

Turbosmart website example made with Visual Composer


Turbosmart car parts are designed in house and manufactured to the highest quality for race performance and street aftermarket.

What We Like

Who said that car parts should be boring? Turbosmart uses videos and parallax effects in the background through Design Options to create eye-catching sections and transform a simple product shop into a stunning website. 

More Website Examples

These examples show us how you can use the website builder to create something unique. The websites above use Visual Composer in a way we sometimes can't imagine.

If you need even more inspiration, check out our Autumn Showcase

We hope that you got inspired by these examples and ready to create your own website. We would love to have your website to join this list and serve as an inspiration to others.