Websites Made With Visual Composer 2022 Birthday Edition

Over a decade ago, the Visual Composer brand was born.

Today, 11 years and 4 400 000 installations later we're here to celebrate our journey from creating the very first WordPress page builder to launching Visual Composer Website Builder - the next generation website builder.

And what better way to celebrate our birthday than to showcase some of the amazing websites our clients have created on Visual Composer? Without further ado, here are six inventive and artistic examples #MadeInVC.

The Free From The Kitchen Co. Website

The Free From Kitchen Co.

The Free From Kitchen Co. are chocolatiers that make a range of gluten, wheat, and dairy-free products that support sustainable farming. Visitors of the site can overview their products and recipes with the Basic Menu element available in the Visual Composer Hub.

Scrolling further down, this website shows how easy you can liven up the user experience by using simple parallax effects.

A small, but effective way they allow visitors to interact with their business is by incorporating the Social Profile Icons element. One of the many icon integrations that Visual Composer offers.

BUmédia Website made in Visual Composer


BUmédia is a communication strategy start-up, that displays the work of freelancer Boris Uzan. With expertise in branding, design, and UI/UX, Boris helps brands create and proclaim their visual identity online and in print media.

Like any other exceptional portfolio website, this one possesses all the essential elements: past projects, easily accessible contact information, and a list of big-name clients that attest to his credibility and attract potential clients.

Rest assured, if this motion design expert uses Visual Composer to create an unforgettable experience using simple components (Video Player for hero section, Fade In Animations for content, and other design options), you can too.

India FIlmt Project Website made in Visual Composer

India Film Project

India Film Project is the largest content festival held in Mumbai, India, that celebrates content creators from over 17 countries, and features different filmmaking, scriptwriting, music, and design challenges.

The website is a perfect representation of creative storytelling through design. The website background can be easily re-created by using simple Shape Dividers. This feature allows you to add custom shapes and create smooth transitions, easier than in Microsoft Paint.

It is also important to note how this website's home page also serves as a landing page, that both sets the stage and leads visitors to accomplish a goal (in this case — register for the event and purchase tickets).

RE:STUDIO Website made in Visual Composer


RE:STUDIO is a non-profit, that supports a great cause — helping at-risk founders through mentorship, web, brand, and story building, that is solely based on donations. Although their website design is simple, their message is strong, and almost tangible through the screen.

By using simple shadows they make their buttons 'pop' with the Basic Shadow Button element. As well as the content itself, using the simple Box Shadow feature, making it all come together looking effortlessly beautiful.

Let's not also forget that you can always create your own custom elements, using the Visual Composer API documentation to help guide you through.

Alban de Haller Website made in Visual Composer

Alban de Haller

Alban de Haller is a dedicated biography website in tribute to the late architect Alban de Haller. Visitors can browse the gallery to enjoy the artist's work virtually, created with the Simple Image Slider element.

On the same note, integrations of different pieces of art throughout the website's design can be done as easily as adding background images to your rows and columns.

This website is a great example of complying with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, as it has practically zero contrast issues (which is praiseworthy, considering nearly 9 out of 10 sites have contrast issues). Luckily, the Visual Composer Insights - WordPress content analysis tool helps you detect and fix accessibility-related issues on the go.

Nordic Gamekeeper Website made in Visual Composer

Nordic Gamekeeper

Nordic Gamekeeper offers an innovative line of hunting-related goods and services, that contribute to a better nature experience and manage animals to reduce damage to agriculture.

This website showcases a different use of background images (ref. to the previous example), by adding multiple images and using the slideshow effect. Various other background effects, including single image, video, and zoom can help you to make your hero section more vibrant as well.

Nevertheless, it is also important to point out that this website puts to good use one of the most powerful features of Visual Composer - compatibility with all of the top-most WordPress plugins and themes. Upon opening, the website displays a wide variety of purchasable products, thanks to the seamless WooCommerce integration.

Here's To Another Year Of Being Great Together!

Our community has grown exponentially in the past few years. There are so many talented creators who share their love for web creation by helping people launch their presence online every day.

It's truly inspiring to see what we can do when we put together creativity and a canvas that allows those visions to come to life. And, speaking about inspiration, have you ever seen a website and thought, "I want that"? Well now is your chance.

To celebrate our 11th birthday, we've prepared something special for web creators and agencies of all sizes — 40% off any premium license and upgrades during our biggest sale of the year.

Thank you for growing up with us and inspiring us throughout the years!