Visual Composer Theme Integration

The Visual Composer Theme Integration feature that’s released in the 2.10 update is a real treat to WordPress theme developers who now have the opportunity to build professional and well-structured themes to bundle them with the world’s class website builder.

There are so many things you can do with the built-in set of elements the Visual Composer website builder comes with - elements, templates, and constant feature updates.

Let’s uncover the beauty of benefits you will have when you integrate Visual Composer website builder into your theme. Primarily, you will love the fact that theme integration doesn't cost you anything, saying that...

It’s Free!

A very good start, right? Yes, you can integrate Visual Composer Website Builder Free version in your theme without spending a penny. This way you can offer your customers a great deal and let them receive a website builder together with your theme without extra expenses from your side.

The free version comes with a lot of features complimenting the 40+ free content elements, predefined templates, features like Design Options and so much more.

From all WordPress website builders, Visual Composer has the most advanced free version builder on the market offering a great bunch of features for free while competitors have packed them in a premium version.

Want even more? With a help of API, you can develop your own custom elements and include them in your theme files. Visual Composer Free version really rocks! 🚀

Faster Theme Development

Don’t waste your time building your own page builder, instead of doing what you are the best at - build a great theme and make it a top seller!

It used to be a trend to build a page builder for themes but those days are long gone. Nowadays, with the increased competition when time runs at sun speed, you will want to deliver your work quickly, but still qualitatively.

As a successful author of the topic, it is not advantageous in terms of costs and time to develop a custom solution for your theme. Instead, Visual Composer drag and drop website builder can be integrated into your theme and offered to your buyers for free.

Familiar Interface

When using a WordPress website builder, is completely transforming the way you and your customers can create pages. If you are currently working with a theme, allowing for some or almost no flexibility, you know that they're always limits to what you can customize. The website builder makes all these limitations disappear.

When thinking about the end-user it is crucial to give your customers an easy way to work with the content. Visual Composer allows pages to be built using a drag-and-drop interface. It gives your customers the power to layout pages easily, and it gives you as a developer the opportunity to add value to your WordPress themes.

Constant Feature Improvements

There is a great developers team working behind the scene making sure that Visual Composer users get the top-trend features and constant improvements. Visual Composer is in the constant pace of providing users with a professional and modern interface for you to keep creating professional projects - websites, WordPress themes, and addons.

Develop custom theme elements in Visual Composer Website Builder

Better Content Management

Visual Composer is fully optimized for WordPress. We follow the compatibility standards between a website builders and WordPress. Regarding themes - Visual Composer works with any WordPress theme that’s already on the market and those who will join in the future. The website editor will complement your themes giving your customers a full package deal - your beautiful theme plus our powerful website builder.

Boost Your Sales Up to 400%

Selling WordPress themes can be a profitable business, whether you are selling individually or through a marketplace like ThemeForest. As a theme author you know the rewards, but also know how difficult theme development can be.

The research shows that WordPress themes that have bundled a website builder sell 4x better in comparison to themes without a builder. And imagine the sale growth when you bundle a website builder without opening your wallet? Visual Composer lets you earn even more - it’s a win-win for you as a theme author!

Build Smart WordPress Themes

In summary, let's take a look at why Visual Composer is the right choice for your themes, and what benefits you as an author gain when integrating with the website builder:

  • Save time - don't spend your time on builder development;
  • Earn more - grow your sales up to 400% by offering more;
  • Add value - give your customer an easy way to work with the content;
  • Be powerful - get reliable and fastest builder on the market;
  • Offer more - develop custom elements for your theme.

How to Integrate Your Theme?

It’s simple as that. So go ahead, use Visual Composer API and start earning more!

Topping Up Your Benefits

Visual Composer website builder free version is enough to create a beautifully functional website. It’s true - more than 90 active instals are great proof. However advanced, the free version is limited and there are times when limits can stop clients from creating complex and extraordinary websites.

In such case, Visual Composer Premium version is the key to unlimited bunch of features. You can also integrate Visual Composer Premium to your theme and provide your customers with an access to the powerful Visual Composer Hub.

Making it all even more binding, you can become our affiliate, promote Visual Composer Premium version and get additional and recurring income. Visual Composer affiliate program with 40% commission per a sale, is one of the top programs in WordPress niche. Try it out - sing up to the affiliate program and enjoy the benefits!