Why Businesses Are Choosing A New Type Of Agency

As our industry has evolved, the speed of website creation has increased massively. Not only due to page builders taking away the need to create full websites with hand-coded HTML and CSS, but also the 100 other tools and plugins created specifically for this purpose.

Need a form? No problem, there’s a plugin for it. Need to boost SEO on a website? There are 10 plugins to choose from…

This benefits both the agency providing their services and the clients who are paying for it.
In this post, we’re going to take a look at why no-code solutions have become the new standard that businesses are looking for, how agencies and web creators can adapt to this, and how even marketing-oriented agencies can bolt on website creation to their services with a brand new workflow.

Why Businesses Love No-Code Solutions (Without Knowing It)

No-code solutions are great for small businesses that would like to implement their own website or app, but neither have the budget to hire an expert or an in-house team to build it.

But as a business owner yourself, I’m sure you feel that you never have enough time to do anything other than what you are doing day-to-day, so even learning a no-code solution can be difficult for our clients. Not only that, they have to learn a lot more to get to a level that would produce a website or app that is of the standard that is expected from an expert.

When an expert is given a no-code solution, it speeds up their work massively and this is the effect the clients feel; which is why they love no-code solutions, almost without even realizing it. If you are a good designer or web creator, instead of spending your time coding it, no-code solutions allow you to realize it way faster.

From the business’ point of view, they’ve hired you for a shiny new website and you’ve done it in such a short amount of time, there is no way that when they need their next site, they are going to go for an agency that uses a coded solution.

Learn more about the added value of no-code/low-code website development

How You Can Adapt To A No-Code Solution

If you are an agency creating websites purely from custom code, unless this is due to your client’s need for a very specific kind of function, there is no better time to migrate your processes to a no-code solution.

There are many solutions to choose from, Visual Composer is just one of many examples (if you’re looking down the WordPress route), where you can create entire page layouts in literally seconds with drag-and-drop.

To get started, we highly recommend redesigning your own website using a no-code solution, and upgrading to that amazing design you’ve always wanted, but never had the time to execute.

How Marketing-Oriented Agencies Take Advantage Of No-Code Solutions

If you are an agency purely providing marketing solutions to your clients, then you already have a good grasp of what your client expects in terms of the visuals you are providing and what they want to achieve.

No-code solutions enable you to easily bolt on website creation into your service offering. What’s the point of creating paid ads for your clients if the website they are getting taken to is not fit for purpose?

And this is exactly the angle you should be taking when adding this service to your agency. You can provide the ads that are going to get them conversions, but you can get them even more by creating the entire conversion path with a new website.

Here are things you can start doing right now:

  1. Research different no-code solutions for website creation and find one that fits best for you, by giving them a test and building your own agency website with them.
  2. Offer no-code web development to one of your existing clients who you are doing marketing for, a client where you know what they need and you can execute on it fast.
  3. Sign up to the Atarim Digital Summit to hear our Product Manager, Raitis, discuss this in detail and show you exactly how you can create a website process that you can easily add to your business.


No-code solutions are definitely here to stay, as they become more feature-rich, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to justify a coded solution.

There are tons of platforms and tools out there to help you get the job done, finding the one that works best for you is paramount, as you want to be able to churn out brand new websites for your clients quickly. Not only increasing the amount of work you can take on, which in turn will help you earn more but also giving a better service to your clients, making them come back for more and giving you even more referrals.

If you want to learn more about how no-code solutions can help your business, we strongly recommend securing a spot at the upcoming Atarim Digital Agency Summit, where our Product Manager, Raitis, will be diving deep into this topic for his session.

You don’t want to miss it, secure your spot for free.

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