Visual Composer Autumn Showcase

Three months ago we started an initiative to publish showcases of websites designed with Visual Composer. The showcases that reveal new ways of using Visual Composer design options and serve as an inspiration for your next website.

What we love about these showcases is that all the sites are created by people like you. The people who decided to go Visual Composer way to create their website. ????

Investimento Custodito website created with Visual Composer

Investimento Custodito

Investimento Custodito is an independent financial advisory company from Italy. It provides consulting services to individuals, institutional investors, and companies.

What We Like

The finance is among those industries that make it hard to find a proper media to describe services. Unless you have a pro photoshoot or ready to go with meaningless stock photos.

Investimento Custodito is a good example of how to build a website with a focus on textual content. A smart use of colors and typography gives the feeling of accomplishment even with fewer images.

Espresso Monte-Carlo website created with Visual Composer

Espresso Monte-Carlo

Espresso Monte-Carlo offers exceptional premium and bio coffee. You can purchase coffee in various packages, including capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

What We Like

Espresso Monte-Carlo knows that exceptional hero image makes the difference. It is the first thing that grabs your attention when you visit their website and it makes you want to scroll down.

Also, they can always extend the hero section by adding an image slideshow to showcase more breath-catching images.

TNP Big Walk website created with Visual Composer

TNP Big Walk

The New Paper Big Walk has been bringing readers together in celebration of health and fitness since 1991.

What We Like

The TNP Big Walk website surprises with the level of customization and attention to details. It is a great example of how you can deliver agency level WordPress project. The project combines custom CSS with the power of the website builder.

La Selvatica restaurant website created with Visual Composer

La Selvatica

La Selvatica is an Italian restaurant, pizzeria, and bar in Switzerland run by the Tucci family.

What We Like

A beautiful background images combined with the handwriting typography. La Selvatica is one of the many great restaurant sites created with the Visual Composer.

Silk Elephant restaurant website created with Visual Composer

Silk Elephant

A Thai tapas and wine bar the combines the life of a modern city and traditional Thai flavors. Walk into Silk Elephant in the heart of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, and you're entering a place steeped in tradition, yet bubbling over with fresh and unexpected flavors.

What We Like

Parallax sections with high-quality images help to create an elegantly looking site. Combined with the dark colors, Silk Elephant is another good example of restaurant sites that took advantage of WordPress.

Veltracon Lifestyle website created with Visual Composer

Veltracon Lifestyle

Veltracon Lifestyle is a VIP service provider, whose management has been active and successful in the luxury industry for more than a decade.

What We Like

A simple, yet elegant website divided into sections to separate Veltracon services. Various images used in the background helps to support the idea of luxury.

More Website Examples

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Create your own website with Visual Composer, submit your work (in comments), and get featured in one of our upcoming showcases.